When Patricia Vitiello nearly died from a stroke, she vowed never to take her well-being for granted again. As told to ABIGAIL LIBERS

On the morning of my 47th birthday last year, I woke up early to prepare for a big meeting at work. As I sat at my kitchen table at 5:30 a.m. sipping coffee, I suddenly felt a familiar sensation—one I’d been dreading for a long time. It started as a tingle in my right hand and quickly turned to numbness. Because it had happened eight years earlier, I knew what this meant: I was having a stroke.

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Using Journeys to Differentiate

Identifying the journeys that matter most can be beneficial even when companies don’t have a nagging customer service problem – the effort can help them find a competitive differentiator. One car rental agency wanted to improve its already good service and distinguish itself from its competitors in light of the increasingly commoditized nature of the industry. Its investigation into what mattered to customers highlighted the airport pickup, a journey that might take less than an hour but that crossed a half-dozen or more touchpoints. The most important aspect was the end-to-end speed of service, from bus to rental counter to

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With her experimental approach to design, nothing is quite as it seems in ceramic artist Sara Moorhouse’s colourful world…

In Cardiff, a building is shaking. Fragile ceramic bowls tremble and rattle. One inches dangerously close to the edge of a shelf but Sara Moorhouse slides it back to safety with a well-practised hand gesture. ‘The railway line runs right behind our building,’ she says, as carriages thunder past the window of her airy first-floor studio. ‘So every now and again, somebody loses a pot.’ This is Fireworks Clay Studios — home to 20 artists, who share kilns in a converted

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Home appliances offer a world of choice and a world of confusion! Here’s how to make the right selection to suit your needs and your budget

What makes us buy one particular manufacturer’s appliance over another’s? Are you a very savvy consumer; are you armed to the eye-teeth with information, or is it a case of buying what takes your fancy? When you buy a product there are many factors that influence your buying decision, including advertising on TV, printed media and home shows, retail showrooms, the Internet and personal recommendations. Of these, a personal recommendation from somebody who you

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What is the risk of not employing a building designer or an architect on your project? Andrew Winter gives some sound advice on working with professionals

You have decided a brand-new home is what you want — the great Aussie dream. This is your chance to live in a home that is not only shiny and new, but with exactly the right number of rooms for you, the right balance of space, the storage you need, enough power outlets, the outdoor area ready to welcome your (hopefully) slightly envious friends and family, and a home that suits the block and

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PMC Twenty 21


We’re big fans of PMC’s Twenty series. So far we’ve reviewed two of the four-strong range and raved about both. Now it’s the turn of the ‘entry-level’ standmounters.

The 21s have the same sloped-back design as the rest of the range. The uneven shape helps to reduce the build-up of internal standing waves, and it makes the speakers stand out on the shop floor.

Take time to get them right

Once given a couple of days to run in, these speakers shine. That wasn’t our initial impression though. Standing a meter or so from the rear wall and playing

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Perfect for fighting against the MiG

Fighting the MiG in a Mustang held no concerns for Capt. Byers who flew with the 12th FBS. Capt. James F. Byers was one of the most experienced of the pilots in that he had served a full tour in World War II and flew well over 100 missions in Korea with the 18th Fighter Bomber Group. In speaking to other pilots in the 18th, he told them, «You could not find a better aircraft for the job than the F-51. We could carry the load, had the range, can outgun and outturn the MiG and above all, outlast it

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Shaolin complex «Staff with a handle made from cow horns»

Initial position

Feet shoulder width apart, toes deployed in hand, in his right hand take the staff, sharp horns must be sent back, the staff Abut the floor next to the right leg, left arm along the lower body, looking forward.

1. «The noble man looks at the enemy»

Left foot you step aside, unwrap the body of 90 ° over the left shoulder, his right hand with his staff pick up over his head, left hand are doing push forward, index and middle fingers of the left hand support staff, look forward.

2. «The lotus flower closes»

Left foot

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Make every 4-footer.

These tips will help you sink all the shorts ones.

First, I have a confession. I didn’t make every short putt I attempted on the PGA Tour in 2011. From five feet and in, I made 1 006 out of 1 024 (98.24 percent). So if you don’t want my advice, I understand. Joking aside, the reason I make most short putts is that I stick with some sensible fundamentals and never deviate from them. If you routinely miss the ones you should be making, my advice should help you, too.


The biggest thing I work on is

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In artillery no room for error

— Vladimir Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy has more than 192 years of glorious history, rich traditions. Let’s start with how it was created a unique university as it develops …

— The idea of ​​establishing in Russia a military artillery academy belongs to Count Peter Shuvalov, went down in history as an outstanding statesman and military leader. He proceeded from the fact that Russia is experiencing an acute need for personnel able to interpret the military science. About military science Shuvalov said that it is necessary «as the reasonable soul is the body.» These words are no less relevant today.

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