Fish kills near Voronezh. Video


20.07.11.Karasi, rudd and pike lie on the bottom or float down the river belly up.

Holidaymakers on the beach there. Installed everywhere a sign: "Swimming in Tolucheevke strictly prohibited." For local children is a real tragedy. After all, the boys spend their free time on the river.

Ivan Black, a resident of the village Shuttle:

"Bathing here, there were many people. Normally. I do not even climbs out of the water. Net was. But now it is not clear at all. A swamp. "

Water in Tolucheevke first turned yellow, then turned red. Immediately after that, the fish

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Environmental disaster in the river Padovka. Video


3.08.11.Nakanune became aware of the arrival of the next industrial effluents into the river Padovka suffering in the Volga region, which already has the second highest contamination in the Samara region.

As a result, experts recorded exceeding the standards for harmful substances almost a hundred times.

The fact that it is recognized as one of the most polluted bodies of water province, visible to the naked eye. Sometime in Padovke vodilas good fish, fishermen are now on the banks of the fetid water body can not be found. Heavily silted river, the bottom and the shore littered with waste

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Environmental disaster in Sochi. Video


"When the last tree is cut down, when the last river poisoned, when the last bird is caught, only then will you find that money can not be eaten"-Indian prophecy

15.01.11.Teper all life in the river died: According to the villagers Akhshtyr (Adler district of Sochi), 8 January 2011. the catastrophic pollution by sewage Dzyhra river and reservoir located on it. Pollution has led to mass death of fish in the river and reservoir.

On January 13 at the place left activists Environmental Watch, which saw the scale of disaster. The once

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Piranhas in the Moscow River. Photo


29.08.11.Globalnoe warming — not a myth invented by environmentalists, that drank the global bubble, but the most that neither is a fact. How else to explain the emergence of piranhas in the Moscow River?

Until yesterday, I myself thought that the rumors of killer fish ponds in the capital — cheap stuffing yellow press, but Saturday's trophy father forced to move the rest of hair on the top of my head.

Uncle Tahir, a fierce fan of fishing (otherwise how else can you explain the fish in this dump?), The bait fished very real South American piranha in

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Secret of Genghis Khan’s burial

The name Chigiskhan relates a great mystery, and perhaps the most sensational find the twenty-first century. He was born in the tract Delyun-Baldock that the Onon River, about 1155. The township it has retained its name until now and be near the village Tsasuchey, in the Chita region. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, Genghis Khan was born on the territory of modern Russia. The exact date of death is known, since at the time it is accompanied by the chroniclers. It happened on August 25 1227goda.

You need a

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Because of the relief on the Iset River dying bird. Video



27.02.12. The sole survivor of the pigeon had to wash off oil. And, though his life is out of danger, but he can fly no earlier than six months. Contaminated with about five hundred square meters of the river.

Most likely, the waste got into the river through storm drains. And now life threatening not only birds, but fish. Experts took water samples for analysis. Now think about how to prevent further contamination of the channel. Seek out those who muddies the water in the Iset be environmental prosecutor's office. Suspect already got the next auto repair

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Fish kills in the Kaluga region


23.11.11.Na Medynke River in the Kaluga region, somewhere above the dam, led to the release of toxic substances.

That it is reset, and a specialist in sight. And the color of the water, and the characteristic smell … Who and when was it made, it is now not prove. But reset, apparently there was a significant, since the beginning of the fish die.

According to residents Medyn who daily pass through the dam to work or lead the children to school, it was about 10-12 November. First, over the pond swam big dead fish, and then a little …

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After the reconstruction of the bridge over the river opened Ingoda Chita region

October 18 Uletovsky area, the official opening of the reconstructed bridge over the river Ingoda. It was built in 1964 and during that time became dilapidated. Overhaul prolong his life is not for another decade.

On the day this bridge carry up to 1,700 tons of coal. This is one of the factors taken into account when designing the reconstruction of the bridge length of 197 meters. Construction cost regional treasury in more than 132 million rubles. Costs made the move safely, bilateral, not limiting vehicular traffic.

In Obninsk leaked into the river toxic waste


15.08.11.Nepriyatno odor from municipal wastewater treatment plants is already a few days in Obninsk Kaluga.

As reported on August 15 REGNUM correspondent member of the City Assembly, Ph.D. Lyudimila Shapiro. the dumping of large amounts of some toxic waste into the river Protva unknown now, biomass, processing municipal sewage, destroyed or turned into depression. Blame for the incident was delayed, and even reverse the effects of the reset input of sewage is also not yet possible. Residents of the city, especially the old part, which is located near the sewage treatment plant, subject to poisoning by high concentrations of

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Thailand: In Ayutthaya subsidence of several kilometers

Ayutthaya residents were shocked to subsidence of a few kilometers. As early as 10 days at home are damaged, but after the collapse was deeper than 6 meters, the recovery attempt is not possible.

Hundreds of homes for people living in the houses along the river are experiencing serious problems. Water erosion has destroyed several kilometers offshore. About 10 houses were damaged, as well as problems at home remain susceptible to erosion of the river. Participating agencies can not solve the problem and the situation is heating up.

It is assumed that during the dry season the water level and

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