The 1,900 homes in 11 12-storey concrete blocks of the original Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke, Greenwich are making way for a new development that will rebrand the area as Kidbrooke Village. Greenwich Council put the regeneration out to tender in 2001 and signed up developer Berkeley in 2007 alongside Southern Housing as the project’s affordable

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«It all started on 22 February 1989. A slip was put through our doors saying they were going to demolish the estate — no warning, no explanation, no nothing.»

Runcorn’s infamous Southgate estate lies in its dry dock; monumental and silent, boarded up, with wood filling every porthole window. Demolition began on 1 August after fifteen of its predicted twenty-one years of service. Most residents have already been transferred to other estates. And although 310 families have opted to stay on, the residents’ campaign to save the estate has now been clearly lost and abandoned.

Demolition was decided upon in


Advances Novosibirsk Technopark Academpark

Industry Minister Sergei Semka Novosibirsk Region and CEO Dmitry Academpark Verkhovod showed reporters the latest developments Novosibirsk Technopark residents and talked about joint projects.

A clear indicator of the effectiveness of Academpark — real projects its residents, namely companies that have started their business in the Technopark, using the creation of technological innovation and service infrastructure Academpark. These companies have a place in specialized business incubators.

Currently, residents of Technopark Business Incubation Akademgorodok are 66 companies, of which the total revenue at the end of 2013 should be about 160 million rubles. 

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Tomichi collected about 150 tons of social potato

Tomichi collected about 150 tons of "social" potato

The press office of mayor.

Recall, for the sixth year in a village Petrine for retirees, the disabled, large families and people with low income allocated land for planting potatoes and other vegetables. "This year, the event was attended by more than 500 residents 157 residents of Leninsky district, 185 — October, 106 -, and 100 residents of the Kirov District Soviet. This morning, the volunteers went to the village to harvest potatoes, "- said in a statement.

City administration organized transport for the transport

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Technology parks have started to earn

By early 2011, with the participation of the Ministry of Communications was built and launched seven parks in Tatarstan, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo and Mordovia. Total revenue of their residents in 2010 was about 14 billion rubles., For comparison, a year earlier the rate was about 7 billion rubles.


Most companies that won seats in the industrial parks, are engaged in the strategic development of information technology (19% of all residents), 18% of residents of developing innovative technologies in the mining sector, and 15% are engaged in energy efficiency.

According to the representatives of

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Intellectuals Brighton Beach screams out if the authorities do not get him out of the houses, we will complain to the Sports Lottery!

We, the residents of Coney Island Towers Building (2970 W24 Street), are writing to you with the hope for your support and help. Any assistance provided to us by the Board or by the action to be adopted by us with gratitude.

October 29 as a result of past hurricane in Brooklyn in our home electricity was cut off, and with it, and two elevators serving the residents of 19-storey building of more than 300 people. After 3 days, electricity was restored, and the elevators were left hanging motionless. The failure of the two elevators stopped the lives of

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Scientists argue that the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius could start at any moment

September 30, 2013. According to the latest research, the most famous volcano in Europe is up and is now ready to fill in the neighborhood of lava and ash fall asleep. In one of the research centers in Italy have long been studying a volcano that wiped out Pompeii two thousand years ago.

Scientists have made his statement at the international conference of volcanologists. There urged the Italian authorities to develop a new plan for the evacuation of residents of the dangerous area.

The fact that the old scheme of salvation residents foot of the volcano is outdated. It is

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Strange sounds awaken the residents of Canadian cities

September 2, 2013. Locals say the animal, which is settled in the nearby woods, or on military trials.

"I heard this strange sound twice this summer. The first time did not have time to write, and today jumped from the bedroom in the morning and recorded. This sound is heard and my son — his voice is in the video. Other residents of the city have also heard it. But none of the rulers could not explain to us what it is, "- writes the author of the video in the comments.

Video viewed half a million people who

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March tornadoes in the United States: photo

March tornadoes in the United States: photo Natural Disasters

A man inspects a destroyed house in Marysville, Indiana.

Tornado tossed a school bus into a house in Genriville, Indiana.

Volunteer on a street destroyed Genrivillya, Indiana.

Residents of the town of Holton, Indiana, looking for things after surviving a tornado.

Portrait of a couple whose home was destroyed in a tornado in Genriville, Indiana.

Powerful cyclone that went through the Midwest and South of the United States, razed the houses and buildings in many rural areas. The photo captures the ruined Genrivill, Indiana.

Melody Zolman with your pet after a

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Forest fires in Colorado Springs got to the home

June 12, 2013. In the area of the Black Forest of Colorado raging forest fires — fire swept area of 3.2 hectares. Emergency Services announced the evacuation of local residents. Between 40 and 60 homes have been destroyed flames, reports The Denver Post.

Near the Colorado Springs because of the proximity of forest fires evacuated residents in an area of 10 hectares. It is more than 2 million homes. The cost of some houses is more than $ 1 million

The cause of fires in the region has become drought and strong winds. Rescuers fly around the disaster zone

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