U.S. democracy — the right to choose between the two dragon heads

Even during the regime of George Bush's neocon Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in his speech at the United Nations summed up the Bush presidency for the world. I am quoting Chavez from memory, not verbatim: "Yesterday there was Satan himself, speaking as if the whole world belonged to him. The smell of sulfur is felt now. "

Chavez — a favorite horror story of the American Right (conservatives. — Ed.) Because Chavez helps the people instead to pump the last of them in favor of the rich — a path that chose Washington. While Washington has started on the

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Their customs-27 (August 25 — September 2)

August 25. A car with diplomatic plates belonging to the U.S. Embassy was attacked on the highway near the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, about 90 kilometers south of Mexico City. Wounding two embassy employees.

August 25. In the German city of Cologne Zoo escaped tiger tore employee, zabyvshuyu cover up the cage door. Visitors evacuated tiger was killed.

August 28. Mochivshiesya on the corpses of Taliban and Having burnt the Koran U.S. soldiers were disciplined. What is the Pentagon did not specify it can be demotion or reduction in pay.

August 28. U.S. Attorney's Office said the disclosure conspiracy,

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Why Romney considers Russia geopolitical enemy number one? (Forbes, USA)

When it comes about the Kremlin, Mitt Romney starts to read aggressively, but during his own tour zabugornogo he deliberately looked at two of the country in which the case with Russia are of very great importance. This is Poland and Israel.

Romney's decision to visit the two countries sheds little light on the background of his statement that our homeland is "America's geopolitical enemy number one." But this does not mean that he is right in his own statement.

Poland and Israel make certain contrast which important for the significant figures of the foreign policy team

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Philadelphia, where carved palisade … or What happened to the American dream

White paint was peeling and shabby fence, shtaketiny pootlomalis. In someone, probably, the election campaign in the United States still support the American Dream, but for many, in these difficult times, it has already melted away like smoke.

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Rob and Marina, of course, not a bit like slackers. They are young enough to have a good education, both work. They have a beautiful home in the heart of Philadelphia, and two wonderful children who are excellent in school and who have inherited the musical talents of Rob.

Very similar to the real embodiment of the

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Myths and Realities of the Obama presidency

Romney and Obama are convinced that all changed after Obama won the presidency. Nonsense.

According to Romney, his country's all gone wrong, when Barack Obama became president. Women lost their jobs. Families lost their homes. The country's debt rose sharply.

According to Barack Obama, the situation had improved after he sat in the presidential chair. The government saved the auto industry. Energy production has increased. The war against Osama bin Laden turned in favor of the country.

Each candidate denies the story to each other. Romney said that the situation had improved before 20 January 2009. Obama said that

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Paranoid America

I. The special mission

To better understand what will be discussed, it is necessary at the outset to turn to medicine. More precisely, to psychiatry. We dig deep will not, but the general concepts yet aware of.

On definition from the Great Russian Encyclopedia, paranoia — is a persistent mental disorder, manifested by systematized delusions (without hallucinations), which is complex content, consistency of evidence and external credibility (the ideas of persecution, jealousy, superior origin, inventions, scientific discoveries, the special mission of social transformation and t . etc.). All the facts that contradict his delirium, swept aside, anyone who does not

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Romney passed the United States with giblets

These are now the presidential candidates from the Republican Party of the United States. From the very beginning of the election of the company, had a feeling that all of the Republican candidates, gathering some narrow-minded people. Anyway, let's remember some names. Former U.S. President Bush is a Republican. In the 2008 presidential race to Obama confronted McCain with Sarah Palin, Republicans, too, respectively. So tempted to ask, and that there is no one smarter? The answer could be: Clever sit in the shade and the strings of McCain pulled.

Note that in Russia it is saying Romney did not

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Obama, Putin, Romney: 3rd — excessive

They say that Barack Obama, the U.S. president, not only looks into the mouth Russian President Vladimir Putin, but even Crouch in front of him. And in answer gets at best slightly perceptible nod correct way go, comrade. Yet there are indications that previously Comrade Obama worshiped only Franklin D. Roosevelt, now in the reddish Rounded corner cabinet first black president of America started a portrait of Vladimir Putin. The West believes that there is every indication that Obama is not only taking a cue from Russia's own idol, and intends to build in the U.S. totalitarian system of control,

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Our South American homeland declared enemy number one

Our homeland — "geopolitical enemy number one" for the U.S.. This convinced Mitt Romney, candidate America's president. According to the candidate, Russian Federation supports the "worst in the world" modes of governance. It is reported by "Dni.ru."

As the last governor of Massachusetts, is not currently Iran and North Korea, and Our homeland — The main geopolitical enemy of the United States: she constantly supports the "worst in the world." U.S. presidential candidate is very concerned by the current president over the fact that after the election — if he wins — he (Obama) intends to exercise tremendous resilience

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Romney: Putin — a threat to world security

Mitt Romney, which is one of the likely competitors Obama in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, referred to Russian Prime Minister, "the danger of global security" and "tyrant." Videos containing a piece of an interview given on January first right into the trailer policy during the primaries in New Hampshire, is located on the Web site publishing The Daily Telegraph.

Mitt said that the world's despots "use weakness of Obama's policies in their own interest." In the middle of these "despots" Romney mentioned Fishing season, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Fidel Castro.

Romney referred to Fishing season "A real

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