Lighting Up the AR-15

When it conies to an AR-15 that I plan to use exclusively for defensive reasons, there are really only two items I like to add to the gun: some sort of white light and a sighting device other than iron sights. I don’t have anything against iron sights, but in low light situations, they can come up short. There are a many other extras that can be added to a tactical rifle, and special operators may even need others for a particular mission, but the simple AR with these two necessities is not only all a guy needs, but may

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Lever Action Perfection

It wasn’t particularly cold the November morning 1 was creeping around in the ice-damaged, grape-tangled timber, so I wasn’t wearing gloves when the big 7-pointer came crashing out of the thicket 50 yards down the ridge below me. As he charged through the trees I swung on him like I would a grouse and slapped the trigger, the heavy slug smacking him a hair behind where the neck and shoulder meet. He turned a beautiful forward flip as I quickly worked the lever, never losing the sight picture. He was stone dead lie-fore the ejected brass hit the leaves and

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WEAPONS small but proud republic

IVAN Cochin

It is believed that after the October Revolution received the independence of Latvia, Estonia and Finland was virtually no defense industry. However, this is not entirely true, it turns out, these countries have created original designs min.

Practicality CLUB SHOOTERS

Sergey Danilov

French Shooting Club, in Mytishchi, the former Olympic shooting range in the «Dinamo», distinguished by practical orientation: it is designed primarily for professionals who have a permit for short arms.

LEARN shoot straight

We begin to publish the book A. Karachevsky «Learn to shoot straight,» published by the State Publishing House Military Commissariat of Defense

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Derial Firearms Abuse

My tests were to explore the limits of what piston-driven rifles could withstand. I fancied myself the «destroyer of ARs, the ender of usefulness. » Halfway through the tests, I was merrily abusing a $2,000 rifle when I turned around to see one of the club members watching me in horror. ‘After watching this, I have to go to confession, and you should seek therapy,» he said.

I tried all the reasonable malfunction items: mud, sand, dirt, oil (or the lack of it), water and ice and snow. I failed to produce any consistent malfunction that could be attributed to

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To say that the game Codename: Eagle focuses on consoles, so — to say nothing. Even in the screenshots visible all the charm of its proprietary «engine», a kind of accelerated-light version Hidden & Dangerous. The plot — an alternative history to the «Russian theme», and indeed, this seriously superproject no one took. So simple rasslabon on the snowy expanses of the vast country, primitive, to give children with head of sugar a bit of sugar.

But life turned out very even nothing. At this point, I have been authorized to make a short statement to the side: Codename: Eagle,

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ArmaLites AR-30A1

After a dozen years in production, ArmaLite engineers decided it was time to improve upon their already popular lineup of AR-30 sniper rifles. The culmination of their work is the company’s new AR-30A1. The AR-30A1 is offered in two calibers, .338 Lapua Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. The previous AR-30 model lineup included a .308 Winchester variant as an option.

ArmaLite , as history buffs well know, entered the small arms market as a division of Fairchild Airplane and Engine Corporation with Eugene Stoner’s original Armalite rifles in 1954—first the AR-10, and then the AR-15. Fairchild’s sale of Stoner’s patent

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Czech Republic has signed a contract with Egypt for the supply of small arms

TSAMTO, May 30. During the exhibition IDET-2013 (May 22-24, Brno, Czech Republic) Representatives of defense «Ceska Zbroyovka» (Ceska Zbrojovka — CZUB) said on the conclusion of Egypt more than one contract for the supply of small guns. As reported by «Altair», during the exhibition IDET-2013 CEO CZUB (g.Uharski Brod) Lubomir Kovarik (Lubomir Kovarik) confirmed the conclusion of the agreement with Egypt for the supply of 50 thousand self-loading pistols CZ 75 P-07 «Duty» (Duty). Delivery must be completed before the end of 2013. In addition, L.Kovarik said about signing a contract for the supply of Egypt several hundred 9mm submachine

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Dragunov sniper rifle — 50 years

In June 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of a day or a sniper rifle SVD Dragunov development Eugenia the Russian army. Work on upgrading the standard SVD and tests under the ROC «Warrior» will end in November 2013. «The modernization will get a new rifle barrel, additional Picatinny rail on top of the receiver box for installation of modern cladding, butt with adjustable ergonomics also Rollaway telescopic bipod,» — said the chief designer of «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin. — As a result of modernization at the IRS will be significantly enhanced properties of accuracy. « Also works on

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Sniper rifle Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle

Demand for self-loading rifles, who own relatively high accuracy and use vserasprostranennye ammunition, always will be. How would have created similar infinite number of samples, and all of them and do arise, and the fundamentally no different from their predecessors. So, in fact, nothing of a supernova will occur and everything is kept only by advertising, although from time to time and across notable standards, but it is unique. This article will try to meet with another variation of a sniper rifle based on the AR-10 chambered for the 7.62 x 51, though with some differences and modifications. Another series

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R11 sniper rifle

Sniper rifles made on the basis of their AR15/M16 and other «relatives», far from unique. Punched them all and sundry, many honestly they say about the relationship with developments Stoner, many invent tales of untold properties and make «breakthroughs» in the arms business, so that defects in similar swatches no guns. Judging by the fact that every year there are actually copying each other models, it does not always from different manufacturers, the gun purchase and acquire willingly. So try to briefly acquainted with one of the models proposed nedavneshnih Remington Arms, well, for one to understand what all the

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