Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2

Компания Ritual Entertainment возникла не так давно (хотя, два сданных в промышленную эксп­луатацию проекта — это все же РАБОТА), однако уже успела фри­вольно расположиться на одной ступеньке с такими старожила­ми индустрии, как id Software и Raven Software. По крайней мере события, слухи и новости, связанные с этими фирмами, привлекают одинаково при­стальное внимание игровой об­щественности.

Например, сайт Ritualistic (www.ritualistic.com), состоя­щий в сети Telenation и посвя­щенный играм от Ritual, не ме­нее популярен, чем основатель этой сети — сайт Telefragged

(www.telefragged.com). Если же сравнить Ritualistic с Raven Games (www.raven-games.com) из той же Telenation, то обна­ружится, что последнему нет и года от роду, в

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Old Slavic youth initiation

The problem of reconstruction of the Ancient youth initiation and related age-sex unions is very complex. Large time complexity is defined remoteness of these phenomena of our day. After all, direct information on the rituals and youth associations, as in all of the socio-normative culture and ritual life of ancient Slavs, we almost did not have. From time immemorial have survived only echoes of their deaf. Own Slavic annals, chronicles, news ancient, Byzantine and Oriental authors highlight the life of Slavs in the later period of their pre-state history. Moreover, the completeness of this reflection is far from desirable.

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Witches and wizards are going to remove Bush from Washington




WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 — RIA "Novosti", Arkady Orlov. American witches and wizards have planned a series of "cleansing" rituals during the pre-election congress of the Republican Party in New York City. As RIA "Novosti" oganizatsii "pagan community" engaged in its own statement of "natural magic activism" during

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Walpurgis Night or Zhivin day?

Like going to the Witch Coven of different films have an idea many because at the Sabbath will not be mentioned. I talk a little about Zhivinom day, the celebration of which I once had the opportunity to participate. Unforgettable beautiful! Unfortunately, I have not kept a video from the festivities, but never anything more beautiful, I was not involved, either before or after. So Zhivin day.

It is always celebrated on the night of 30 Kvetnaya (April 30) at 1 herb (01 May). Alive or Zhivena — the goddess of spring, fertility, birth, and grain. She — the daughter

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The cult of voodoo

In our pragmatic, many are interested in a variety of exotic cults and rituals. One such is the cult of voodoo. So what is it?


You need to install the supply and exhaust ventilation? Then, exhaust and supply air — is available to you in the company of aereco.ru.

Naive tourists visiting the island of Haiti are willing to pay big money to see the local magic rituals, and they do not realize that what they see is not nothing like the usual theatrical performance:

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The cost of burial

The final cost of the burial of the deceased person and then to organize his funeral in Moscow can affect a variety of reasons, right up to the time of year. But most have a huge impact, of course, the wishes of the customer and the ability of its currency. We value family and loved ones of the deceased zahochut organize elite funeral, that cost, of course, in the end it will be very solid, but if people do not possess such means, they bought more moderate, and the means and more than a cheap funeral services, and the

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Rituals mysterious tribe Zok

For a long time, researchers thought that the Mayans — the ancient people of the Americas from those who have had their own written language. But in 1986, this view was refuted — from the bottom lost in the Mexican jungle river scientists have raised four-ton slab of stone.

It was attended by unknown at the time a writing, dated X age in. BC. Later managed to decipher hieroglyphs depicting a great nation dressings, once lived in a remote region of southern Mexico. Their descendants live here and now, about

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Witches Spell

December 20, 2011 23:48

Writing fast disappearing traditions and Sunday Island, in 1880 folklorist Walter Dennison Treill documented ritual, which was carried out potential witches to awaken their magical powers.

He described in detail the ritual in which witches were committed to the Dark. First, the witch had to wait for a full moon. At midnight, she had to come to a deserted beach, turn around three times widdershins and lie on the sand, exposing at low tide. Then it must extend hands and feet, put them next to the stones, and three stone on the head, the

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Mystery Blood

December 12, 2011 23:04

Since ancient times, different cultures and civilizations of the Earth is treated with special respect to the blood in his mind giving this mysterious substance amazing, almost mystical properties.

For millennia, the blood was one of the main elements of magical rites and rituals. The ancient Scythians, concluding important agreements, struck wounds of swords, express blood ritual cups of wine, which is then drank. Rite fraternization some "barbarian" tribes of Huns, the ancient Slavs, the Etruscans, and so on — was also associated with haggard "general" of the sacred blood vessel.

Another way of

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The magic of nature spirits

December 24, 2011 17:49

Every plant, animal, rock, and any other entity have the spirit (consciousness resonance matrix). These spirits can be combined in a "swarm" of minds, becoming the spirit of the area.

Nature spirits are real biological intelligence, mentally strong and much less abstract and controllable than the elementals are familiar with many magicians perform all of their rituals indoors. They can be extremely powerful allies. Possible to sense nature spirits, to determine if they are receptive to a ritual planned, and if so, have them actively participate in magical workings.

Some effects of the nature

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