Indian Navy Sea Kings to Return to Service

AFTER MANY years of storage and cannibalisation, seven Indian Navy Sea King Mk 42Bs are to be returned to service following the award of a contract to AgustaWestland to repair and overhaul these helicopters. Under the deal, announced by the manufacturer on September 26, work will begin immediately, with AgustaWestland providing a specialist team to cooperate with Indian aerospace industry personnel on the recovery programme.

Following India’s Pokhran nuclear tests in May 1998, US sanctions were imposed on the country, which had prevented spares being acquired for the Indian Navy’s Sea Kings and led to most of them being grounded.

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Deserts and seas

Combat over the North Sea was challenging enough, but as its remit expanded Coastal Command faced wide-ranging commitments in the Mediterranean. The first Bristol Beaufort torpedo-bombers became operational in April 1940, dramatically increasing the Command’s potential. But it was the prospect of the Beaufighter that really got the ‘top brass’ salivating; here was a truly versatile strike weapon.

With a range of around 1,170 miles (1,882km) the Mk.I offered phenomenal ‘reach’ for a fighter; but Coastal Command needed more. Awesome though the Beaufighter’s battery of guns was, endurance was more important. It was decided to sacrifice the six machine-guns in

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Algeria to Return MiG-29SMTs

ALGERIA HAS reached agreement with Russia to return 15 MiG-29s delivered in 2006/7. Mikhail Dmitriev, head of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Co-operation, held talks on February 6 with Algerian armed forces chief of staff Salah Ahmed Gaid about their return.

In 2006, Algeria ordered 28 MiG-29SMT-2s and six MiG-29UBTs through Rosoboronexport (see More Details Announced on Algerian Arms Deals, May 2006, p26). Delivery of the MiG-29UBTs was completed in 2007. However, MiG-29SMT-2 deliveries were halted last May (see Algerian MiG-29SMT Deliveries Halted, September 2007, p28), after 15 had arrived, Algeria citing use of used or sub-standard components as

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On the inscription stone Kurapaty Victims of Stalinism

In 1989 the stone was installed plate, on which was written, in accordance with the Council of Ministers in this woodland will be built a monument to victims of repression.This plate in 2005 stolen stone unknown vandals. Members of the public committee for the commemoration of the victims of Stalinist repression in This year sign and returned last weekend installed it on the back of the stone. And ahead vyshybli word "Victims of Stalinism." At the foundation stone now applied and images of saints. The implication is that your initiative did painter Anatoly Kuznetsov. He painted images of saints and

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Brest teamwork Belarusian and Polish customs ckonchytstsa 15:10

A source in the customs "Western Bug" said cooperative customs clearance was time put the interests of the Polish side. Allegedly, the Poles drove away a lot of cool, household products, and not to unload good for inspection twice Polish service "prysusedilisya" to us. According to Spices, currently Polish budget to save on travel.People in the queue, as Poles and Belarusians, they say that such a transfer aggravate the situation at the check pt. In 1-x, because of the double crossing of the border inspection takes twice as long as in-2, if the transport does not miss and "deployed" back,

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Tribunal returned from Svetlogorsk businesswoman seized watches

Tax and the police in a number of entrepreneurs took the product, accusing them of violating trade regulations. This caused a backlash: a symbol of protest small traders August 6 went to the area to Svetlahorsk executive committee demanding finish baseless confiscation products.A businessman Anatoly books, namely, arrested carpets and linen for the amount of 13.7 million rubles. Tax Svetlahorsk against him made the report of the Administrative Code Article 12.17.4 — "selling of food without documents that attest to their quality." Russian certificates are not recognized in Belarus.Since inventory products had great impropriety referee Victoria Laputa deferred consideration of

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Week in Belarus in photo 4 — August 10

August 4. Belarusian writers mention Yanka Bryl a day its 90th anniversary, RodnikovoyeAugust 6. Mogilev authorities returned the cross to the place of execution 1930 Storm felled Cross Restored cross Larissa Shukailo the crossAugust 7. Action "Youth BPF" at the State Library in Minsk White-red-white bouquets of fresh flowers — the monument Scorina "BPF Youth" coloring crayons pad in front of the State Library Friends "BPF Youth" at the monument ScorinaAugust 7. Began a pilgrimage to the place of martyrdom of priests Mariano in Rosica The pilgrims Headed pilgrimage priest Vyacheslav Pyalenak 76-year-old Teresa Milosevic seventh time goes RosicaAugust 7.

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Novopolotsk: thousandth signature under the requirement to return benefits

As before, the participants collected signatures under the requirement to return benefits to pensioners, donors and Chernobyl victims. Now, under the said appeal was delivered thousandth signature. Its creator became disabled Novopolotsk Anatoly flounder.According to the organizers of the first month of protest passers treated them with caution, now signatures against cancellation of privileges include in droves. Even before the pickets on the square in front of the City Palace of Culture, people gather in order to participate in the rally.Month of civilian protest allowed Novopolotsk executive committee and will end on July 27. Novopolochanin Anatoly flounder left thousandth signature

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Quote a day or — July 2

"Sadly, as readand my grandmother on dog, "would eat Well, who would give him." Debt in Belarus is small, but if you take new loans, they need to return later. To return them, it is necessary that you were convinced. For investors more critical problem is the succession of power in Belarus, the stability of the country. People expect that the funds will work 10-20 years. A that there will be in 10 years? They do not know. "Economist Mike Zaleski in the program "Examination of Liberty" — about the debt of Belarus and the possibility of obtaining loans."This paternalism

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Grodno — about Chase and a white-red-white flag

Man: "They certainly must be returned, as it is our national symbols, reflecting the Belarusian history, and it is necessary that they were specifically municipal."Old man: "All vorachivaetsya circle, development occurs in a spiral. Forgotten values ever be perceived again, and all men come to an agreement. Coat" race "to something as personified all the same, any thoughts, hopes . Because — why reinvent the wheel? "Man: "I do not perceive the current flag, because I wish all the same, so our symbolism was such as it was long ago, such as it be. I worked in 1995 on the

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