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Mind-Blowing Roller Coasters

Buckle Up with Apps of the Theme Park King

Ironically, I am writing about roller coasters, even though I am scared to death to ride these seemingly threatening theme park beasts. Oh, don’t get me wrong. Awe overtakes my fear when it comes to the way these mechanical marvels work, and I am duly impressed by the architectural impact each has on the surrounding landscapes in which these contraptions exist. But getting on board to take the real ride? No way.

Or at least that’s how things stand today. A while back when my sons were young and adventurous (as

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Cassette roller dies for the production of wire

In recent years, more and more Russian producers of steel wire pay attention to the technology of wire drawing using a roller die. The development of technology and technology enabled the manufacture of carbide rollers alloys based on tungsten carbide, which greatly enhanced the stability of this kind of drawing tools. Modern roller dies allow at high speeds to produce not only wire of periodical profile, but also high-precision wire with a smooth surface. Using a roller die in the wire manufacturing technology has significantly reduced the cost of its production due to the increased use of mechanical preparation

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Siege of February 6

On forums portal discussions are about the promotion "Belarus — Europe", scheduled for February 14. This will be the 10th political action which is held in Minsk on the day of lovers. Comments: "Riot police to arrange their contests — for the best shot baton on most frisky detention for the longest period of detention "," Holiday completely political. Why do they make their action specifically a day of lovers? I do not understand, "" Young directs the attention of Europe. Says — we are not against you, we love you too. "On a page of the Internet community

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SCANDAL: ISRAEL «destroy» RUSSIAN warship

October 26. Within the naval salon Euronaval, passing in France, Israel IAI showed concern marketing video in which one anti-ship missile destroyed a Russian cruiser Project 1164. This video caused outrage by the creators of ship: chief designer cruiser styled this video «linden».   The Israeli panel presentation shows anti-missile and anti-ship missiles, which are located on the surface warships. According to the plot shown potential enemy attack, presented in the form of a ship, imitating Russian missile cruiser. During the fight the Israeli system reflects strikes cruiser, then destroy it with one anti-ship missile, reports RIA «Novosti».  

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How to avoid injuries, roller skating?

In the spring and summer in the street a lot of boys and girls, famously driving around on roller skates in different designs. Young skaters can be found in the most unlikely of places: on a dirt road and the roadway, in the park and on the subway escalator, even in a trolley or bus.

In recent years, Russia is a hobby has become a truly colossal scale. The impression is that the commercials have become blue dream of every teenager. As we follow the fashion, as always, are lagging behind other countries. The rollers are in the

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At Odessa railway appeared wheeled roller shop

Wheeled roller shop Train Depot Yaloveni Odessa railway put into operation. As the correspondent of "Odessa. Comments, "according to the press service of the Odessa railway.

  In June 2013 at the Odessa railway put into operation wheeled roller shop Yaloveni train depot, which will save money Railway, reducing operating costs. Now a full examination and repair of wheel sets of freight wagons carried directly in an operational train depot Yaloveni. That is why there is no need in the shipment of wheel sets in the other wagon depots, as it was before. Work on the creation and

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Traffic Machine are new items

This year the plant "Traffic Machine", which is placed in the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, started production of the new technology is more expensive: self-propelled road roller combined DM 10 VC, self-propelled road roller axle dvuhvaltsevy DM 10 VD and vibratory road roller DM 07 VD

DM 10 VC DM 10 VD


Rink is designed for compacting sand and stony soils, asphalt and concrete mixtures (ABS) for large, medium and small volumes of works on coatings and bases on the road, urban roads

The advantages of the new

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The plant began mass production RASKAT static trehvaltsovoj rink

In November 2012, Rybinsk plant "RASKAT" launched into serial production static roller RC-13DD, for sealing surfaces of all types of asphalt and bitumen-mineral mixtures, according to the official press release TK "Ivanovo brand." This model was introduced as a pilot model for STT-2011 and attracted the interest of the visitors.

Ice Rink RC-13DD has a number of benefits and features, among them — exceptional uniformity of compaction and high maneuverability. High linear static pressure rollers (57 kg / cm) allows a good seal on the bridges, ramps and close to the residential and industrial facilities where you

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Quality or Standard? The Russian lines had a chance to become the roads

The mechanic from Chita 20 years ago created a road roller, which is able to transform "the Russian direction" in the road.

A resident of Chita Sergey Potapenko has designed a modified model of road roller, with which you can create an almost perfect road surface. Potapenko graduated from graduate school in Leningrad, where he worked on sealing asphalt pavement. Then, 20 years ago, he came to the conclusion that the standard gladkovaltsovye rollers for quality seal of the roadway are not suitable for several reasons: they are in the process of rolling driven in front of a "wave" and

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In the Kemerovo region are III Vsekuzbasskie rural sports

August 17 in the village of Zelenogorskii Krapivinsk District III opened Vsekuzbasskie rural sports. They will be attended by more than 600 athletes from all 18 municipal districts.

The program includes a mini-football, volleyball, chess, tug of war, athletics, weight lifting competitions and sporting events families. In addition, the planned competitions mowers, machine operators and milkers. At the initiative of the home games program is complemented by the roller ski relay race in new sports complex.

The complex area of 3.78 hectares. It includes football, volleyball, basketball field, gym complex and three roller trail length 1360 m, 2000 m and

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