Tunisian President spoke badly about foreign intervention in Syria

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki in his own speech, said that any foreign intervention in Syria could lead to a true explosion in the Middle East. Namely, Marzuki said that the intervention is guaranteed to lead to a military conflict, the ability to spread to the whole region. Tunisian President assured that in case of war, it will involve itself in Syria, Turkey and Israel, and "Hezbollah".

Recall that specifically revolution in Tunisia (January 14 last year) gave the start of a string of so-called Arab revolutions. Since then, the "Arab Spring" can not suspend its riotous bloom.


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Why do politicians do not tell the whole truth to the public?

Question "from the audience," Nikolai Starikov meeting with readers: I think that's why, when having such power, knowing where the legs grow revolution from growing legs dollar printing press, the entire economy of capitalism, why he [Stalin — approx. Gifakt] Did not give it to the masses, not informed, why not leave a memoir, even knowing that the people after the death of [Stalin's] read the truth?

Answer: Why none of the government officials do not go out and do not tell the people the truth? Because it is impossible. Imagine Stalin begins to talk about where

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Scheduled for October 15 World Revolution?

Comment on:

October 15 — the date of the capture of the streets. We are angry aggressive politicians and bankers in relation to our rights and freedoms, human life is devalued and we have to start capturing the street again, with more stringent methods. From north to south and from west to east, a wave of protests against the excesses of our economic and governmental systems that stalai sticking point in the evolution of mankind. Money in our world are beyond human estesstva, and we have to make them work! We — the people, not

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Fear of the people — power base


In this video, once again we will talk about the global elite, "masters" governing world backstage. They have dozens of names. Part they have come up with, some of them gave inkling of their existence.

Have you ever been that, contrary to the idealistic young cries and calls for an awakening of the population, throw off the yoke of tyranny of the world revolution, Gale simply not Shocking? If only because that almost all (maybe even all) of the known world of the revolution have been made with their light

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Pros of the revolution watch online

The Austrian documentary dedicated to the "color revolutions." The crew were on a meeting with the Egyptian, Serbian, Ukrainian and Tunisian opposition movements and "technology" of these revolutions Gene Sharp. Most of all open up an activist of Ukraine Dmytro Potekhin. He said pretty quiet on camera about the fact that he personally gave one million U.S. dollars for the fact that it will participate in the coup in Ukraine.

The other films

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The origins of reddish terror in Russia

One of the most terrible and bloody pages of plainclothes war period in Russia was the so-called "Red Terror." Only direct loss from it are estimated at approximately 2.1 million people.

The atrocities began under the Provisional Government, the territory of the former empire evenly slipped into revolutionary chaos, there were cases of murder soldiers and sailors of their own officers, beating, there was a wave of arson and looting estates. But, in principle, then the violence has not yet been mass, even when the Bolsheviks seized power — itself a coup and the establishment of Soviet power in

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These organizers February 1917 — our allies in the war

One of the main reasons for failure of the Russian Empire in the First World War was the degradation of the "elite" of the empire. This can find a lot of information, but seldom mention another important reason — the behavior of our "allies" in the Entente in the war. In the textbooks indicated that they were allies and our homeland a couple of times to support them, not allowing Germany to do them serious damage. About how the Russian Empire constantly "throwing" and were against her subversive work, not said.

The Russian Imperial Army, all the shortcomings of their

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Intervention or peacekeeping?

The Hungarian revolution led to inter-ethnic strife and bloodshed

Peacekeeping, as part of international policy, came after the second world war. But peacekeeping operations were carried out even earlier. In history, there is a lot of evidence, when the armed forces of a third party shared the warring parties. Something similar happened in 1849 in Hungary and Transylvania. Obviously, this was not the peace-making in the modern comprehension of the word. But one of the motivations of semantic role of the Russian army in the war on the territory of Russia is not been in the protection of the

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Who wrote our laws?

Why not just change the law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation?

As written, Nikolai Starikov in his blog (we cited the video here):

Why is the "color revolution" and social upheaval suddenly occur in some countries?

It happens,when the leaders of this country decide not to sell oil for dollars.

Not only the social upheaval and revolution. U.S. still there sometimes send their troops — when nothing helps. So the question of the central bank is quite difficult, well, at least not much complexity that it seems at first glance.

Here's another video

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October 1917: Who was behind the scenes of the Russian revolution?

Film resource KM.ru of the 1917 revolution.

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