Black bottom reddish flame. On the 95th anniversary of the February Revolution in Russia

The fact that the revolution in Russia was "inevitable", says much. Others in this unshakably convinced to this day. Indeed, the destruction of historic Russia is preparing for a long time, more than half a century, counting from Karakozova, out-of-society "Hell" and a blank in 1866, shot in the Emperor Alexander II. But the revolution is afoot in Europe, is preparing a global revolution that was also considered imminent.

Haters of the Russian state had the means, the plan and the will to achieve the triumph of the revolution. Amplify their role and ability not necessary. Yes, and belittle

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After the chaos and destruction to the other civilization

Modern human civilization intensely and rapidly changing. West hosts the project are driving population of the earth in a very narrow corridor, nations and peoples of the planet reeling concept, civilization, financial, economic, social, political, environmental and military crisis.

Flares on the planet (and its carefully inflate) the flame continuous revolution. It covers not only crushed neuvvyazkami different countries of the Arab and Islamic world, and not so long ago prosperous West. Initially, "peaceful" protests that are trying to present as an expression of the "will" of the people, automatically spill over into conflict with the authorities, the armed

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How to get into cyberspace?

February 1, 2012 12:52

It is believed that human history was the five information revolutions. The first revolution is associated with the appearance of a man the second system, that is, speech, the second revolution — is the emergence of writing, the third information revolution — the printing press, the fourth — the invention of the radio, and, finally, the fifth information revolution is to create a computer.

It is true today, many experts tend to give off a sixth information revolution — the emergence of the mobile phone, which is now due to android applications and games has become

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In Mogilev action Revolution via social network took no arrests

Society In Mogilev completed action, which initiated the unification of "Revolution through a social network" site "Vkontakte". It was attended by about two hundred people. It lasted half an hour. Began a19 minutes.

Held action on the opposite side of the square of Lenin, which was originally defined as a place crowded. It was surrounded by SWAT officers one hour before the start of the action. Those who tried to pass her on to explain that it has to happen some alleged security measures. The police explained that the square supposed to drive up foreign delegation.

All the time Lenin

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The February model: 1917 th and 2012 th

We are trying to predict the future, looking back at the past. In this situation, the historian of the Russian Revolution in 1917 feels extremely necessary — but thus misunderstood. "However, it looks like the eve of the February Revolution?" — Asks people of different views. Some scare February, others are looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, the very experience of the Revolution of 1917 shows that the analysis of the political situation based only on the direct historical analogies, rarely happens crisp. Who is not only associated Kerensky, for some, it was the Russian Danton, for others — Louis Blanc.

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Only to hold 2-color revolutions on Ukraine U.S. and Kyrgyzstan izderzhali more than 110 million dollars. These numbers have sounded the creators of French documentary film " U.S. Conquest The East. " French documentary concluded that for a string of colored revolutions: the velvet revolution in Serbia, the Rose Revolution in Georgia and the Orange on Ukraine and Tulip in Kyrgyzstan — are the United States, who are convinced that in order to bring to power the appropriate mode, the war is not of mandatory. Quite a bribe and ohmurit enough people. On the views of the

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Lenin — 2

I love honest people! That's twice attracted to garbage citizen-editor and political scientist Kungurov was on the list of people I respected. Already in the top two of the day hanging his post (shit here). Table of Contents — so-so, nothing. Obviously Mr. Kungurov nicherta does not understand the issues described them, but it frankly and dispassionately declares (and I quote):

— "… I totally agree, yes, the enemies of the revolution want to arrange to spray the remains of Russia. Yes, the revolution will mean the country's apparent death, blood, destruction and possibly civil war. Yes,

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Kyrgyzstan: anniversary, perhaps the revolution

Society Kyrgyzstan is preparing to mark the anniversary of the April revolution, which resulted in the power of the country has changed. Exactly one year ago, on 7 April 2010, is in the Kyrgyz capital, there were massive clashes between the government and its opponents.

As a result of the confrontation killed 90 people and injured more than 300. Protesters stormed the government building, after which power passed into the hands of the opposition. Former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev fled the country, settling at the invitation of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus.

Experts and the public can not decide Kyrgyzstan: April 7

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The CIA makes a revolution in Syria

Demonstration of modern media technologies CIA, with which you can organize a "revolution" and to change the government in any country of the world. In this video, these technologies are illustrated in the CIA recruited by the Syrians Khalid Abu Salah (Kalid Abu Salah), which made the "face of the Arab revolution."

Will Our homeland Libya in 2012, the year?

Beginning of 2011 was marked by the over-fulfillment of the global plan for the overthrow of dictators: Tunisia, Egypt, Cote d'Ivoire, and not so long ago and still a favorite Syrian agreed to resign. The entire Middle East a wave of violence, and in different countries, we can follow its various manifestations. More painless power replaced in Tunisia. Egyptian variant, despite its ruthlessness, simply pales in comparison with other own neighbors.

Until now, the smoldering conflicts in other countries: Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain. Die forceful destruction in this part of the world at the moment has never been easier.

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