Ternovka resident on his site saw a humanoid

October 18, 2012 21:43

"He was like a man who lights up on the crosswalk: dark color on a crimson background", — said Irina Kononova. Exactly look humanoid, seen Ternovka resident in the sky over their portion. UFO as says Irina Dmitrievna, hovered a few meters away from her home and then fled.

Penzyachka says UFO was first rectangular. But when the subject is approached, she saw the mesh trapeze, inside which there is someone like a man.

"When he went down below, I could see. And then he abruptly disappeared, do not know what happened to

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A resident of Kotelnich met with UFOs

October 18, 2012 16:43

Boris Tyutin, a resident of Kotelnich saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) in mostopoezda. Besides him there were two eyewitness. Details in the video interview.

Tiraspol against spoofing peacekeepers

The official Tiraspol insists on maintaining the present format of the peacekeeping forces in the zone of the conflict. Yevgeny Shevchuk favorite Transnistria said this in connection with calls to change the representatives of the Moldovan peacekeeping forces on civilian observers. These calls began after an incident at the post peacekeepers, where January 1 mortally wounded a local inhabitant.

"The position of the Transnistrian republic remains constant — the format of the peacekeeping operation, discussed in the documents of the negotiations and international agreements should remain constant. Pridnestrovians For, as the inhabitants of villages Fri Moldova it is a

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Kuzbass resident photographed a UFO or a falling asteroid

December 18, 2012 16:06

Apparently, it's an asteroid.

Kuzbass resident photographed a UFOPhoto: odnoklassniki.ru

Yashkino resident of the village on Monday at about 9 am photographed unidentified flying object, which is similar to a falling asteroid.

— Automatically got a camera, when she saw something in the sky flies — the woman serving at the House of Culture. — Somewhere recently read that will be seen flying near Earth asteroid. I think that's what he was flying. Apparently, a resident of Kuzbass managed to shoot the annual Geminids meteor shower, the activity which accounts for 4 —

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A resident of the Omsk region photographed UFO fleet

December 18, 2012 16:12

A resident of the Omsk region, Alexander Besedin very surprised by the staff of the local newspaper, when he offered them an unusual photo that he did on his cell phone the morning of December 1.

A resident of the Omsk region was able to photograph a UFO

He spoke about what happened that winter morning: "I was near the bowling club and saw a UFO — 6 white dots, which hovered over the grove near the bridge over Arkarku. But what it is, I do not know. " He took a picture and

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The queues are. Housing — no

Society A number of construction companies stopped signing new contracts for shared construction. This happened immediately after Alexander Lukashenko, speaking in Kobrin in the Brest region, said: "The housing we are going to build a smaller".

The reason — the acute foreign exchange crisis, the uncertainty of the Belarusian ruble. The problem of exploring regional correspondents of "Freedom." At the microphone — Vyacheslav Kulik.

Vitebsk Region

Apartments in Vitebsk massively buying up Russian residents

Recent statements by Alexander Lukashenko that the volume of housing construction should be reduced, forced many residents worry Vitebsk region.

A resident of the

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Our Russia (all seasons) watch online

Our RUSSIA — comic series from the creators of the Comedy Club Production. The creators of the television series set its own goal with humor to show all of the most urgent and pressing problems inherent residents of the post-Soviet space. The series consists of small rollers, assembled thematically. Who came out for 5 seasons. The main role in it perform well-known to all KVNschiki — excellent and inimitable Misha Galustjan and more ridiculous Sergei Svetlakov. Each issue of the audience will be able to keep track of funky moments of life minded teenagers Slavik and Dimona, who are

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A comparison of the Russian Federation in 1913 and 2013. Infographics

AiF.ru study: how our country has changed in 100 years

In the twentieth century, our home has gone through a revolution, plainclothes and two world wars, regime change. Specifically 1913 year — it is a kind of reference, a recent year other day of the First World War.

What was our country and how much she has changed in 100 years? To answer this question, AiF.ru conducted its own study and compared a number of important characteristics of the country and its inhabitants.

In preparing the materials were applied statistical and documentary data directory "Russian 1913"All-Russian population census of 2010,

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Dzhembatan Acar (Jambatan akar). Living Bridge

Dzhembatan Acar (Jambatan akar), bridge from one of the Indonesian villages designed by people with tree roots, on opposite sides of the river bank fast.

The bridge was built as a result of interlacing roots of the two trees, located on both sides of the river Bayang. Growing and more and more intertwined roots, provided the residents of two villages robust and reliable crossing over the swift river.

For over a hundred years, the families used the 30-meter-long bridge linking the two villages as a way of crossing.

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At the construction site of the nuclear power plant detained journalist

Society Today Astravets was arrested and taken to the local police reports online newspaper "Solidarity" Sergei Balay.

The journalist went on a business trip on the editorial assignment to interview local residents regarding the construction of nuclear power plants Ostrovetskaya, given the recent events in Japan.

But here's what he said the first thing the editor:

— I was approached by criminal investigation officers to check the documents, when I had finished gathering information for a story. Then I went to the station to return to Minsk, but law enforcement officials have returned. They took me to the

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