Europe in the area of natural disasters. Video


7.01.12.Na shift stormy wind came the heavy rains and floods. In Germany, the banks came just a few rivers. Suspended shipping, roads were under water and the yards of houses along the shore.

According to forecasts, the water did not subside for days. The situation is similar in the Netherlands. There has been declared due to flooding evacuation. Of the affected area removed 800. Under the water were hundreds of acres of land, traffic on many roads closed.

And in Switzerland, and Austria — unprecedented snowfalls. Heavy wet snow stopped trains, blocked the road, cut the wiring harness.

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Repair of roads in the Saratov region

This year, for road construction Saratov region allocated 1 billion 807 million rubles, or 229% compared to 2011. Of these, the overhaul of the federal network to a 995.8 million, and in September, is commissioned 21.13 km of roads, which is 366% compared to last year.

Repair stands 236.7 million with the commissioning of 103.15 km of roads, more than 4 times higher than last year. In 2013, work on the road is planned to master mlrd.500 more than 2 million rubles.

August 15 in Volsky's the grand opening of renovated 1-up complex of the road Sizran-Saratov-Volgograd around g.Volsk. In

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Freezing rain in southern China


01.03.11. Freezing rain, which began on the first day of 2011, paralyzed traffic on high-speed highways of the southern Chinese province of Guizhou.

Many kilometers of traffic jams formed as a result of icy roads due to rain and snow, we could not eliminate even the evening Sunday. Hostage to the weather were about 20 thousand people. Local authorities supply blocked on the roads for drivers and passengers with food and drinking water.

Frazil diameter up to 13 mm was formed on the wires of power lines, but the bulk of breaks so far managed to avoid. On high-voltage

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Dowry to hit a powerful cyclone. Video


11.10.11.Srazu in three districts of the Magadan region declared a storm warning. In Magadan airport closed. Still does not work to clear the runway of ice and snowfall, which does not stop even for a minute. To prevent accidents, traffic police officers blocked traffic on one of the trails.

Report Anna Ushakova.

The driver of the car was lucky — escaped with scratches. Lost control on a slippery road, flew into a ditch — in this weather inspectors fix dozens of similar accidents. Come to Kolyma powerful cyclone: now here rain, wind — up to 30 meters per

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Winter came prematurely to Switzerland


19.09.11.Za one night in the south-west of the country fell to a record amount of snow. Houses and roads have disappeared under the half-meter snowdrifts.

Several roads in the mountains had to close. There is now working snowplows. In some areas, paralyzed rail.

Source: The first channel

Abnormal for March snowfall hit Dushanbe

Heavy snowfall that hit the capital of Tajikistan, hampering the movement of vehicles on the road Dushanbe, threw dozens of trees, has led to disruptions in the two metropolitan exchanges, according to RIA Novosti.

"Snowfall in the capital of Tajikistan will continue this afternoon and coming at night," — told RIA Novosti chief meteorologist Jamila Baydullaeva country. According to her, the snow in the middle of March — an abnormal phenomenon, the last time such a snowfall and cooling observed in Dushanbe in 1969.

City Administration launched to clear roads all the available technology, but utilities can not cope with

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Good ads

Insurance company INTOUCH with BBDO Group launched the campaign "Millions of responsible actions."

In Moscow, were placed billboards that warn drivers about the difficult areas of roads and friendly reminders of how to behave in such areas.


On a specially created website users talk about what good they do, the movement has become safer and more comfortable, and the atmosphere on the roads — nicer and friendlier. In response INTOUCH thanked them

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The flood washed away homes in Peru and Bolivia. Video


24.02.11.Bolee 10 cities in the country are literally under water. Washed away bridges, flooded homes and roads. There are already a few weeks heavy rains. From the shores of the river came Beni in the eastern part of the country and flooded the tourist city. The flooding is already recognized as the most powerful in the country for 20 years. Rains cause landslides debris. In Bolivia, a state of emergency. Meteorologists explain bad weather natural phenomenon "La Niña." According to preliminary data disaster victims were 45 people. Affected about 7,000 families.

Peak hour

24.02.11.Vlasti Peru and Bolivia

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December 10, 2012: Weather anomalies around the world — in the U.S. the whole city fills up with snow, Austria storm cut off from the world …

State of emergency declared in located in Alaska Cordova, who is buried under the snow. The thickness of its cover is from 1.5 to 4.6 meters. Roofs of houses can not withstand the weight of snow, yet the city virtually paralyzed. The inhabitants of Cordova say such bad weather did not happen the last 30 + years.

The state authorities have sent 70 National Guard U.S. primarily to assist in clearing the snow from the roofs of houses and roads. It was decided to urgently transfer to Cordova snow removal equipment, as existing facilities are powerless to cope.

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In Poland, the difficult traffic


13.02.11.Posle long thaw in the winter returned to Poland. Snow, frost and black ice led to many kilometers of traffic jams on the roads bordering the east. Trucks, intending to cross the Polish-Belarusian border, have a few dozen hours to stand in traffic jams.

The main reason for difficulties — slippery road surfaces on which the wheels are skidding heavy trucks. Trucks can not move.

Center for Crisis Management encourages drivers to look for ways detour. According to experts, the situation on the roads to normal until Tuesday.

The day before in some regions due to squally wind and

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