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Vaclav Havel: Courage — the only way to success

Vaclav Havel often support acts Belarusian opposition and cultural elite. Recently "Euro march" on October 14, I asked him what he thinks about such forms of protest?"There are, of course, a variety of methods and forms to express their position, as well as the situation in Belarus also approached, to a form of protest, and it is necessary. Role in these demonstrations multivalued. Detain people, etc.. But courage — this is the only way to success. " In soon strengthened position in Russia’s current president, Moscow is a special information policy towards countries that are out of the impact of.

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Anniversary of the murder of Politkovskaya: People have lost the chance to find out the truth about Chechnya

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "The latest newspaper" where Anna Politkovskaya worked styled mobile phone journalist:"By calling this number, hundreds of persons. By Anna Politkovskaya went from failure. It was obliged take over some functions of the state in helping people affected by war in Chechnya. This phone she heard a lot of curses and threats. Heard the words of gratitude. This phone is assigned a meeting at which she received the most important information about corruption in the Russian Federation. "Dmitry Muratov said that "newcomer newspaper" resume phone number — so that people can call now employees Politkovskaya.

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Vyachorka: former does not happen

"At the service, in which Putin was growing up, there is a saying: the former does not happen. I think Putin is the sovereign rule perfectly mastered, and that the real control over all spheres of life, and he is a wheel that puts it, got, let go is not collected.Because, apparently, has long been coined such move, which became a sudden only for the 10-s of millions of ordinary people of. It was developed in an atmosphere of great secrecy in the depths of the real circle of Russian rulers.As for Belarus, will continueXia policy paddocks Lukashenko in a

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In a brand new album Pesnyary singing Farewell to the Fatherland in Russian

The repertoire is very diverse album, it includes both long-known songs like "Bewitched mine" or "my mother kut" and virtually unknown work, the creator of the music and lyrics of most of which is currently artistic director of the municipal "Pesniary" Vyacheslav Sharapov. Most of the songs sound in the Belarusian language. With all this Vyacheslav Sharapov stressed that this compilation album brings the result of the collective recovery period:"Experience has shown that" Pesniary "necessary and in Belarus and in Russia, and probably throughout the former Soviet Union. Everywhere is needed, this genre is needed because at the time we

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Belarusian Archbishop vary Italian

Newspaper "Nasha Niva" with reference to the web site of the newspaper "Giornale" reports that the new Archbishop of the Cathedral of Our Lady Moms in Moscow instead of Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz become Italian Don Paolo Petsy. The priest of the Polish-Belarusian origin is moved Archbishop Minsk.By vatykanolyagav views, such step Benedkta XVI contribute to improving relations between Russian Orthodox and Catholics. Priest-nepalyakav in Russia are more tolerant. Poles blame prazelityzme. Even a few priests were deported from Russia. "Nasha Niva"Notes Eugene offers Lytvyn, who acted in the extras in the movie famous Hollywood director Edward Zwick near Vilnius, on the

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Extremism online and invizible

Fear clip, in which Russian Nazis cut off his head from the south, caused outrage in including and among Russian users of the Web. On this week sounded true worldview that on the Web must be some control. By the way, as history has shown this clip, control, or rather, self-control in the network there is — personal company that administers the Russian sector Livejournal, removed the clip from all blogs. According views Oleg Panfilov, director of the metropolitan center for Journalism in Extreme restrictions from the state, which could contain the spread of nationalist ideology, would essentially be focused

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Zyuganov criticized the Kremlin for the gas conflict with Belarus

Zyuganov said Our homeland that "Almost nothing Belarus pays for two strategic military base." Speaking about the database in Vileika, a favorite of the Communist Party, said that without it you can not control the submarine fleet of Russia.In his view, those who start scandals Belarus, undermines the security of.Gennady Zyuganov said that the loan by 1.5 billion dollars, Requests that Belarus can not be the subject of long negotiations. Having in mind size of foreign exchange reserves and the Stabilisation Fund, Zyuganov said that to give credit on preferential criteria is not difficult.Dimensions of Russia’s international reserves as of

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S.Karaganav: Belarus needs to say goodbye to the illusion

In his view, it is — a manifestation of an old relapse when in Minsk are convinced that our homeland — the rich, and because fog of Belarus: "Belarusian management accustomed themselves to the fact which can be not calculated with Russia, and to build their own specific economic model Russian prices. And now it is forced to part with this raschudesnye time. "Russian analyst notes that BelarusianManagement at the moment need to say goodbye to yet another illusion — Tipo it can influence the internal situation in Russia:"Belarus is not a factor in internal politics of. We support acts

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With great pleasure watching this political melyadramay

Man: "The sudden act of, when they twice vzvintsili gas prices, is not clear. Putin is a mistake. ‘Cause I’m pretty support Lukashenko."Woman: "I think that is really our homeland at the moment begins a huge number of our companies just to buy. And for this it is imperative to look at. With this I agree. But Russia can not tear the case, as we have no natural resources. Even if we want independence from the Russian Federation, we can not get it. "Dzyadok: "Lukashenko will do nothing. He would find elsewhere gas." Man: "I’m for it, so as not

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In the Karelian taiga Belarusian survived on water and berries

Belarus now left hospital in Russian regional center Segezha. Interview Radio Liberty — One of the first. Julia Twardowski says that health is not all bad:"As a broker that we were three of us: me, Olga and Anastasia Radkevych Krylovich. We did not each other surrender. We had no matches. We ate berries, drank water. Were sitting in one place, would save power. "Julia Twardowski states that get lost in the woods suddenly fascinated sweet berries — northern cloudberries:"No one would wish anyone to go to the forest itself. Lowered his head, raised his head — and all. Lost." We

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