A river runs through it

An expansive art collection sets a Mandarin Oriental apart

Situated in Harbour City, a large mixed-use development in Shanghai’s Pudong, the new Mandarin Oriental takes cues from its intriguing location. “Harbour City is an up-and-coming part of Pudong; it’s a massive development with Kengo Kuma restoring parts of it to become another Xintiandi,” says Byron Wong, head of design for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG).

“The curving symmetry of the void between the hotel’s two towers and the pair of office towers behind them is intended to trigger memories of the site’s maritime history,” adds Bernardo Fort-Brescia, founding principal of

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On prazdnichek St. Euphrosyne does not include all

Started prazdnichek festive prayer service in St. Sophia Cathedral, which is sent to the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret. After held a procession to the monastery of Saint Euphrosyne, where had pass the main celebrations. Total to pay homage to the celestial zactupnitsy walked over 2-thousand faithful. In the main, it was an old lady.Venerate St. Euphrosyne, but did not work out at all. Before entering the monastery people blocked the road cordon of police officers. Since both sides of the street was blocked by steel parapet, there was a crush. People were asked

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In Gantsevichi area collapsed bridge

Developments were no casualties, but frightened witnesses and local residents.One of them, Peter Guzaevsky states that the bridge began to sag, and later include:"On one side, where the bridge is fixed, washed river sand. Dropping support. Unscrew iron structures. Already monolith concrete torn to pieces. Specialists do not know yet exactly prerequisites. Could it be that the bridge was rather weak. Through it also moved and trucks, and heavy trucks. "Bridge over the river Lan appeared in 1974. Now the scene were leaders of the district, police, Brest Commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.And that’s what said Radio Liberty

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6 hours — five thousand

About the mysterious caves, which are near the town of Rivers, I vyznat in the library museum adjacent Kurentsov. Librarian, who comes from rivers, certainly encouraged me to behold the magic. It is clear that, according to legend, on those days are caves lie treasures, but to get to them no one could. Intrigued by these story, I went into the river.I was lucky with a guide. Indeed, in the river, I immediately met with Yuri. History student who spends a vacation at home. Yura happily agreed to show me these caves. Really impressive sight. Behind the village rises the

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Yaroslavsky hatchery Kelnot carp released into the Volga River to spawn

People are fishing nets. Workers nursery fish caught in this way, to send them to live in a natural habitat.

This group is called spawning. About 130 released today three-year females from day to day will spawn for the first time. Experts estimate that in the Volga River is greater than 50 liters of caviar. If you take in the piece, in every liter — one million eggs.

CDB SEC them. RE Alekseev is working on a hydrofoil of carbon fiber

Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil them. REAlekseyev (Nizhny Novgorod) is working on a new hydrofoils (SEC) and the air cavity on the bottom (ICS). Customer contracts is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The correspondent of RIA "N Time" According to the CDB.

"In 2012, the Ministry of Industry and held two tenders for the development of the documentation for the SEC and the JMC, — the CDB. — One of the projects was a river SEC "Valdai R 45" with aluminum alloy. "

According to the contest,

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Flooding in Belarus ceases to be unsafe

In operational weather report says that "Spring flood in This year will not have an unsafe level. "What are the pros and cons malasnezhnyh winters for Belarus?The water level in the rivers of Belarus look 137 gauges. One of them — a distance of over 350 km from Minsk — on the Pripyat River in Stolin. Times a day on duty here inhabitant village Small Krygovichy watching Peter Lysyuk. Here’s what he just said, "Freedom":"River’s own shores. On usvoyu failed. Floods and will not, as I see it, is not expected. Polissya have long not seen such floods as before.

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Tragedy on the oil pollutes usvoyu Dnieper

As a result of the tragedy in the Dnieper usvoyu already leaked more than 70 cubic meters of fuel. Environmentalists they say that there is a danger of contamination of the Dnieper river bed, which provides water to the capital of Ukraine — Kiev.Now the scene rescuers expect to cut a piece of pipe. On this "Radio Liberty" said chief inspector of nature protection area Rechitskoye Gennady Kalinowski:"From the scene of the tragedy just 500 meters from the Dnieper. Thaw in the water on the floodplain of the river rose and closed the pipe. And now here comes the cut

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Fishermen wrote Lukashenko

Under appeal over 2,600 signatures. Fishermen claim that tenants pay in the organization of fishing on the rivers take huge fee just for the right to be on the water bodies. Tenants with all this make only one condition — ustanavlyayuts signs that this stretch of river fishing is only a means. "A penny invested and have already begun to raise funds — says Vladimir fisherman from Minsk. — I need to know what I paid for. With me trying to get money for what they have done nothing. And I’m in Minsk food for 300 km . "For example,

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Launch of the brain tanker Volga-Don max class project RST27 at Oka Shipyard

April 27, 2012 at Oka Shipyard (Nizhny Novgorod region) carried solemnly launched at the shipyard brain tanker "Volga-Don max" class project RST27 deadweight in the sea / river 6980/5378 tons of "VF Tanker — 11".

Customer — shipping company "VFTanker" (Managing Director Sergey Bryzgalov, the company is a holding company VBTH, the majority shareholder of which is the international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, consolidating a number of Russian shipping, stevedoring and shipping companies).   RST27 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. Hull's theoretical forms are the product of the research work carried out in

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