Nearly 6,000 Beau fighters were built, and the pages of this magazine are testament to the aircraft’s exceptional contribution to world aviation heritage. So it is a great pity that today there are only nine substantially complete airframes. At Duxford in Cambridgeshire one is under restoration to flying condition, but we will have to be patient for the day when it takes to the skies.

The last time a Beaufighter flew was in I960 — take a look at Tugging at Sleeves. The RAF Museum was still a pipedream in those days and bringing an old airframe all the way

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Overview of the independent press: Do not Believe rogues and BRYU

"Do not Believe rogues and Youth Union" — the headline material published "Evening Brest". To complete the construction of a house in Brest, shared construction participants are required to pay bills made BRYU building organization. The company "Polessye" founded by the Regional Committee of Brest and Pinsk city committee BRYU BRYU registered in 2000. Now she is threatened with bankruptcy. The organization was genpadradnikam home construction. "… According to the regulations" Polessye "was supposed to have a license for the embodiment of the functions undertaken by genpadradnika. Such it was on. General, it did not prevent the Brest City Executive

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What is done in Nesvizh Castle?

After the destruction of the walls and authentic substitute wood roofing iron on there began to build forts-fi-le strengthening: Land shaft takes the form of defensive bastions, which is around the defensive wall of reddish brick. Specialists say that such a remake does not fit into the historical context 1st most European Belarus fascinating monuments.Monitoring complex reconstruction Nesvizhsky together organize Belarusian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, as the Belarusian Association of Journalists. At year end, the final report to be sent to UNESCO — a unique monument included in the list of Global Heritage sites.The

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Restorer Polotsk church protests against the order Minkulta

Together with his colleagues invented a unique system Rakytskyy restore old frescoes by which manages to retain and later layers of painting.During the restoration work revealed that the primary temple painting murals closed XVI — XIX centuries. Work for the opening of ancient frescos asks a lot of time. But the administration of the Ministry of Culture asked frisky restoration — within six months. The announcement came after a visit to Polotsk Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky, who put all the puzzle to complete the visit to the city Alexander Lukashenko June 5, a day of St. Euphrosyne.According to the

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Batory and Batura town hall opened in Mogilev

Not far from the Russian area where the town hall, detained eight youth activists. They were wearing T-shirts with the words "Long Live Belarus". According to one of the detainees, Tatiana Bulanovoj, without explaining the circumstances, the police have ordered the youth to go to the police "service", and later taken to the Leninsky district police station.The police activists, among whom was a minor boy of thirteen, aboutwere more 3 hours. Tatyana Bulanov states that have become a prerequisite for detention specifically T-shirts white-red-white flag and the words "Long Live Belarus": Not counting Tatiana Bulanovoj detained another Rostislav Pankratov, Eugene

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Kolozha again will look like first 1853

Building reconstruction project approved by the Ministry of Culture. Temple works, but half of it — nepershapachatnaya, boardwalk. April 13, 1853 on the Neman was so severe flooding that most Kolozhi collapsed into the river. Restoration project, there are about a half-ka 10 years, but one would like to return the temple exactly in the style of the XII century, while experts at mind — can be restored only on the basis of scientific images Kolozhi preserved. Looked as Temple (first roof, upper part) after the construction is unclear, because the benchmark for recovery — its appearance before the flood

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Grodno: Either the bank will hold scientific restoration?

Since the end last year building is in the bank supplies. Even before the city authorities want to demolish the building and put in its place a new one, but then it was possible to defend. Grodno historians in their own letter expressed concern that the bank did not choose cheaper way to restoration, as it has happened with other historical buildings in an old part of town, and not built in its place an exact copy. Historians assure bankers that in the case of a true restoration of the building not only may be decoration of the town, and

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Mogilev: monuments, from which only the foundations remain

"On the video — Mogilev ruined monuments of architecture, the foundations of which have survived. This St. Xavier Church, Epiphany Cathedral and the Cathedral of St. Joseph, also Mogilev City Hall, which is presently restored. In the future, these monuments can be returned. Soon Mogilev TBM offers local authorities install on-site destruction of monuments memorials describing what they were. This will be the first step to recovery, "- said" Radio Liberty "community chairman Oleg Diachkov.Mogilev listed as monuments of architecture and urban planning over 100 fifty of old buildings. Many monuments were destroyed before the second World War I, Mogilev

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As the castle Radziwill appeared orthodox belfry?

Restorers working on the subject claim that another option "save" a three-storey gallery of the eighteenth century, it was not. Are independent experts they say that according to modern techniques you can actually save all. Care professionals and that was over the household begin to rise above it is not typical of Baroque elements. In particular, attracts attention to himself for one of the towers, restored as Orthodox bell tower with its innovative features. To get to the area where there is a restoration of the palace complex of buildings magnates Radziwill, unreal. For more defensive moat tourists are not

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Shults: restoration or destruction?

On the days of builders to demolish a three-story gallery that connected the main building or the Palace, and the left wing of the complex. Restorers are convinced that the gallery was in disrepair, it was impossible to save because it was destroyed, but certainly restore. Chairman of the Republican Public Association for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich expressed concern that UNESCO may exclude Nesvizhski castle range of global cultural heritage.In the XVII century the main building complex Nesvizhsky or palace itself, combined with 2 one-story buildings parallel galleries. Later, in the XVIII — XIX centuries,

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