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Eugene Zakirov

At first I wanted to write about how SARS and particularly the creators of resident evil hate Muslims and Muslims themselves how to react to the fact that the resident evil revelations ate Hassan, in the fifth part of the floor is dirty Quran

And in the fourth … This is a deep and interesting subject on which I noticed a half years ago, when I first ask: in what video games, except for resident evil 5, generally it is possible to kill Muslims, albeit mutants?

But as soon as I was about to express thoughts on paper, especially

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List of deportees from Russia hermits

1.Natallya Klimovich, born in 1964, resident Zhabinka.2.Alena Panasiuc, born in 1957, resident of Brest.3rd Svetlana Zhukovich, born in 1957, resident of the Stolin district.Fourth Olga Karpovich, born in 1936, resident of Bobruisk.5th Evdokia Popov, born in 1937, resident of Mogilev region.According to Colonel Salmin, Now in the presence of a representative of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia these ladies again said they did not wish to leave the region:"All the same, we execute the deportation — Colonel singled Salmin — no fines, or else punishment as this hurry to declare certain media will not use. There are appropriate arrangements

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Recruitment process in the United States takes a tragic turn

While the Obama administration is trying to convince Americans to a record low for the last four years, the unemployment rate (7.8%), the recruitment process takes a tragic turn. On that not only are tired of the lack of money (and inactivity) for residents of a stable and guaranteed income.

For example, a resident of Oklahoma, Chuck Lowe offered to the person who employ him, to "give a ticket to Super Bowl2013 or make a trip to the Hawaiian Islands." Unemployed admits that he still have a few thousand dollars to complete impoverishment, and he intends to spend

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A resident of Bashkiria, Russia tried to sell on eBay


A resident of Bashkiria put Russia on the online auction eBay. The initial cost was 1 cent, or 31 kopecks, says RBC daily.

Countries have expressed a desire to buy 26. Price increased to nearly 3 million rubles.

However, the ad was removed by the site administrator.

As the description of the "seller" noted that "the country was used for a thousand years and is in good condition." It also provides information about the area and population. It was noted that there may be problems with the delivery. Exchange the item

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Flooding in the Amur region: Army Corps of Engineers will induce crossing

August 6, 2013. Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov off in the flood zone in the Amur region, to personally monitor the progress of flood control works — it is reported in the press service of the Ministry. Meanwhile, the elimination of consequences of natural disasters attract additional forces the Defense Ministry. The military will help the people most affected communities Zeya district. Flood damage is already estimated in the millions.

It is not just a natural disaster — the inhabitants of the Annunciation and the Ivanovo regions are preparing for the defense, as if for battle. Mounds of

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At the southern site of the SEZ Tomsk ends installation of intra-utilities

Engineering Center South site


Completion date — the end of 2011. This date was announced during a visiting session of the Council on the establishment of a special economic zone of technical innovation of the "Tomsk", conducted by the governor of Tomsk region Victor Kress.

Resolving this issue will provide resident companies planning to build its own office and industrial buildings in the southern area, the access points to the energy capacity, power grids, telecommunications, water supply and sanitation, as well as to ensure the normal functioning of the inner road and driveways.


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A resident of Tomsk has invented a new form of transport — deltakat

Overcome any traffic jams allows unusual vehicle called "deltakat." Invented a new form of transport resident of Tomsk Vladimir Kovalev.

"The first model I put together in the summer of 2009 from parts of the curtain, the electric motor, metal corners, large wheels and two small ones. It turned out a cross between a skateboard and an electric scooter. The frame of the new vehicle triangular shaped like the letter? (Delta) of the Greek alphabet, hence the name — "deltakat" — said in an interview with RIA Novosti inventor.

A new form of transport at the height

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Landscaping in the Lipetsk region

The village Borinskaya build a village recreation area

Better than in the city. In Borinskaya, on the banks of the local pond, build a recreation area for the villagers. Local government for the resettlement of the coast did not spend a dime. All costs assumed by sponsors.

More recently, the pond on the outskirts of the village Borinskaya except ducks geese so few people are attracted. Now, even on a weekday is willing to sit by the water. Comfortable gazebo, beautiful design. You can come with the company. Roast barbecue, chat in the shade.

Alexander Berezin,

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A resident of Chelyabinsk invented a unique method streby

A resident of Chelyabinsk Alexander Petrov found that the write off weapons arsenal early XX century, you just have to change the method of teaching men. The word inventor supported business, he has developed and patented their own ways of owning a gun. In his hands, even the famous Steckin issue queue faster machine.

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Record snowfall in Rochester, New York

December 30. Residents of Rochester, to go out on the street, had to dig out the entrances to their homes, which are covered with snow. Some townspeople to clear yards took more than an hour. Some were not able to do without the help of neighbors. Roads connecting neighborhoods were barely distinguishable, which gave a lot of difficulties to those who decided to go to work on your own car.

To release the snowy Rochester, took much more snow removal equipment than usually, because this snowfall it is already possible to rank as the present record. Were involved in

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