Late last year, it held a meeting of military metrologists, which examined issues of improvement of metrological provision of arms and military equipment. Opening it, the deputy chief of armaments of the Land Forces, Major-General Yuri Ivanov stressed that improving the efficiency of operational use and to maintain the reliability and durability of military equipment metrological provision occupies a key position. Along with an increase in accuracy of measuring parameters, shortens their recovery, which calls for closer technical basis of metrological support to the places of deployment of troops. For this purpose, we recommend greater use of mobile laboratory measurement

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There’s an unashamedly 1960s retro feel about this versatile watch, which is great for everyday wear, but also looks slick enough to be worn for special occasions.

The original C2 Lido was introduced in 2008. Having been developed through the CW Forum (see page 23 of this issue for more on the CWF), the first Automatic Lido appeared as a limited

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Where did the money?

It will be recalled that in August specifically Belarus makes a huge external payments: first month of "Gazprom" were transferred to 456 millions of dollars in debt for gas delivered in the first half, in the third week of August, "Gazprom" has been paid 145 million dollars for the July delivery. In the midst of a dispute with Moscow over gas debt payment Alexander Lukashenko stated that the debt will be paid from the reserves to the National Bank, but, him, these costs will be reimbursed within a month. Under the present to the bank and left. State Bank said

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Life and death legends: Russian Reserve

"Reserves — protected area is located with in their usual boundaries or unique natural complexes are excluded from the economic and recreational use, as monuments of architecture, history and archeology.In different media disk imaging Belarus have repeatedly called and call now Russian or communist reserve, bearing in mind that in this country hitherto preserved and firmly protected material and spiritual heritage Russian time. " ***Vyacheslav Rakytskyy"What’s the most common of Russian heritage preserved today’s Belarus?"

Oleg Trusov"A lot. First Soviet mentality and all that this implies. This — bad things to everything foreign, to the highest culture and religion, art,

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May 22 — International day bio contrast

Lawyer ecologist Grigory Fedorov believes that the protection of nature in modern Belarus has a declarative nature than practical:"For example, in 1996 Pripyat Reserve at one point was converted into a state park. Other words, decreased protection status. Later began around the enormous difficulties of economic activity in the Bialowieza Forest, which is also a national park. Advertise flooring and other products from wood to Economy Lyaskovichi about Pripyat State Park raises many questions — from raw materials? "Grigory Fedorov sees improving the efficiency of the Institute for Nature Conservation in joining the work of so-called Third Sector:"Was necessary enable

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M.Rusy: Belarus has ensured food security

In that year, on the order "Field Commander" Alexander Lukashenko even been canceled prazdnichek farmers’ Dozhinki. " Now a trip to the Minsk region, Alexander Lukashenko said in Belarus can be an absolute record in the history of the yield independence. With all of this Belarus not only to ensure their food security, and earn on global food decline. Municipal analysts predict that in today’s scenario actually collect 8.7 million tons of grain. But the plans have never coincided with the final figures.Chairman of the Belarusian land Party head of the commission of land issues in the House of Representatives

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What will follow the demise of the petrodollar?


When will the dance called "gun control", America may soon begin to waltz with another partner, whose name — World War III.

The winds of change blow above all of our once great country of "equal opportunity." Now America — only an empty shell of what it once was. Even a blind man can see what lies ahead. The globalists make their move.

To date, the bankers raked in the United States the greatest possible number of physical assets. It's a race against the clock as the economic bomb Wall Street in 2008, is

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The first general-gomoseksualistka in the U.S.

U.S. Army Brigadier General Tammy Smith (right) with his "spouse" Tracy Hepner (c) The New York Times

August 10, 2012 at the Memorial women at Arlington National Memorial Cemetery of the ceremony awarding Brigadier General of the U.S. Army Reserve 49-year-old Tammy S. Smith. Thus for the first time in the history of the U.S. Armed Forces was awarded the rank of general of the person who openly proclaim their homosexual orientation, and also consisting of homosexual marriage. Said Tammy S. Smith in March 2011 is officially married to Tracy Hepner. Smith and Hepner is also co-founder established in

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The ruble is becoming a reserve currency in Ukraine

Russian ruble in the next year will be the reserve currency for Ukraine. The journalists said the chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Sergei Arbuzov, according to "RBK-Ukraine"


According to him, it will happen immediately after the ruble will be transferred to the first category. As noted S.Arbuzov, this issue has already been agreed with the International Monetary Fund.

Reserve currency is widely recognized in the world of currency which central banks accumulate foreign exchange reserves. It serves as an investment asset is the way to determine the parity of the currency used if necessary

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Ruble could become a reserve currency union Evraziyckogo

19/11/2011, 9:21 Photo: RIA Novosti

Ruble could become a reserve currency of the Eurasian Union, said the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Viktor Khristenko.

"The Russian government has started the process for the formation of an international financial center here in Russia. And to a large extent it was based on sustainability, ability to use the ruble as a reserve currency, "- he said

"In this sense, perhaps, the processes that were in Russia, will not go unnoticed in the integration process," — quoted by ITAR-TASS Khristenko.

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