We take a look at some of the most interesting foodie trends in town.

Mandi is the traditional cuisine of the Arabian peninsula, where, for generations, the one-pot dish of meat and rice was slow-cooked underground, with a combination of spices. The dish, typically eaten shared from an oversized platter, is seeing something of a resurgence in restaurant circles, being recreated in different avatars, whether it’s as a food court outlet, or in a five star hotel — opening up the cuisine to the uninitiated. According to F a y e z All Nusari, owner of Mandilicious, «there are around

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Dark humor, rich flavor

Wrong R a m e n gives us a decidedly different take on the r a m e n experience.

he recent surge in the popularity of r a m e n has restaurants competing in terms of authenticity. Not Wrong R a m e n.» Its cramped interiors are flanked by black brick walls decorated with oddball paraphernalia. Scrabble tiles spell out, «The only thing hotter than our r a m e n is you.» Another wall has a list of imaginary overseas branches. One look at the interiors and you immediately know what you’re

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