Tornado air miss report

AN OFFICIAL REPORT by the Joint Airmiss Working Group (JAWG) into a near-miss involving on RAF Tornado F.3 and a civilian Piper PA-34 Seneca strongly criticises the air traffic controllers. The report added that the controllers involved were not to undertake screening duties until their competence had been checked — all have now been returned to duty. The incident occurred on August 19, 1992 at 4,500ft (1,350m) over RAF Waddington when four jockeys, including Lester Piggott, were flying in the Seneca from Newmarket to York. The Coningsbybased 56R Sqn Tornado F.3 was one of four temporarily resident at Waddington for

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Pave Hawk report released.

THE DATE FOR the collision of USAF/57th Wing/66th RQS HH-60G Pave Hawks 86-26105/‘WA’ and 91-26359/‘WA’ on Range 64B at Nellis AFB (see Write-Offs, November 1998 and Attrition, April 1999), has now been confirmed after post-crash investigation revealed the estimated time of the incident. Although the two helicopters were not reported missing until 0100hrs on September 4, half-an-hour after they were due to have returned, the collision had occurred at approximately 2132hrs the previous evening, only an hour after they had taken-off at 2030hrs. The wreckage of the two helicopters was recovered to Nellis AFB, where it will be retained until

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First Upgraded Italian tornado on show

HAVING ONLY just delivered the first two upgraded Italian Air Force (AMI) Tornado IDS aircraft in the week before Famborough, Alenia Aeronautica displayed its first Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) aircraft, MM7063, at the show. Under a 35 million Euro contract signed in July 2002, a total of 18 AMI Tornado IDS aircraft will be upgraded, under a two-phase programme.

Work in the first phase will include a modernised avionics suite with new integrated navigation systems (laser inertial navigation system and embedded GPS). The upgrade will also include installation of two Marconi Selenia Communications digital V/UHF


Combat zone. Build report: Tanto.

For the last 16 years, I have been building and competing in robot combat. You name it, I’ve probably built it — from walkers to brick bots to full power flippers to hydraulic crushers in almost all weight divisions. I’ve even gone as far as building my own heavyweight scale arena, which is where my build report begins.

In 2009, we set up an event and built a 30′ x 30′ steel arena with the long-term plans of getting spinning weapons back in the UK (which were banned back in 2006). Sadly, this plan was scuppered by a very small

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MIG 1.44 continues to be on «top-secret military base» — SATELLITE PHOTO

Big Maps company continues «to open a top-secret military information» reported June 27.   Big Maps photographed Russian stealth MiG 1.44, which was «shrouded in mystery» to «top-secret military base» (Russian media reported that the only flying prototype aircraft is on the ground Flight Test Institute (LII) them. Gromov in Zhukovsky — approx . «VP»). This aircraft was the first attempt of Russia to make a «stealth fighter» and had to be the answer to the South American F-22 Raptor.   Website says that the MiG 1.44, may have been used to «launch Chinese stealth programs.» Plane developed using

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Or education available in Belarus?

This study — the continuation of the report of the 1998 UN "Education for All?".Then it was noted that since the beginning of the transition period (late 1980s) in the region occurred noticeable increase in inequality in the amount and quality of education. "To address these problems offered "Twelve steps towards education for all."In a brand new study addresses two main issues: the extent to which the trend towards increased inequality in education, and implemented "Twelve steps towards education for all."How to prepare such reports, explains UNICEF’s coordinator in Belarus Natalia Mufal:"Usually it is a statistic, studies that were conducted

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Guest night air — Dr. Yuri Khadika

In "Night studies" is now talking about the use of Belarusian military to civilian jobs. Ministry of Defense said that it is also a combat training, but the Belarusian human rights activists say the army practiced forced labor.In our present night air — a report from the presentation of the first four years of the municipal drive Ensemble "Pesnyary". Also, you will report from the Warsaw premiere of the new film by renowned Polish director Andrzej Wajda’s "Post Mort. Katyn story" — the movie is dedicated to the disaster in Katyn. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of

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Deputy Chairman of the KGB in the air ONT said the alleged spies

By Weger, in the main, this information concerned the state of the composite missile defense system of Belarus and Russia. Vice-chairman KGB said that spies have not applied prejudice the defense of Belarus. As reported in the air, one of the detainees Vladimir Ruskin said that he was recruited Polish intelligence on the ground in Poland. By him, upon arrival to Poland border guards found the alcohol in his car, the amount of which is 5 times higher than normal, and the Polish intelligence suggested not attention given that, if he becomes resident in Belarus. "Interfax" reports that in the

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Polotsk: found copper cross with the image of St. Sophia Cathedral’s oldest

"Narodnaya Volya"Now publishes a conversation with the chairman of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yaroshuk. Material called" Belarus — the second country in the globally, which deprived the trade preferences. " By A.Yaroshuka, presently in Belarusian authorities was the only option — to perform all of the EU Council.Other theme "People’s Will": how the Belarusian KGB were behind bars; that reads Adrian Severin to abolish the post of special rapporteur on Belarus in the Council on Human Rights UN."None undertakings opposition caused such irritation authorities as programm Kalinowski"Now Belarusian newspaper "Nasha Niva" writes: "None of the opposition

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Belarus in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech

A new kind of censorship in the post-The report of American human rights organization noted that in most of the CIS countries have been new forms of control over the media are independent of information. "Freedom House" describes the modern model of censorship. This mixed control of the country and the oligarchs, and a monopoly on broadcasting by so called the president’s family, and the prosecution also hidden and overt forms of intimidation.Noteworthy that in the yearly review «Freedom House», devoted to freedom of speech, of the 195 countries surveyed in the 10-ke worst violators of freedom of speech three

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