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The development of means of signaling and communication (1838-1938 gg.).

The period in which the alarm can be regarded as the end of the 30s, 40s and early 50s of the last century. It was the construction of the first railways in Russia — Tsarskoye Selo, St. Petersburg-Moscow. Tsarskoye Selo road was opened to traffic in 1838 Researches and construction of St. Petersburg-Moscow road lasted from 1842 to 1851

Measures to ensure traffic safety on the road Tsarskoye Selo were very primitive. A certain K., published in the magazine «Weekly new time» N2 for 83 in 1880 his memoirs, he wrote: «As the locomotive whistles were the terror of the

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Southern Bypass officially opened in Dnepropetrovsk


On Thursday, the official opening of vehicular traffic on the site of the Southern Bypass Dnepropetrovsk highway M-04 Znamianka — Lugansk — Izvarino. According to the instructions of the President of Ukraine, in 2011 Ukrautodor completed the construction of the first stage of the Southern Bypass Dnepropetrovsk length of 17.4 km between roads Znamianka — Kiev — Borispol and Izvarino-Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye.

One of the most pressing problems for the city of Dnepropetrovsk was a lack of bypass roads for transit traffic, causing traffic dominated passed through the streets of the city, is not designed for transit

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CTZ sent technique Petroleum

Twelve marsh bulldozers B-10M2 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped in the Komi Republic, the largest oil company Rosneft.


Oilers ordered machines with hydraulic mechanical transmission, which provides ease of control bulldozer, and planetary final drive, which increases the reliability of the design. All wishes are taken into account.

The customer, who acted as one of the subsidiaries', also set a condition — the length of the machine should not exceed seven meters to easily transport units on ordinary road trawls. Therefore tractors did not the seven-and shestikatkovymi. Swamp blade fixed on the uneven

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Facts and speculations on the construction of roads in Russia

The article is quite old, but very good and reputable. I add here that would not look for it once again, and of those who did not read the advise

Construction of the road to Krasnaya Polyana. In a world of such projects unit.

A. Skvortsov, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Honored Builder of the Russian Federation, President of the Non-Commercial Partnership road design organizations "RHODES"

Late last year, the media began to appear materials, which claimed that the cost of road construction in Russia prohibitively high, much higher than in other countries.

For example,

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Udmurtia received the first bulldozers CHETRA

The company "CHETRA — Industrial Machinery" delivered the first batch of bulldozers CHETRA T-11.02-1 YABR State Unitary Enterprise of the Udmurt Republic "Udmurt motor roads Enterprise" (SUE UR "Udmurtavtodor").

 6 cars have already begun work on the roads of the country. By May 2013 another 3 bulldozer to complement the first in the history of the brand as a mass party CHETRA equipment for the road construction industry Udmurtia. Total on balance of plant is 4,666 km of roads.

Simultaneously with the tractors for SUE UR "Udmurtavtodor" 4 cars T-9.01YA1B-1 will join the fleet machinery

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Tula has upgraded the production of styrene plastic


Tul., 21.09.2011g.

"Plastic" (Central, Tula region, part of "SIBUR") completed a project to expand capacity for the manufacture of styrene worth more than 300 million rubles.

After upgrading the power plant for the production of styrene increased 1.5 times — up to 60 thousand tons per year. Styrene production is part of the production chain "plastic" for the production of polystyrene and ABS plastics.

The modernization of the reconstructed superheater and furnace distillation column was replaced steam-ejector systems to modern liquid ring vacuum systems. New technologies have improved the production of a number of

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The roads in the U.S.

See also turns the quality of roads is dependent on weather conditions!


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On the roads of the Texas economy, replacing asphalt with gravel

Texas Department of Transportation announced plans to replace about 80 miles of asphalt roads in the rural gravel road. This is intended to save the state budget funds earmarked for regular maintenance web. Such a decision by the authorities drew sharp criticism from lawyers and local farmers who replace asphalt rubble promises a lot of difficulties. Replacing the cover touches the districts Live Oak, dhimmis, LaSalle and Zavala.

"Paving roads is too expensive, sufficient funding to repave all of them do not. Our only way out to the roads became safer, it is to turn

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Builder, which Putin has presented Lada-Kalina happy with the car


Road construction Oleg Trushin, which Prime Minister Vladimir you know who presented after the rally on the Chita-Khabarovsk car "Lada Kalina" happy with the car, told his boss — General Director of "Trud" Sergei Ten. In August last year, you know who drove in four days from Khabarovsk to Chita by car "Lada-Kalina". The track "Cupid" for more than 2 thousand kilometers was put into operation after 30 years of construction work. The Prime Minister has decided to reward one of the veterans of the road workers and give him back, "Lada-Kalina", which participated in the inspection visit,

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Motoring in Europe

… I have always been hostile to all changes in the automotive market of Russia: raise taxes, increase insurance, bad roads. I Khayal our country, believing that "Russia is a country idiots" and we have a useless government, and basically I was not satisfied with the road, the cost of fuel, road tax and customs duties on foreign cars. For months, chattering keys in the forums, I cursed and defended his point of view. Do you recognize yourself?

All of this is in the past, after I left for Europe. And now I want to

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