Moulding and Picture Frames with Avian Rogers and Les Cizek, ©1985 by Do It Yourself. Inc.. 5250 Seventy-Seven Center Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210. 30 minutes, $19.95

This is the fifth in a series of six tapes from Do It Yourself Video Corporation, and I chose to view it because its subject matter is not covered elsewhere. It’s also the first tape I’ve seen featuring a team presentation, to wit. Avian Rogers, a TV Do It Yourself series hostess, and Les Cizek, a woodworker and teacher. The six videos are an expansion of subject matter covered in a TV series.


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HOMEtown Reflections


Conceived as a make- work project for unemployed men, built to help tame the raging waters of the South Saskatchewan River, the weir has been a gathering place for people in Saskatoon since construction began 84 years ago.

Like the Broadway Bridge, the weir, which dams the river just upstream of the CP Rail bridge at 33rd Street, was a child of the Dirty Thirties, when governments across the country looked for ways to cope with the problem of catastrophic unemployment and drought. In those days, unemployment was largely a municipal responsibility and by 1932, with one family

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The team of geologists determine the age of the Tibetan Plateau

An international team of geologists studying the mountain ranges along the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau said the strong growth of the relief in Sichuan (China), started much earlier than previously thought, until recently, reports «».

Indian tectonic plate collided with Asia about 55 million years ago, but "impressive topographic relief lies against the Sichuan Basin before the Indo-Asian collision," — the researchers report in the online journal «Nature Geoscience».

"Most researchers believe that the high relief in eastern Tibet was formed during the last 10 to 15 million years, when the deep crust of the central Tibetan

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Bosporan Atlantis

January 15, 2012 12:52

Kerch Strait — Cimmerian Bosporus ancient Greeks — splits the Crimea and the Caucasus. Upon recommendation of the ancient geographers, there was the border between the two continents — Europe and Asia. The capital of the "European Bosporus" is considered Pantikapaion and "Asian" — Phanagoria.

Phanagoria was founded by some Phanagoria of Greek Theos, who had fled from the Persians to the shores of the Euxine Pontus (Black Sea). Strabo, geographer, I century BC, Phanagoria calls "a major trading center," and "significant policy".

Excavations conducted Bosporan capital from the XIX century, but to this day

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Arrived in Minsk humanitarian aid from the U.S.

Society Party drugs for 6.2 million U.S. dollars arrived in Minsk on April 26. Humanitarian aid delivered an American charity organization "Hope City".

Medications will be distributed in 17 Belarusian hospitals. A significant part will be given to the children's cancer hospital in Aksakovschina.

Batch of humanitarian aid was met by representatives of the U.S. Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Minister of Belarus.

One of the leaders of "Hope City" Paul Moore Jr. said that it is 974 th in a row consignment of humanitarian aid that the organization provides to the countries of the former Soviet Union.


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If Belarusians get cheap Schengen visa?

Society What is the status talks on the visa issue between the official Minsk and Brussels? Who and why the European Union is opposed to price reductions of Schengen visas for Belarusian citizens? With these questions, we turned to Brussels to head office "for a Democratic Belarus' Olga Stuzhinskaya.

Stuzhinskaya: In fact, a formal dialogue between Minsk and Brussels visa problem yet. But I was glad to see the last decision of the European Council in line for the visa issue and the importance of people to people contacts and the words that the Council looks forward to the Commission's

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