Asia, the U.S. and Russia saw the Ring of Fire in the Sky (VIDEO)

Asia, U.S. West and the Far East of the Russian Federation saw the ring of fire in the sky

On Monday night, Moscow time, almost the entire Asia-Pacific region, as well as the western states of the U.S. can watch one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena — a solar eclipse. Particularly fortunate residents of the Russian Far East — in this part of the planet Moon closed solar disk is almost full.

"On Monday, we observed an annular solar eclipse. Over the past 15 years is one of the most interesting eclipse: The moon has closed

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Echo Britain responded in Berlin in the town burned 10s cars

Two weeks back the inhabitants of Sweden have experienced continued unrest in the typical Britain. Now, apparently, it was the turn of Germany. In the German capital on the eighth day in a row does not stop the epidemic of arson — now in Berlin destroyed 10's cars. All the forces of the local police put on alert, but the authorities so far failed to apprehend any of the 1st offender, reports the German radio station Deutsche Welle.

Exclusively on the night of Mon in Berlin 12 cars were destroyed. During the eight days of riots by burning car enthusiasts

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Why in the High River stinks cheese?

Society The smell from the river Pulva in Kamenetz's bad. Shown in water and the precipitate was similar to cotton. Residents of High argue that a local cheese factory merges their wastes into the river. The plant management "Belovezhskie cheeses" and executive committee officials are convinced that people make mistakes, no waste water does not drain.

A resident of High Ruslan says that the plant merges their wastes into the river more than a year. Against this background, there was a scandal, is busy with officials from the highest authorities. Treatment plants are quite expensive, the plant saved on

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Minsk will have nine satellite cities

Society According to the decree number 976 of the Council of Ministers on 29 June 2010 approved the State program for the construction of residential areas for the residents of Minsk in the satellite towns, as well as the transfer of production facilities there.

9 Among these three satellites will be manufactured — Dzerzhinsk, Fanipol and Zhodino. Agribusiness will Smolevichy, Columns, Bridle and Rudensk. Tourist and recreational remain Zaslawye and Logoisk.

Planned construction of multi-family residential district of Minsk residents in Smalyavichy, and in the area of Smolevichy — low-rise district. Between satellite towns and Minsk planned to

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Cyclone Monica is rampant in St. Petersburg

International bus stops — reports channel "TV 100"

Estonia today canceled all flights buses Petersburg. According to the company, the carriers — the reason superheavy road conditions. In snowdrift between Tallinn and Narva are now cars, buses and trucks, which is about 600 people. They will be assisted. Distribute hot food and warm blankets. Routes in the northern capital of Estonia will not go up until not stop heavy snowfall. The strongest cyclone finally subside until the end of the weekend. St. Petersburg fully able to appreciate the consequences this morning. Picture of the day on the streets will present

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Smolensk residents want to see their village tourist attraction

Society But they are not just waiting for investment in the restoration of local landmarks, but also they are trying to make their own town attractive to visitors.In the village of Tar Orsha district had a chance to get together with the poet Lera Catfish, who was looking for a place to organize next year's traditional art open-air "Finding Atlyantydy":

"The purpose of these plein air — is to attract attention to those parts of our country, who have a rich history, but which are in a state of neglect. Tar in this sense — a unique place. And it

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Vitebsk police went on high

Society In Last year, of the PPC was only 18.

In addition to employees of Vitebsk, the order will follow the Minsk police SWAT team, told the head of the Interior Ministry of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Naydenko.

He assured that the police will behave exceptionally well. They recommended, inter alia, to deliver alcohol drunk amateur straight home, not in vytsvyareznik.

At the celebrations in500-meter the area around the sites of mass actions will not be allowed to trade in alcoholic beverages. But this only applies to stores — at cafes and restaurants prohibition does not apply.


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Earth. Life under the supervision of (film)

Documentary investigation devoted many years of attempts by the military to explore the most mysterious and unexplained phenomena that humanity faces. UFOs are increasingly not consider it necessary to hide from the eyes of the inhabitants of the earth, and willingly allow themselves to be removed.

Psihozombirovaniya techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming "knowledgeable" people come from wanting to train for a couple of lessons (and a couple hundred dollars). Battle is about to settle cockroaches in our kitchens with you, and truth serum is boiling in the pot alchemist. Super-soldier waiting in the wings. But as we did

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Secrets Hovrinskoy hospital

November 17, 2011 13:59

Protecting the eyes is not obvious, but it is: there are on duty around the clock six fighters from two ChOPov plus dog. Photo:

The most famous unfinished Moscow shrouded in mystery and drama. Mystical city center, the gateway to a parallel world, a prototype of a Hollywood horror film "Resident Evil" — such a reputation in the unfinished hospital in northern Moscow, where regular people are dying.

Hospital killer

Empty 11-storey buildings at the station Khovrino become the epicenter of mysticism and nightmares, not only in Moscow, HZB (Hovrinskaya abandoned hospital)

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UFO chased two oclock car resident of Odessa

October 27, 2012 3:20

UFO chased two o'clock car resident of Odessa

More than two hours in Postavy region glowing ball chased the car 27-year-old Belarusian, not letting him get to his native city. Another UFO seen in the sky, the inhabitants of Odessa.

UFO chased the car 27-year-Belarusian, returning late at night from Minsk Postavy, reported online edition of "People's news of Vitebsk."

The incident, which wrote the local newspaper "Pasta? CKE edge", occurred on 25 September. About three o'clock in the morning before the car suddenly appeared a glowing yellow ball with a diameter of at

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