The Grand Riders


Peter Stаrг Returns to Taiwan, This Time Bringing Friends When I first rode with Taiwan’s Grand Riders the mostly octogenarian motorcyclists celebrated in TC Bank’s “Dream Rangers” commercial that was a viral YouTube sensation, I had such spirit-elevating experience I did not t ink it could possibly be improved upon. I was wrong. When I returned to Taiwan for the next Grand Riders event in October 2012, this time with nine other Americans accompanying me, the experience exceeded all expectations.

After my story “Taiwan’s Grand Riders” appeared (Apr. 2012 MC), I was approached by many readers to organize an

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I have always admired the art of trials riding. The skill and finesse required to get the very best out of a trials bike is very impressive. The bikes themselves are aggressive and built for launching up rock faces and attacking some gnarly obstacles. I’ve spent very little time on one — maybe half an hour, max.

With this in mind, I was slightly nervous when Damien informed me of a day on board the Jota Gas and Gas Gas range with the guys who import these machines, the Hell Team.

Boothy and I headed to Pacific Park situated on

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Hop is smashing up the hours and having a ball on the project Suzuki RMX450Z

Talk about extremes — it’s gone from bull-dusty dry conditions to extremely wet in my part of the world. We’ve had some of the biggest floods since 1968. You couldn’t get out for a ride without getting soaked straight off the bat so I just didn’t.

Call me soft but I wasn’t that keen to punish myself or the RMX. It would’ve been just my luck to have ended up upside-down in some flooded creek which wouldn’t have helped keep me on the DA project

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Mind-Blowing Roller Coasters

Buckle Up with Apps of the Theme Park King

Ironically, I am writing about roller coasters, even though I am scared to death to ride these seemingly threatening theme park beasts. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Awe overtakes my fear when it comes to the way these mechanical marvels work, and I am duly impressed by the architectural impact each has on the surrounding landscapes in which these contraptions exist. But getting on board to take the real ride? No way.

Or at least that’s how things stand today. A while back when my sons were young and adventurous (as

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We go from stock red to racin’ while this month on our TE449

This has been a great month on the TE449 and I have a heap of photos to show what we’ve been up to. We’ve done a lot of riding that included three epic rides on some prime trails. We’ve also made our first real changes to the ТЕ with a heap of genuine parts and the Husqvama Racing Kit that’s available for both the 449 and 511.

The riding has been a mixed bag in terms of weather and that’s partly what made the rides so good.

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MW’s globetrotting GS has topped my dream-bike list since forever, so when Cook offered me our 2013 long-termer—the first water-cooled Boxer in the 90-year history of that engine configuration—I jumped at the chance. There was just one condition— my first assignment would be to ride the bike from the U.S. press launch in Valencia, CA, to my home in Milwaukee, WI, 2200 miles away.

Because that launch happened at the tail end of our “Class of” test that already had me away from home 5 days, I was forced to make my return trip in just 2 days. I had

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Trumps: On our side sing, dance, play, they say!

Village harp, when you go to the deepest side of Minsk, not impossible to see.The village lies at the highest, forested mountains, the top of which can be seen for a good ten miles. And on arrival at the village look traveler lured three highest crosses carved in stone.Such a fabulous mix of great sorrow and stone crosses suggests the idea that there lives a giant. And it’s true.Hercules really live under the mountain. His name is Alexander Kolbasich. He is 83 years old, 20 of which he, in the prime of life, gave camp. Initially, the German working, and

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Grodno as related to new U.S. visa restrictions for Belarusian officials?

Man: "Hardly. What it does — there they go or not go? .. They are excellent and there." Lady: "At first I fear for those who provide shelter to the South American power. We have a very sad experience. And people know about it. As for the policy of the Belarusian authorities — no configurations will not." Woman: "I think that nothing will change. We do not have many people, who travel to America. And the European Union, no one forbids go. " Woman: "Bureaucrats of the same bureaucrats … and businesses will continue to cooperate." Man: "In any case,

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How minchane concern new U.S. visa restrictions for Belarusian officials?

Lady: "I fully all the same. But if you talk to the household level, so this is nonsense. It would give the Yankees? This has no effect on any policy or to other areas. If staying, what — Crimea Sochi or worse Flerydu? We are not worse. We even have a place in Belarus, cleaner and better than some places abroad. Morally pleased that you are not allowed. They say about freedom, while they themselves forbid it. All the same we live in our own. "Student: "Our bureaucrats have to drive in the United States. Belarus be known. And then

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I just can not imagine for yourself Belarusian passenger car …

Man: "No, I would not want to ride on the Belarusian car. If other statess auto industry has evolved and can rely on the quality, on anything, then we do not. I am very skeptical about what can be. As I do not smoke cigarettes, Belarusian, as they are bad, so I will not ride in the Belarusian car. " Man: "I already have the second car. Wish I would have a new one. And if it is Belarusian, I think it will just cheaper. I think he will be no worse than Korean or Iranian" Samand. "This is analogous

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