On the river Sonohta massive fish kills


10.05.11.V estuary Sonohta rybinspektory found massive marine fish. Fry was littered with literally the whole coast and the bottom. Today the picture is slightly different. Night at Rybinsk hydroelectric occurred planned discharge of water. The picture was so depressing that the head of the urban settlement immediately sounded the alarm. Now there is an active spawning. And predict the consequences of such a state of emergency — is complicated. Sonohta long been popular with local anglers.

"Our township population Sandy walks here with fishing poles. A lot of people walk. When children see such an outrage that

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Poisoning residents Kartmazovo (MoD) and the inaction of the authorities


26.06.12.V by omission of bodies of state power in Russia and the information blockade suffered by our appeals in the media in Moscow and the Moscow region, we are forced to resort to using. The village Karmazovo who with July 1, 2012 comes from the Moscow area and comes under the jurisdiction of the City of Moscow, there was an environmental disaster. For more than 10 days, as the villagers subjected to chemical attack. June 16 this year, the population felt the pungent suffocating odor of the river "Setun", which flows through the village. In this case, the smell

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03.06.12. Fish kill in the Tambov region. Video


03.06.12. On 6 March, it became known that the river Voronezh pal in Nikiforovskii and Michurinsky areas are massive fish kills. TV "Tambov" contacted the District Attorney Nikiforovskii Yury Popov, and that's what he said on the phone:

"During the test, the following facts were revealed that around 9 am today, the staff of LLC" Central "is not authorized discharge accumulated in the gearbox pig liquid manure fractions in the terrain at the intersection of Highway LLC" Central "- the loudspeaker and the federal highway M6 Caspian. How dangerous these actions? The fact that liquid manure fraction can

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In Georgia, the frozen river Kura. Video


6.02.12.Svidetelyami rare natural phenomenon are today residents of the Georgian town of Mtskheta. First time in 30 years, the longest river froze country Cura. Ice thickness in some places up to five centimeters.

Contributed to severe frosts, which have been established throughout Georgia. Bad weather in the country is held in late January. Warming, while residents of the country should not wait. Low temperatures and snowfall will continue until the end of the week.

Source: Channel PIC

19.06.12.Gibel fish in the river Klyazma. Video


The fish in the river Klyazma poisoned

19.06.12.Ekologicheskoe Shchelkovo disaster in the area.

On a section of the river is reset Klyazma poisonous liquid, killing thousands of fish. Clean channel no hurry. The local people are afraid to come to the river — stop frightening appearance and suffocating odor. Who regularly Klyazma poison?

This picture — a nightmare angler. Overnight, a kind of catch Klyazma River — downstream — into a dead pond.

"This is mainly dominated by roach, bream, perch, caught some specimens — pike, for example," — shows fish Bashurov Andrew, senior inspector of fisheries

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23.07.12.Gibel fish under Kamensk-Uralsk. Video



23.07.12.Mertvym perch, white bream and perch strewn all along the shore, and the reeds of the river from the stone gate to Volkovsky reservoir.

On the mass death of fish reported tourists that floated on the river. At the scene, went sanitary inspectors. Laboratory studies have found no harmful substances in the water that could kill fish. But the oxygen level was low.

As explained in the local department of Rospotrebnadzor irreversible consequences had a heat wave, a very weak current and algal ponds. In stagnant water fish just gasped.

Source: Lead Urals

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28.07.12.Zamor fish on the river Setun. Video


Updated August 4

Environmental disaster in Moscow: in the river Setun dying fish

29.07.12.Massovaya fish mortality observed in the river Setun in Moscow. About this in his blog on the service online diaries writes journalist, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia Natalia Makeev. According to her, ecological disaster, she witnessed July 29, 2012, takes place in the Western Division of the Russian capital in the nature reserve "Setun River Valley." The blog also posted photos from the scene.

"The river is dying. A few hours later I watched as the fish dies. This happens around the

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27.06.12.Gibel fish in the river Elbe. Video


27.06.12.V Labinsk in the old river bed Laba fish start to die, and the water was black. Residents of the city say, a few years ago there were catching carp, and now even the carp can not survive. Besides river exudes a smell that in the housing can not open the windows. There is no flow, and the water becomes stagnant.

"Karas — quite unpretentious, tenacious fish. In this water, it can not live and breathe, "- says a resident Labinsk Anton Fetkulov.

Those who live close to the river, struggling not only with the smell, but the mosquitoes

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22.06.12. Fish kill in the Belgorod region


Photo from: kavicom.ru

22.06.12.V river Oskol in Sorokino again registered a massive fish kills — Hundreds of representatives of the water world, from fry to large tailed, floating belly up, otsvechivaya scales.

And it seems again that environmental crime will go unpunished …

Charged situation like a blueprint to that was a year ago. Again in June, Sorokin, again all was right after the shower, which was held at the peak of the hot weather …

At five in the morning, fishermen noticed that the river flow is floating dead fish. Pike, perch, rudd, pike perches, ides, minnows,

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30.05.12.Bolee three tons of fish died in the river Tyutnyar


30.05.12.Nastoyaschee environmental disaster occurred in the reservoir on the river near the village of Lower Tyutnyar Ablyazov Penzinskoy area.


First sounded the alarm head peasant farming Irina Koshkarova. Everything is written in detail what he saw in a statement addressed to the head of the administration of the Kuznetsk district Valery Kostin. Commission of Inquiry into the death of living aquatic resources, created in hot pursuit, confirmed the death of the fish.

Victims of someone else's negligence or malice are commercial species: silver carp (319 copies., Medium weight — 5.5 kg), carp (610 copies., Average linkage to

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