Gazeta Wyborcza: Lukashenko prepares amnesty

By Gazety Wyborczej, Ministry Interior Belarus has already prepared a draft of the respective law, considering that "House of Representatives will before the parliamentary recess, or until June 29. " "Amnesty can be girth as enemy number one Alexander Lukashenko — Ayalyaksandar Kozulin … Prison gates will unfold July 3 — day in the country, which is celebrated on the anniversary of the liberation of Minsk in 1944, which is slightly surprising because usually amnesty in Belarus made after round anniversaries "- writes Polish weekly.The newspaper notes that asking about the "release of political prisoners" in the officials does not

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Youth activists demand release of political prisoners

Youth activists now decided to remind the public about the fate of opposition activists. They demand to release all political prisoners.Most youth activists, against which Belarusian authorities used repression, are members of an unregistered organization "Young Front. "At 6 pm on Nemige appeared a big banner "Freedom Malady"

Dmitry Dashkevich in jail does not allow to use the facilities

Olga Dashkevich: "They’re somebody’s kids, their kids there too. Why can not afford?"Belarusian human rights activists are going to nominate favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich candidate for the venerable Robert F. Kennedy Award. The award annually honor the brave people who sacrificed themselves, risking their lives, who are persecuted power. Nomination for the award Dmitry Dashkevich Robert Kennedy supported defenders Volchek, Lyudmila Hraznova Inna Cooley, Misha Shepherds, Harry Pahanyajla.Mom activist Olga Dashkevich said that immediately write offspring in the colony about this announcement. According to the ladies, this extension — a great honor for the whole family Dashkevich.The last letter

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U.S. Secretary of State arrived in Minsk

After the release of political prisoners, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Merkel arrived in Minsk with a 2-day visit to meet with representatives Belarusian authorities and the opposition."The United States welcomes the release of 20 August 2-the last political prisoners — Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim — what nastupnichala release Belarusian authorities Alexander Kozulin, "- said in a press release, the U.S. State Department vserasprostranennom."The release of these persons, which is, we hope, will be associated with further positive steps, offers a real opportunity for significant improvement relations between U.S. and Belarus. In the light of such developments, Deputy

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Kazulin’s release as a condition for starting a dialogue with the West

West asks release of Alexander Kozulin to improve relations with Belarus. Why Lukashenko states that fulfilled all the conditions of Western states? Why Belarusian authorities released Kozulin about catastrophic action in his family? How to comment on the recent statement by the U.S. State Department about the criteria for improvement of bilateral relations?What is the meaning of Lukashenka’s game with political prisoners?Valery Karbalevich: "The three-day holiday with the death of Alexander Kozulin his wife Ira updated the question of its complete emancipation. It asks the Belarusian society, the Western countries. Clear that the release of all political prisoners has become

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Should the authorities to release all political prisoners?

The issue of release of political prisoners in Belarus now stands among the first Fri requirements to the Belarusian authorities and the opposition and the West. A what they say ordinary people on the streets in Minsk on the question whether segodnyaschy power to release all political prisoners?Man: "I believe that all political prisoners need at the moment to release. Pardoned them. Needless to keep people. I believe these people comprehended his actions. Convinced what you need release them into the wild. "Man: "I think so. Since in the definition of" political prisoner "lies a certain injustice. This dictates my

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