In the winter of 2010, ceramicist Clementina van der Walt and Her partner, entrepreneur, Albie Bailey, decided to go on a road trip. On the street outside their Green Point apartment, World Cup fever was at a pitch.

Their journey would be slow, with the possibility of scouting for a place in the country and an itinerary that included Calitzdorp, Ouotshoorn and Barkly East — all the way to Grahamstown. But before they were due to set foot in the «City off Saints» they fell in love with a rambling Victorian school in the Groenfontein Valley.

Eleven kilometres outside Calitzdorp,



Whether mountain-hiking, camping, or driving aimlessly into the middle of nowhere, it’s better to pack more than just CPS and your usual toys. We were thinking something along these lines…


Has two good-sized compact blades, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, fine-edge and serrated knives, plus a small booklet with survival tips from Mr. Grylls himself. And yeah, a bottle opener, too (always an essential). While we’re disappointed that a product with the Bear’s name doesn’t have a built-in urine filter—so we, too, can experience the joy of drinking our own piss—this Gerber-made Bear Grylls’ multi-tool is

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Off road in a hybrid Rangie

MONDAY A relative’s new car suffered a serious breakdown today. Normally this wouldn’t be a disaster; our region is well served by decent dealers. But it was more difficult this time round because (a) it was the August bank holiday and (b) the Steering Committee and I were due to be away from home for a couple of days.

Quick action was needed. We contacted the AA without much hope, this being their busiest time of the year, but within 90 minutes a nice bloke called Chris arrived, and he decided briskly that our machine should go back to its

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Mark Gredzinski tells the story of Leylands brave attempt at something really different — the T45 Road train.

With only the ageing Marathon and Buffalo in Leyland’s heavy truck portfolio, the new T45 Road train was long overdue to prop up the manufacturer’s fortunes and gain credibility in the marketplace. From its lash-up origins using the old Ergomatic cab pressings, the ungainly Marathon eventually earned its stripes in Mk2 form, but it was desperately in need of replacement.

Ogle Design of Letchworth did the styling work on what was known as the new C4Q cab. alongside the Leyland engineers. The idea was to attack the premium heavyweight market head on and stop the erosion of Leyland dwindling share

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What do women desire?

18 inventions that would change our lives.

1. Home navigator. You say to him: "Where are my glasses?". Well, or the keys to the apartment … And he answers: "Turn left, turn right, and now rummage in the cupboard".

2. teleporter that is not stuck in traffic jams on the way to work and back.

3. Food from which do not get fat, or a harmless pill, from which grow thin.

4. Handbag backlit.

5. Remedy against the growth of hair. Tonsured, smeared — and hairstyle to «freeze». Do you want to change it — washed a special little water,

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Switchman and victors.

It seems that everything is simple: the two stations, the path between the train — everything. Sidi, raking in money hand over fist. But no!

Everything is so simple and at the same time so … difficult. And railroad magnate will be the only one who will open the secret Railroad Tycoon 2.

Case Wizard afraid.

Hundreds of kilometers of desert land of wild America. Some towns are living separate lives, the economy as such is not, in general, the collapse and neglect. And then there "we «- the owner of a small, obscure railway company. So far it is

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Gripping Stuff

Put your safety first with Michelin Primacy 3

Michelin has made it its mission to ensure that all of its tyres are designed to minimise road risks. As a result, Michelin takes great pride in Primacy 3 — a tyre that enhances road safety in unique ways.

‘Like many other women, I spend a lot of time in my car, so I want to make sure my driving experience is as safe as possible,’ says Michelin Tyre Company SA communications manager Sharon Trengove. ‘Primacy 3 tyres keep me safe on the road with proven excellence during dry braking, wet braking,

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ROAD OVERHAUL with separation distillation.

An effective way to increase the capacity of the site with the overhaul of the way closed to traffic, is a division of ferrying temporary checkpoints. In the West Siberian is currently for use in areas equipped overhaul the way 16 temporary checkpoint with two Congresses. Over the last three years on the road carried out considerable work on the equipment Distilleries permanent two-way automatic block system. Today, of the 179 two-track road hauls of such devices equipped with 152 hauls (85%). At the same plants used in the signal circuit solutions that exclude protected areas while driving the

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«Decide whether the» technically sound «standard time?»

Under the headline in the magazine «Atis», 1987, number 5 was issued a letter of employees MOUTH distance Nizhyn Southwest road. To the Editor received many responses to the letter. Here are excerpts from some of the letters.

Workers Brigade service devices ALSN Uralsk distance of Baikal-Amur Mainline write about the discrepancy normozatrat time routing repair decoder DKSV1. This they reported to the management of the road, but since then it took about two years, but no reply received.

In his letter, the comrades also reported the following. In the collection are specified standard time for a large number

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In Orsha district again derailed train

Evening September 22 saw the locomotive driver damage the railroad, but did not have time to slow down. Composition of 2-empty freight cars derailed.People eventually this tragedy did not suffer material injury spetsy count, the police are checking into the incident. By the way, 12 meters stolen police found the rails next to the road: the culprit sawed their blowtorch, but take out or did not have time to hide.At the moment, the effects of crime eliminated, and the traffic on this railway branch restored.

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