A rooftop vegetable and herb garden to delight the senses

Newforms Landscape Architecture was commissioned to create this light and bright roof garden for an already-existing residence. The owners built the property in 2006/07 and were tired of looking at the top of a roof that sat adjacent to their outdoor entertaining area. They called on Newforms and Phase3 Landscape Construction to see if a functional and aesthetically pleasing roof garden was possible, and, as you can see, it certainly was.

There were a few design and construction challenges that had to be overcome to achieve the owners’ brief. Access


Sitting Pretty.

Porches boost log homes’ looks and livability.

Porches are so prominent a fixture of log homes that the only reason they aren’t the number-one option log-home buyers order (and fireplaces are) is that most people just automatically assume log homes come with a porch. Fortunately, most do.

Of course, most log homes also have decks, but don’t confuse decks with porches. Decks are attachments to a house, porches are connections to it. The connection is physical, because porches are integrated into the structure by sharing a roof, and emotional, because popular domestic imagery celebrates porches as havens of hospitality, meditation

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Its all in the walls!

Mechanical engineer Erwin van der Weerd takes ‘green’ living to the next level with his eco pods that offer the ultimate in temperature control.

The comfortable temperature comes as a pleasant surprise as you step into the latest modular timber home by mechanical engineer and designer Erwin van der Weerd and his company Perfect-Places. Despite a very chilly morning in the small town of Greyton in the Overberg. there is no air conditioning or heater In use. Not even the fireplace is lit.

‘With a properly insulated and ventilated house you won’t need to spend money on heating or cooling.

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Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiweis

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion – the 12th to date – is complete and drawing the crowds into its subterranean womb in London’s Hyde Park. The view of the bijoux Thirties tea pavilion – a gallery since 1970 – has never been so unobstructed. The Swiss architecture practice and Chinese artist’s subtle insertion is very different from Peter Zumthor’s dense, monolithic structure that went before, or Jean Nouvel’s eye-bruising, fire-engine red structure before that.

Using the sloping topology of the site, the roof – which in effect is a disc filled with water meant to act like a mirror to the elements

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Most children have a cherished dream -a small house, shed or den which is especially for them to play in. The world of make-believe is one to foster and this little house is ideal for tea parties, teddy bears’ picnics, or, stretching the imagination, a place of safety for those three little pigs who were always having trouble with the big bad wolf.

The house is built completely from stock size Nordic redwood. (I bought sawn timber and planed it up and saved a great deal of money that way.) The roof is made from corrugated ‘plastic’ sheeting which overlaps

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Retchitsa: I never will not let you paint this broken roof

Empty central square in front of the District Executive Committee claimed her historic two-storey former girls’ school — one of the four walls of the city, built in the late XIX — early XX century. Near expands Lenin Street.Instead of asphalt pavements central streets urgently teach tiles. Over the Dnieper frisky pace amfiteatar built on a thousand places, and on arrival at the city from the south through the metal roadster make road overpass.In preparation for the close Dazhynak involved and the townspeople. In particular — the inhabitants of the central part of the personal houses of the town. All

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Andrei Kim travels across rooftops

Andrei Kim recalled that the first problem with which he faced, once free, these are the things that got in the bullpen. More precisely, it is about 60 kg of books."At first, I tried to assist police, the head of the detachment. Healthy healthy-such. Helped me to stop dragging, and then I left everything Bobruisk railway station in the luggage because it was unrealistic. Only on this week assist members. Drop off by car.Very excellent book, which I have not read at large. The same bulls that I have not read, not counting the "Alpine Ballad" and "Crane’s cry." With

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Night Siege — May 16

Readers now share the views of the statement Milinkevich, who is not going to nominate a candidate for the 1st co-chair of the Democratic coalition. Congress Democratic Forces to be held in Minsk on May 26 and 27."Keep it up!""The future of the civilized sovereign Belarus for Milinkevich.""Well, of course, equal Milinkievich not. No one is going to share any grandmother or love Europe nor laurels.""The separation of strong self-contained center with precise front-runner for any psevdapalitychnyya splitting the KGB called" salami strategy. "Raising the Belarusian regime swamp salami very profitable, and therefore held that reddish salyamny Congress." In a

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Myron prevailed in Vitebsk

According to a senior opposition leader Boris Khamaida Vitebsk, white-red-white flag appeared on the roof of the house number 31 on the corner of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Zhastkova last NIGHT MODE. Through some time started driving past the police cars, and opposition was confident that the state is about to sign will be thrown to the ground, as in all past times. But now, in the morning the emperor Khamayda started calling shocked inhabitants of Vitebsk, telling, not far from Victory Square, waving an illegal sign.Quite close to the five-story dwelling with a flag placed on the roof of the

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In Nyasvizh burned monument UNESCO

Journalist Ales whitewashed i witnessed the incident said "Freedom" that he saw."Fire was not visible — smoke billowed from under the roof. People running around in the archives. Was here and Chairman of the Executive Committee Nesvizhsky Makar. Were his deputies. One of the deputies even climbed onto the fire escape.According to the preparatory version rescuers in the courtyard at the walls of the restaurant hall that there is currently working, was a red-hot grill, coals from which came under the roof. This caused the fire. When we arrived, there were already five crews of firefighters. These rescuers were running

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