The Grand Riders


Peter Stаrг Returns to Taiwan, This Time Bringing Friends When I first rode with Taiwan’s Grand Riders the mostly octogenarian motorcyclists celebrated in TC Bank’s “Dream Rangers” commercial that was a viral YouTube sensation, I had such spirit-elevating experience I did not t ink it could possibly be improved upon. I was wrong. When I returned to Taiwan for the next Grand Riders event in October 2012, this time with nine other Americans accompanying me, the experience exceeded all expectations.

After my story “Taiwan’s Grand Riders” appeared (Apr. 2012 MC), I was approached by many readers to organize an

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I have always admired the art of trials riding. The skill and finesse required to get the very best out of a trials bike is very impressive. The bikes themselves are aggressive and built for launching up rock faces and attacking some gnarly obstacles. I’ve spent very little time on one — maybe half an hour, max.

With this in mind, I was slightly nervous when Damien informed me of a day on board the Jota Gas and Gas Gas range with the guys who import these machines, the Hell Team.

Boothy and I headed to Pacific Park situated on

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We go from stock red to racin’ while this month on our TE449

This has been a great month on the TE449 and I have a heap of photos to show what we’ve been up to. We’ve done a lot of riding that included three epic rides on some prime trails. We’ve also made our first real changes to the ТЕ with a heap of genuine parts and the Husqvama Racing Kit that’s available for both the 449 and 511.

The riding has been a mixed bag in terms of weather and that’s partly what made the rides so good.

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Edelweiss Bike Travel

The World’s oldest And Best Motorcycle Travel Provider

In the business of guiding intrepid two-wheeled travelers to all corners of the earth for more than 33 years, no one can argue with Edelweiss’s “Number 1 Worldwide” claim. Founded by Werner Wachter in 1980, the Austrian firm employs 40 tour guides around the globe and currently offers more than 60 routes in locations as popular as the Alps and as obscure as Patagonia or Myanmar.

Edelweiss tours are not inexpensive, but for the level of service and amenities provided, they are a remarkably good value. Your choice from a broad selection

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In the village. Small Berdiaush (Chelyabinsk region). Opened ekoferma

Currently, the farm has been running, the number is 200 bulls mixed Russian-German breed, 50 horses, draft horses, Russian, Soviet and Lithuanian breeds, as well as 70 head of sheep. By the fall of the number of cattle, horses and sheep will increase by several times.

The main feature of ekofermy — exclusive use of eco-friendly self-produced feed (fresh grass, oats and wheat — summer and winter — hay and silage), and the complete rejection of the feed, which may include portions of genetically modified organisms and hormone supplements.

On the complex there are 8 people from the local community,

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In the city of Kirov (Volgograd region). Opened equestrian club

In the Volga city at the City Battalion patrol, which includes a cavalry company, opened equestrian club "Centaur".


Practical and theoretical sessions with members of the club will spend the most experienced police officers, troopers, as well as a riding instructor at the police training system, cavalry cavalry divisions of the Russian Interior Ministry. For this purpose, introduce additional post of riding instructors.

Engage in the club will be able to children with disabilities.

Canada: A giant sinkhole in Manitoba (photo)

June 12, 2011. According to eyewitnesses, the depth of the dip of about 50 feet, and the occupied area — 3 acres, this two football fields.

Trees around the failure sank in the same vertical position as the growing, reports

Later it was reported that the giant hole continues to grow. At the moment, its depth is 100 feet.

Canada: A giant failure in Manitoba

Giant sinkhole in the south, the Dauphin (Dauphin — a city in the Canadian province of Manitoba — annotated. Translator)

June 6. Boys named Fisher thought that they would have a pretty good

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Injuries young cyclists

A little boy rides a bicycle her backyard and screams mom vyglyanuvshey in the box:

— Mom, look, I'm going with no hands!

Boy circles around the house, and a moment later there because of angle:

— Mom, poshmotri, I'm going beige zhubov!



As a child, probably every one of us fell off the bike — my knees were bruised, his pants fell steadily in the chain … But for most people, a bicycle is still not associated with injuries, and with sports, fresh air, freedom of movement, the long-awaited summer vacation.

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The royal white horse. The Spanish Riding School in Vienna to watch online

The documentary film "King's white horse. Spanish riding-school in Vienna "- is the story of the traditional school Riding. In over 450 years, specifically Viennese school continues to practice high school Riding with military and academic purposes. Arena was once the winter garden of a royal family, because made in beautiful pastel colors, which set off the 46 Corinthian columns indescribable color of coffee with milk. When the doors open winter school premises, in the arena begin to enter riders School, led by a colonel. In complete silence they come close to the portrait of the ruler and the

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Uneasy Red Riding Hood

October 25, 2011 6:54

Little Red Riding Hood story emerged during the so far away that no one is affirming when. But it is the people and it folded. Thus, the "Red Riding Hood" first national epic. In any case, the first mention of the story about the girl went to visit her grandmother and met a wolf on the road, was recorded in the Tyrol, and the foothills of the Alps — where it was known at least since the XIV century.

She told all over Europe — and in the homes of the

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