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The lawyer appealed the verdict and Uss

Society The lawyer of former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss, Vladimir Sazanchuk sent an appeal against the decision of the Leninsky district court of Minsk, which recognizes Usa guilty of organizing mass riots.

He filed a complaint with registered mail. Previously filed a complaint and Dmitry Us, Interfax reported.

According to counsel, he bases his claim on the fact that "the riots in the interpretation of Article 293 Criminal Code Minsk was not. "At the same time, in his opinion, there is reason to characterize the actions of certain individuals involved in breaking windows at the Government House, the items" disturbing

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Identified the 31st accused in the riots

Society Just today, the Human Rights Center "Viasna" "identify" the name of the accused in the case of a "riot." This 33-year-old Andrew Pozniak of Zhodino.

He is on the list of detainees during the dispersal of the rally on Independence Square 19 in Minsk on December, court punished Andrew Pozniak a fine of 30 basic units.

However, if after the holidays activist did not show up for work, colleagues began to worry. The results showed that Pozniak placed in a detention facility in Valadarski Street in Minsk, he was accused in the riots.

Earlier this week, law enforcement

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Riots in London grow

  Groups of young people on Sunday evening, August 7, staged riots in London's Enfield, in the north of the city. According to Sky News, to the streets of at least 200 people. In the area of broken shop windows and attacked a police car. Representatives of Scotland Yard confirmed that on suspicion of looting several arrests. In Enfield, as well as in neighboring Tottenhem where riots occurred on the night of August 7, tightened extra police to patrol the streets. It is also reported that the number of people arrested in connection with the events in

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