Mosleys man wants FIA top job

The fact that the 56-year-old Englishman is giving up a secure and well paid job, which he has held for the past 12 years, suggests that he is confident that he will beat the 67-year-old Frenchman, despite the fact that Jean Todt has already secured voting commitments from clubs all over the world.

David Ward started with the FIA in 1996 when he became director general of its European bureau in Brussels. Prior to that he was policy advisor to John Smith, then leader of the Labour Party in the UK. The latter’s sudden death led to the arrival of

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From one extreme to another

On the basic requirements of the new hunting regulations for the use of hunting firearms and airguns

On the hunting field again change -15 June 2012 came into effect rules of hunting in the wording of the orders of Ministry of Russia from 10.04.2012 №98; 05.09.2012 №262 and №373 from 08.11.2012. At the same time we lost the power of three decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation from July 18, 1996 «On the rules, terms and lists permitted to use tools and methods of obtaining of fauna»; on January 10, 2009 №18 «About procuring wildlife, ascribed to

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Live TOY

It SEEMS THAT CHILDREN AND ANIMALS IS-something from an opera. Both are nice in the extreme, demands care, attention and love, will not give up the games and tasty sweet

The animal in the home, which is about to have a baby … For some it is incompatible concepts, but someone does not see any problem. It is not necessary to persuade or warn anyone. The main thing — to outline a set of rules to the joint manner of life of children and their shaggy friends pleasant, happy and safe.

Nine months before the …

The first fears

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Belarusian authorities against consideration in the UN hearing in the case A.Kozulin

"At Last year together with Olga Kazulina we submitted to the Committee on Human Rights UN complaint by the Belarusian authorities to violations of international Covenant "On civilian and political rights" against Alexander Kozulin. At the moment I read the answer Consulate of Belarus in the UN, were sent to Geneva. It says, as if the applicants — Olga Kozulin, the daughter of politician and I, his former lawyer — that we do not have him to lodge complaints. Based on this examination of the complaint Belarusian diplomats considered "unnecessary." Before August 25, Igor Rynkevich wants to send to Geneva

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Human Rights Watch on the situation in Belarus

This conclusion is contained in the report of the yearly international human rights organization "Human Rights Watch".Although the role of opposition political organizations in Belarus is not against the law, in practice, their work is virtually impossible. Need of mandatory registration, but such registration authorities often denied unreasonably and invented reasons, says the report "Human Rights Watch".For past year 10s opposition activists were beaten and arrested on false charges. Some favorites and opposition activists remain behind bars — namely, the report mentions the case of the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin, who was sentenced to five and a half years

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Moscow is concerned over the human rights situation in the U.S.

Child abuse, invasion of privacy, police brutality, secret prisons and reducing the freedom of speech are the main problems in the United States of human rights, the report said the Russian Foreign Ministry, which went to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, where on Monday 22 October will hold parliamentary hearings devoted to this issue.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has already prepared a second report on the topic of human rights. At last report, released in November 2011, the Russian Foreign Ministry assessed the state of human rights in the U.S., the EU and the Baltic states. The

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Democracy in America today


Who has more rights to human rights?

One of the achievements of its propaganda and diplomatic machinery Washington believes that once, after a meeting in Helsinki in 1975, he managed to turn the so-called third basket of the outcome of the meeting (humanitarian) in the main. Decade after decade, the United States used the "third basket" as an important weapon of foreign policy influence. Tectonic upheavals produced in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union at the turn of the 80-90s. Of the twentieth century, Americans have convinced the effectiveness of their chosen instrument …

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Russian Foreign Ministry: EU high-handed slap in the face

Konstantin Dolgov

6 December in Brussels envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Konstantin Dolgov has assessed the current situation in the European Union's human rights. Last Wednesday, a report has already been heard in the walls of the Russian Foreign Ministry and after some amendments and additions sent to Europe.

Konstantin Dolgov offers our European "partners" to distract from its own activity in terms of anti-democratic hanging labels and look at ourselves from the outside. Special Representative of Russia provides European officials this possibility directly in the courtroom.

To do this in his

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In the United States have legalized indefinite detention without charge or trial

Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Carl Levin told reporters that an amendment to the bill, which dealt with defense spending and was approved by the Senate just two weeks ago, we decided to cancel.

The amendment, authored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, including the right of the authorities canceled the resonant arrest suspected ties to terrorists without trial.

By signing the 31 December 2011 Law on National Defense (NDAA-2012), President Barack Obama has approved the right of the authorities to enter into any foreigner or an American citizen in jail if he is suspected of having links

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Raped by men in Sweden has increased

Demonstration against sexual violence. The inscription on the poster: "Everything that has happened to the" YES "- violence."

More and more violence is committed in Sweden over men. Last year, 132 adult men went to the police with allegations of sexual violence against them. This is 23% more than in the previous year. National Crime Prevention Council, which published the data, suggests that not many claim the violence to the police.

According to statistics, 80% of the victims — the police do not go. Swedish union rights of homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals connects increase in the number

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