Growing up, I read more Jane Austen than science fiction, and spent hours dreaming of the elegant past. But now, with more and more articles detailing the leaps and bounds in robotics (some good, some bad). I’ve started to prick up my ears. If our world will soon contain robot nurses for the elderly and robot tanks with remote-control guns, I need to start learning more about robotics.

A robot kit seemed the best way to start, so I checked out three: the Parallax Boe-Bot, the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System 2.0, and a kit based on the book 123


Modular Cooperating Robot Components.

The Linkbot platform from Barobo, Inc., applies a sort of swarm robotics to individual modules that can be easily connected, expanded, programmed, and controlled. The idea is to encourage young children to become interested in robotics early on to help fill the gap where interest in robots in education is declining. Read on to find out what Linkbots are made of, as well as how they work and what they can do.

Linkbot Parts, Technologies, and Proprietary Capabilities.

Linkbot is a modular robotics platform that consists of like components you can connect or link together to form higher order robots.

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Mechanical Character Design

REALISTIC ROBOTS Concept artist Joe Peterson reveals how to make imaginary robots feel part of your sci-fi world

Robots are an enduringly popular element in SF art, but their ubiquity makes it that much harder to get them right. Just like the anatomy of a human figure, anyone looking at your robot will have a sense of whether or not it feels correct, based on the design decisions you make and your ability to make your robot seem part of the world you’ve created.

Joe Peterson’s mission in this three-hours-plus video is simply to help you create more convincing robots.

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Combat zone. Build report: Tanto.

For the last 16 years, I have been building and competing in robot combat. You name it, I’ve probably built it — from walkers to brick bots to full power flippers to hydraulic crushers in almost all weight divisions. I’ve even gone as far as building my own heavyweight scale arena, which is where my build report begins.

In 2009, we set up an event and built a 30′ x 30′ steel arena with the long-term plans of getting spinning weapons back in the UK (which were banned back in 2006). Sadly, this plan was scuppered by a very small

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Ask Mr. Roboto.

Tap into the sum of all human knowledge and get your questions answered here! From software algorithms to material selection, Mr. Roboto strives to meet you where you are — and what more would you expect from a complex service droid?

The summer heat is over. Let the fall and winter robot competitions begin! October sees lots of things happening in the Rockies where I live. Being a total geek, it is time to make cool Halloween costumes about scientists and robots. None of that mamby-pamby sparkly vampire stuff for THIS guy! High tech, rockets, and even steam-punk are the

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Extreme of the Robotics Institute — a multifunctional robot Scout


Robots created by the Central Research Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) allows the operator at a safe distance to perform many dangerous operations, including in extreme conditions.

The mobile robot "Scout", despite its impressive dimensions and weighs 250 pounds, is moving pretty fast, at a speed of meters per second, and most importantly — captivates by its versatility. This jack-of-all-trades can be used to protect and patrol facilities, location of man-made accidents, radiation intelligence.

Initially (the development started in 2007 with the support of FASI) robot created for the search and evacuation of

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TsNIIMash and android technology continued the development of space robot

FSUE TsNIIMash together with the NGO "android technology" continues to develop the SAR-400, Russia's first anthropomorphic robot for use in space.

The first step in the practical application of SAR-400 will work on the International Space Station.

In late February, the Russian development was presented at the First German-Russian seminar on space robotics, and highly appreciated by foreign colleagues.

"Right now we are working on replicating control mode android SAR-400. At this point it is important to maximize the identity movements of the robot and the operator. And only when the operator starts to feel in the frame

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UPEK pіdvela pіdsumki 2011 roku

In 2011 rotsі Іndustrіalna grupa UPEK showed a good duzhe dinamіku for obsyagami virobnitstva i, i schodo Introduction novih produktіv. Smut zavdannya in 2012 rotsі — zberegti qiu dinamіku in Mensch spriyatlivoї? Ekonomіchnoї situatsії.

Klyuchovim factor uspіshnogo rozvitku UPEK was stvorennya іnnovatsіynih produktіv scho zabezpechuyut nashі іnzhenernі pіdrozdіli, konstruktorskі bureau that Ob'єdnany іnzhenerny center. On the day sogodnіshnіy zavdyaki strategії rozvitku kompanії yak іnnovatsіynoї klієntoorієntovanoї іnzhenernoї groupies UPEK Got a good foundation konkurentospromozhnostі. I. crisis nasuvaєtsya scho vzhe not predstavlyaє for UPEK takoї zagrozi, yak crisis pp. 2008-2009 .., Kohli kompaniia Til'ky-Til'ky viznachila nova strategіyu i was on

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Tomsk robot played with Dmitry Medvedev table football

Tomsk robot played with Dmitry Medvedev table football 30.09 12:27 Photo: Dmitry Kandinsky  

Tomsk robot played with Dmitry Medvedev table football

The press service of the regional administration.


Russian Prime Minister paid a visit to an exhibition of the XII International Innovation Forum "Sochi-2013", which was attended by leading universities of Tomsk. The prime minister reviewed the development of our city schools, and the production of urban innovation companies "Income", "EleSy", "Micran", "Sibeks", "Sava", "Artlayf" and "Elcomplus." In particular, TUSUR provided by the exposure of a humanoid robot that appealed

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Rescuers are using new Black Sea Fleet diving systems

Specialists Emergency Services Black Sea Fleet (BSF) while performing work under water use opportunities diving complex new generation of "Cyclops" and small-sized underwater robot "Review-600."

As the press service of the Southern Military District, special equipment is used in a survey of wrecks, diving training specialists, as well as the inspection of ship hulls and the courts.

The complex includes a wet suit with a helmet, an underwater robot with a camera and control system monitors. The advantages of the "Cyclops" is a compact size and portability, it is equipped with high-resolution cameras, lights and radio. "Cyclops" is designed

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