Based on chemistry

Noting that the number of cosmetics without parabens, silicones, sulphates, and growing rapidly, WH pledged support — as well as whether these harmful ingredients really?

Best before

Question "And what they eat? «In the context of parabens appropriate to ask literally: we lean on them every day.

as we wash them, we are treated and spread on yourself. Parabens — one of the most popular preservatives in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. The main task of these esters — to prevent mold and microbes settle in including in your cream. As a rule, one can not do business parabens,

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Science in the ways of restructuring

The main source of our wealth is labor. The higher the performance, the greater the increase in national income, and hence opportunities to improve people’s welfare. That is why the Communist Party and the Soviet government pay constant attention to the acceleration of the growth of this key indicator of intensification and efficiency of the national economy.

In the context of the restructuring of scientific and technological progress is the main factor in increasing the efficiency of production and economic success. But technological development is not enough to consider only through the prism of the impact on the growth

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In the creation of the theoretical foundations and the development of new types of engineering and technology, which should bring social production to a qualitatively higher level, priority is given to science. A significant contribution to the acceleration of economic and social development of the country, along with research centers in other regions of the Volga region, scientists are making. Their work has been devoted to the exhibition «The scientists of the Volga region — the national economy», which was held in the pavilion «Physics» at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR Academy of Sciences of the


BEST — this is where to reinvent

Always an important task — to cut the path from idea to serial production.

When it comes to a slow introduction of new technology, often complain about the conservatism of enterprises. Criticism against them was much. Presumably, the new system of planning and stimulation of industry production significantly lower tendency to conservatism. But a lot of technical progress is hampered and conservatism of many research institutes and design. It is said often. Meanwhile, the inability to quickly restructure the work in accordance with me to the factory production situation, unwillingness to regroup, to focus professionals on priority issues — a

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Advantageous diversity

Wild bees pollinate the flowers of the field twice as efficient as their domesticated relatives

Honeybee genus apis bred not only for the production of honey, but also for the pollination of fruit trees and plants. However, the second task is much better at their wild relatives. Lucas Garibaldi from the National University of Río Negro (Argentina) and fifty of his colleagues from various countries conducted a study of 600 pa experienced plantations. And proved that wild bees pollinating plants much more efficient home. They not only overfly twice flowers. Along with other insects — beetles and flies, hoverflies

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ASTOVL research contracts awarded

CONTRACTS TO EXPLORE the feasibility of a next-generation advanced short take-off and vertical landing (ASTOVL) aircraft for the USAF/USN/USMC have been awarded to Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas by the United States Advanced Research Projects Agency. Two three-year contracts were awarded, Lockheed Advanced Development company being asked to develop a shaft-driven lift-fan concept in its $32.9 million contract, while the McDonnell Douglas Aerospace $27.7 million contract is for examination of an exhaust gas-driven design. A full-scale model will be built of each design, including a working engine, for testing in the NASA Ames Research Center wind tunnel from early 1995. Unsuccessful

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IN SEPTEMBER Russian lawmakers should decide the fate of the Russian Academy of Sciences — the third reading of the bill is considered on the RAS and the reorganization of the state academies of sciences. The first two read document was 3 and 5 July — just when all traditionally stop to watch the news and go on vacation. At the same time until June 27 no one involved in the RAS scientists and academics had no idea of ​​the impending law. The newly elected president of the Academy Vladimir Fortov learned about it only in the evening June

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Nobel Prize for medicine — two Yankees and Englishman

Research Nobel laureates today became the foundation for the technology of genetic modification in the butt cells of mice. With these modifications, scientists have studied the relationship between individual genes and different diseases. Since 1989 he wasa study of more than 10 thousand genes of mice — it is about half of all mouse genes.According to the Nobel Committee, the study showed Mario Kapeki role of different genes in the development of the internal organs in mammals. Martin Evans used a modification of genes to teach Succession kistovy fibrosis disease, and studies concerned Smitysa heart disease.Three scientists receive medals, diplomas

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Or education available in Belarus?

This study — the continuation of the report of the 1998 UN "Education for All?".Then it was noted that since the beginning of the transition period (late 1980s) in the region occurred noticeable increase in inequality in the amount and quality of education. "To address these problems offered "Twelve steps towards education for all."In a brand new study addresses two main issues: the extent to which the trend towards increased inequality in education, and implemented "Twelve steps towards education for all."How to prepare such reports, explains UNICEF’s coordinator in Belarus Natalia Mufal:"Usually it is a statistic, studies that were conducted

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Studies Canadians in Belarus: human milk does not help asthma

In the research works of Canadians assumed the role of 17 thousand Belarusian mothers and their babies born in the 30 maternity hospitals of the country in the late 1990s. Scientific group headed by Montreal pedyyatram and epidemiologist Michael Kremer divided the participants into two groups — an experimental, where the kids grew up on the mother’s milk, and control, where he wasand so called "Artificial kids."From 2002 to 2005, when children turned 6.5 years, were taken from their tests on a number of asthma and allergic diseases. The results were sudden. Immunity kids in the control group was more

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