Why not lured to justice those who rightly refuses to register the Young Front?

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "On last week on the waves of "Liberty" sounded many expressions listeners pleased that the Young not put behind bars, but only just fined. Many they say that the sentence is very Myagenkaya that mode of democratization, and referred to as "dictatorial" unfair. I am also pleased that the Young is not imprisoned. But I am shocked as to why they are generally placed in the dock. For which they fined? Why not lured to justice those who rightly refuses to register "Junior Front"? Why not lured to justice those employees intelligence services, who burst into the

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Applicants illegal action visited the police department

Managing the department of public safety Roman Miller warned Boris Goretskogo, Nikita Krasnov and Ales Kalita of personal administrative liability if violated public policy.Youth activists consider authorities have no reason to lure them to justice as per share do not have permission. They believe that the call to the police indicates, authorities concerned about the sentiments in society.

Malady get any responsibility for nedanyasenne to friends

Activist "Young Front" Zmiter Fedoruk said investigators when questioned him about the structure of the youth organization in the Minsk region, referred to the articles of the Penal Code, under which they can be held liable for withholding disk imaging on crime.But, according to the Criminal Procedure Code, a person can be held liable only in cases where it is hiding information from the investigation of a particularly grave sin, for example, murder, or a terrorist attack. With all this lawyers say that the Belarusian courts were isolated cases, when these articles are used in practice. Dmitriy Fedoruk considers that

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Enhanced responsibility for border crossing

In accordance with the new legislation, as reported by Interfax, the punishment for premeditated illegal crossing of the border with the introduction of transport, and for crossing the border, perfect for after year administrative penalty for this violation. On the offender may be fined, arrest for up to 6 months or imprisonment to 2 years.

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While a couple of people not put — do not understand

Alexander Lukashenkoduring a private trip to the Kamenetz district, Brest region, Lukashenko warned Governing farms "of rigid responsibility" for poor-quality cleaning and untimely planting and threatened to bring to justice those who would prevent the loss of the new harvest, reports Interfax. "I did not teach will, I will start doing their promises. In Last year I warned everyone: no one is left with a knapsack, if they do not do my orders, "- said Lukashenko, calling the quality control of harvesting the number one issue."All criminal responsibility who do not realize it. Now feral grain prices, and do not

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Liabedzka warned in connection with the publication of El País

May 19 Anatoly Lebedko sent to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich Appeal to conduct an investigation into the possible supplies of Belarusian weapons to Colombian rebels. Now he was summoned to the Prosecutor General, and warned about the responsibility for "pre incorrect accusation.""At first, I was asked if I wanted to draw your letter as a statement or as information. If it was information, they should not be able to react to it, and if the application — then I warn in advance of responsibility for the wrong accusation by article 400 of the Criminal Code. I agree that my

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In beating Khvedaruk prosecutors sin does not see

As reported BelaPAN Fedoruk sent a statement to the prosecutor about beating Central district of Minsk December 13. He suffered during a clash with police participants of the unauthorized protests in defense of the sovereignty of Belarus, which took place in the evening on December 12 October Square in Minsk. The event was timed to the visit to Minsk Russian President Vladimir Putin. Doctors have recorded at Fedoruk moderate concussion."In the excitation criminal case in fact you have acquired injuries denied, "- said in response. "This is an ordinary evasion. Neither background rejection nor any additional disk imaging in the

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Sale of alcohol wish to limit

"We have now a day is virtually identical to the night"Head of Prevention of the Ministry Interior Nikolay Drozd talked to him, that such proposals due to a planned fight with n» drunkenness:"The main goal is to not spoyvalisya people that they spirtazmyashchalnyh these and other liquids are not former customers. All this a cheap … I believe that time is quite, for 13 hours of problems no one in the store does not appear! And invite guests after 22’s — it’s not perfect. We now day is virtually identical to the night. funny day and drink and drink NIGHT

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Teachers let others work

Society Guy"No, now it is simply not only prestigious, but the job requires considerable effort, and from it do not even survive. And the attitude to the work, speaking in Russian:" If the brain is not, go to the honey or ped … . " His friend: "No, that's not my element. Though I love kids, but do not want to take on such a responsibility … Well, that although he somehow learned something."

Man: "I do not think without training can not answer that question."

Woman: "No, it's too hard work and responsibility. And then, it will not

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President held criminally liable

Society Kyrgyz interim government passed a decree to lift the immunity of the first president, Askar Akayev, "Interfax", the press service of the Cabinet.

"Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva on August 12 signed the document," — said the press service said.

Attorney General's Office asked to "take all necessary measures to bring to justice Akaev and his extradition to Kyrgyzstan", — said the press service.

The Decree entered into force upon signature.

According to the press service, Akayev accused of committing a serious crime — that allowed the use of firearms against civilians, in the transfer of Kyrgyz land

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