The results show — Soothing NOT WORTH

In early March, Moscow hosted the annual meeting, which summed up the activities of management of automation and remote control in 2007. The meeting gave a principled assessment of the performance of services, discussed topical issues. The meeting was attended by heads and specialists of the department chiefs, representatives of the Project design and research organizations, developers and manufacturers of devices of railway automation.

The keynote address was made by Head of automation and remote control VM Kaynov. He spoke about the key indicators of operational work in the past year. (Report as presented by VM Kaynova is published in

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The Commission congratulated the Ukrainian elections with fruits

Yulia Tymoshenko stated that the pro-presidential bloc along with her team is ready to make most of the parliamentary and form a government:"At the moment, parliamentary elections again defeated democratic forces Ukraine, and together we (as always) scored more interest than our opponents. It’s nice. And I wanted to be the president and all our shared democratic congratulate the team that we really now have a clear victory. "But Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych also said that his party has the right to form a new cabinet:"This is significant support for the Ukrainian people, the result of this improvement will of

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NBA referee suspected of betting on games

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation suspects a 40-year NBA referee Tim Donagyu games sweepstakes. The FBI is already evidence that Donagyu, exhaust 13 seasons in the NBA, put 10’s of thousands of dollars in an underground betting on the results of matches, including and those which he judged. And management of the NBA, and the judges, and the players, according to the first comments are currently in real shock.Having a weakness for playing the sweepstakes, several Donagyu years ago owe a huge amount of money smart dealers shadow of this business, and they asked him to follow the scheme: the

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TRINITY — three wishes women

Young, beautiful skin, as if illuminated from within — it's perfect. But time goes on — things change and our skin too. And, unfortunately, not for the better. The Earth's gravity, the natural aging process, poor environment, aggressive sun rays, stress and many other factors that affect the skin, lead to the fact that it loses its tone and becomes less elastic, there are wrinkles, spider veins and dark spots.

Time can not be stopped, but you can update the skin with TRINITY. Upgrade program includes: the elimination of defects (color alignment, getting rid of spider veins and

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Belarusian Foreign Ministry outraged violent actions of the police in Estonia

This statement was made today Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov. He stressed that at least some of the memory of the victims izymatelstvo second Global War makes sense Belarus deepest indignation and regret, and added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its serious concern over the events that led to the victims in a human. Popov expressed the view that led to it "irresponsible actions of the Estonian authorities." "We are also outraged unreasonably harsh police actions against peaceful demonstrators by the Estonian police, which led to an escalation of violence and street riots in Tallinn", — said the

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Analysis at home

Times Dr. Dr. Dolittle long gone and no one of us now do not satisfy diagnosis made with a stethoscope and thermometer. Diagnostic accuracy sovremennoogo provide laboratory research, and often analyzes allow to decide whether to go to the doctor at all.

Knowing this, many save their time and strength, coming to a doctor appointment, having already prepared the necessary analyzes the results.

It is clear that to be tested in the district hospital is unthinkable. Items same sampling analyzes network of commercial labs, often super-expensive or questionable owned structures. In addition, going to a commercial

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Yuliya Efimova — two time world champion in swimming!

Russia's Yulia Efimova won a gold medal in swimming the breaststroke in the 50 meters at the World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona.

On Sunday Efimov showed the result of 29.52 seconds. The second result in the Rue Meylyutite scythes (29,59). The top three winners closed the American Jessica Hardy (29.80).

Witness the explosion on the sensor check heresy

As said Interfax senior Minsk police, a witness is currently in police custody, but the "objective circumstances for detention this man no. " After, as the test results will be ready on the sensor heresy, fingerprints, made a search on the place of residence will be decision, or detain him as a suspect.It was the only eyewitness, photographed at the scene, which over time dovngaga was not the police. During the interrogation, he palumachyv that occasionally looks telly and reading newspapers, and so did not know that it seek out.At night on July 4 in Minsk during the days of

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Results of centralized testing

So makarom, specifically on the amount of points scored in the tests, which is counted more GPA certificate depends passing grade in schools. Now director of the National Institute for the Control of knowledge Nikolai Feskov told about the results of centralized testing.The main distinguishing feature of today’s test was that virtually all subjects after the exam was lowered the threshold from which assessment on the subject is considered positive. Ministry of Education in the midst of testing lowered the threshold arithmetic and physics to 8 points, and by Belarusian Russian languages — to 13, in chemistry, foreign languages, the

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While a beautiful smile

In anticipation of the summer we experience emotional lift — and wants to smile more often. The main criterion for an attractive smile is known to everyone — it's white teeth. Make them as specialists, dentists can help by offering, for example, to use modern methods of professional whitening teeth, in particular — conducting a desk hardware bleaching.

Methods ZOOM AP (ZOOM-3) allows for 1.5 hours to achieve excellent aesthetic results and permanently save the resulting effect. Opportunities ZOOM AP allows for one visit to whiten your teeth at 12-16 shades! A significant advantage of this technique is a

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