Remembered with honour

WEST OF NANCY in the Lorraine Region of France, is the French National Cemetery of Choloy. In the northwest section, are headstones of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.At least one of these dates back to World War One, but most mark the final resting place of Allied servicemen who died in 1939-1945, the majority of them airmen. In all, there are 1,650 French and 461 Allied war graves.

In 1950 the commission relocated some 100 war graves from a number of local churchyards and civil cemeteries to Choloy.There, in Plot 2, Row G, Headstone 8, is the grave of Fg

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Prince Oleg Prophetic

Prince Oleg Prophetic in legends and folk memory. In the work of AC and Pushkin flash fragmentary information on how to "Oleg the Wise" and going "avenged unreasonable Khazars." This recognition of Prince exhausted. Meanwhile, in the Poconos, in Ruse, in Kiev, and even in the Byzantine Empire — in Constantinople — Oleg remembered. He remembered how, and why?

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TV air: The Soul is glad that we have such people

Society "Even after a television appearances of candidates. Who is your most memorable and why?" This question is answered by residents of Gomel.

Mrs."Very memorable performance Neklyaeva. It was so emotional, so beautiful! And he actually told the truth, no matter where you look — all the new ice rink. We do not look further. We do not see that pensioners sit for five hours in the queue clinic. Students sit for four hours to take that unfortunate certifying that they are sick. Sitting sick with fever. We do not need new ice rinks, we need new clinic. modernization of

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So many stupid things on television, especially the leader of our country

Who Society of presidential candidates is best remembered you by television and radio? Why? Such questions are answered residents of Grodno.

Elderly man: "I watched seven people thronged to Lukashenko, on the regime. Romanchuk so it's not a piece of paper saying Nekljaev also said okay, okay, okay so. Rymashevski — not much was falling too, well, everything."

Man: "I only watched Sannikov, very bold, and says a lot of interesting things. I would have voted for Sannikov."Man: "To be honest, no one remembered this and much not interested."

Woman: "Several candidates: it Sannikov, then remembered Rymashevski very, Romanchuk, a

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