Empire vs Empire

The most powerful civilisations the world has ever seen face-off for the title of greatest empire of all time

The word ’empire’ can sometimes have negative connotations, conjuring up ideas of conquest, colonialism and oppression.

But from another perspective, empires can be seen as the engines that brought about modern civilisation. Since the dawn of the human race, people were looking beyond their own territory and conquering their neighbours.

As military technology and logistics progressed, empires emerged. No longer just a collection of local villages and fields, by the sixth century BCE empires could encompass vast areas of land.


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You need strategic skills, charisma and political savvy to lead armies. Here are ten standout commanders

William the Conqueror

FRENCH CIRCA 1028-1087

In 1035, William became Duke of Normandy, but his detractors preferred to call him William the Bastard. He used his political and military skills to put down a series of rebellions between 1046 and 1055. By far his biggest success was the invasion of England in 1066. After a day-long battle against Harold II’s army on 14 October at Hastings, he emerged victorious. Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king, was killed and his army fell apart. William crowned himself

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Or brought Cardinal Bertone papal visit?

Glod: "How, in your opinion, visit Cardinal Bertone’s visit to Belarus brought Pope? Probable and generally such a visit?"Shramko: "I think it likely. Here somehow clash between the interests of the Catholic Church and the country. Wonder Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz stressed that this visit of the city. And what exactly government invited itself the highest religious figure — the second man in the Vatican. And then maybe have only Pope. "

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Vatican representative visited Grodno

Sermon he delivered in Italian, it was translated into Belarusian.He also visited Grodno Higher Catholic seminary. Believers gathered in the temple, and the square in front of the chair, said that the condition was reached that between the Vatican and Belarus will sign an agreement, and that the Belarusian authorities have officially invited to visit the country Pope Benedict XVI-th.Correspondent"In Grodno Cathedral held worship with the role of State Tarcisio Bertone, the Pope. Posted on top of the facade of a large white-yellow flag of the Vatican. Priest Who knows Polish, I hear about St. Francis Xavier, whose name is

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N.Bazylevich: Check dad recently fetched

Sous: Natalka, please tell me how you think, perceive if the invitation of the Belarusian leader Pope Benedict XVI? And what criteria he can come to Belarus?Bazylevich: Already sounded different ideas, but it should be noted that a similar invitation to President Yushchenko come to Ukraine Pope said that the last time he come to Ukraine failed, and that he had a large plot, because I think it is also for Belarus hardly will find time. If we compare the number of believers who are waiting for him in Ukraine and Belarus, then this number will be different.As for the

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Pope’s visit could take place only at the municipal level

"We believe that the Pope may come as Head of State, at the municipal level: a meeting with the President, Prime Minister, and whereupon and with the believers. But if you put the question, he will want to come across only with believers, we will reply that we do not most of the Catholics, and an errant minority. Pope should take a wise decision to come to Belarus in the government is independent and start your own visit with a meeting with its leaders. " Today’s visit of the Secretary of the Holy See Tarcisio Bertone sovereign Kastsyan wish to

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Ukrainian soldiers set a world record in powerlifting

Senior conscripts Roman Martynenko won the title of the strongest in his weight class (up to 83 kg) at the World Championships Powerlifting juniors, reportsUNNwith reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defence.

In the U.S. city of Killeen (Texas) ended FIFA World Powerlifting juniors. In the sport triathlon was attended by about two hundred athletes from 22 countries. The representative of the teaching and sports facilities Summer Sports Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (Lviv) senior conscripts Roman Martynenko won the title of the strongest in his weight class (up to 83 kg). 

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The history of the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire: a chapter from the book of Edward Gibbon (1737-1794)

The richness and splendor … marbles which adorned the palace Anica, entered into a proverb, and the Roman aristocrats and senators tried as best to emulate this famous family. The detailed description of Rome, compiled during the reign of Theodosius, appear one thousand seven hundred and eighty houses, which served as a resident of the rich and noble people. Many of these magnificent homes almost justify the exaggerated expression of the poet, that Rome could hold a countless palaces and every palace was the size of a whole city, as in it can be to find anything

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Elected a new pope


Over the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is white smoke. This means that elected the new pope. BBC News and the channel "Russia 24" were broadcast from the roof of the Sistine Chapel. After the appearance of white smoke above the chimney chapel bell rang, so that no one there was no doubt that the Holy See remained busy.


Name of the new pontiff of the Roman Catholic tserkvistanet known later.

In the near future cardinal archdeacon of the Roman

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The Prophecies of Nostradamus, the Pope and the End of the World



Francis Pope will be the last leader of the Vatican, in whose reign the sky will be another sun, whereupon the death of the Vatican and the end of the world. It is said (perhaps) in the prophecy of the famous French astrologer and prophet Nostradamus.

The symbol of the appearance of a second sun might come true this year. Comet S/2012 S1, which is also called ISON, can be observed on the Earth since November 2013 to mid-January 2014.

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