Russian diplomat in Nigeria: Nobody has yet put forward requirements for stolen Belarusian citizen.

Hostage captured in the town of Port Harcourt. For disk imaging to Reuters, it is one of the companies manage, safeguarding the oil extraction. Republic of Belarus Nigeria does not have the diplomatic consulate. On the telephone from Nigeria — Viktor Goncharov, Embassy Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.(Goncharov 🙂 At the moment, we clarify the situation. This citizen of Belarus, its name is Ira, surname Ekpo-Conditional. (Reporter 🙂 How old is she? (Goncharov 🙂 About 40 fifth (Reporter 🙂 And if anything is clear in its capture of incident and where it is currently? (Goncharov 🙂 You

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MP: wish that Americans respect our choice

"As a man, a citizen with reverence to the choice of the South American nation. Because I’d like to follow U.S. president also finally had the same sense of responsibility and respect towards Belarusian people. I totally curious who there will be elected. Let them do this determined. However, with On the other hand, I would like to be treated with reverence Americans and to our choice — as the management of the country and the ways of our development. "

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Better listen to Putin than Medvedev

In-2, Our homeland holds very inadequate monetary and financial policies. Belarusians can hope that Russian management will respect them if Russian control their own economic policy indicates that do not respect their country. People tend to join the cute States and to unsightly, even loved ones, they do not wish to join. "

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12 EU criterion: that accomplished?

"The EU is ready to develop close business with Belarus and its people, the government will demonstrate respect for democratic values and main rights of the Belarusian people." Says the statement of the European Commission consulates in Ukraine and Belarus.A year later, as the European Commission published a document entitled "What the Alliance could bring to Belarus", Minsk in what was offered a genuine partnership within the European Neighbourhood Policy.It was on the simplification of the Belarusian people travel to the European Union, the opportunity to work and study in the EU, the additional ability for business and trade, also

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Location sadism spirit in young investigators?

From the transcript of the interrogation of Marshal Blucher in 1937: "You bitch, you think you're the marshal and a decorated Yes you currently own eggs after clip in the jamb — completely different, bitch think you will!"

It happened grief — a soldier dead, dead dull, and the fate of such a fucking, you see, it … but in the command of his at that time was a lieutenant colonel. Sorry for the young boy and his parents are no words. Lord, grant him Paradise!

I have that now beheld in the Military Investigation Committee — see there are

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The first Russian TV channel showed another story antilukashenkovsky

Society The first channel of Russian television showed the release of the evening news, which comes alive on the Belarusian ONT and 20 pm Minsk time, the story "The Belarusian opposition demands to open a criminal case in connection with the release of the movie" The Godfather 2 ".

Moscow journalists point to the strange behavior of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies, which did not react to the accusations of the film authors NTV regarding the involvement of the Belarusian head of state to the disappearance of opponents of his regime 11 years ago.

Moscow's first television station shall call

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Investigator for a meeting with the priest Sevyarinets: It is not in my competence

Society A week ago, the mother of Paul Sevyarinets investigator filed an application for leave to meet Paul's confession to a priest. March 14 Tatiana Seviarynets learned about the result.

"Yesterday I received a letter from the investigator Sanko, who denies in our meeting with Paul and for a meeting with the priest says that it is not within his competence."

The need to apply to the investigator for a meeting with the priest's son, according to Tatiana Seviarynets, she was told in the Belarusian Orthodox Church leadership.



As in Russia were VYkat

How to handle: for you or to you? Like, you say, we express our respect to the person — to higher and strangers made contact to you. Why, then, you know say — are you? Do we respect them less than those of others?

Is not it strange: we turn to God for you (… Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done …), but to any small head — to you?

Really, the Creator of all things worthy of less respect than any passer-by, whom we speak — are you? To the saints turn

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Known prehistoric human ancestor found in China

March 15, 2012 8:36

Researchers in China have discovered the remains of a prehistoric man unknown to science. The people of this species live in China 15,000 years ago and died out without waiting for the end of the Ice Age.

The head of a group of scientists Darren Carnot believes that found fossilized remains belong to a previously unknown hominid family, says "" Paleontologists have made their conclusions after studying the skeletons found in China for the past 30 years. Paleontologists noticed the unusual shape of the skull, which looks like a skull of a modern man. At the

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