Walls go shaking due to explosions in Sestroretsk


25.07.12. Residents complain again Sestroretsk explosions, because of which they are deprived of rest.

According to the "Rosbalt" witness Alex, in Sestroretsk again heard explosions while blowing "stronger than normal." "The walls go shake the doors and chandeliers cracking from vibration," — he said.

Meanwhile, the responsible services continue to claim that the explosive works are in the normal range, they should not bother people.

Recall, eyewitnesses reported explosions near Sestroretsk systematically. Strange popping notice as residents of different districts of St. Petersburg. Most likely cause of the explosion that renewed military ammunition disposal expired. In total, only for

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In Sochi, due to landslide interrupted trains


MOSCOW, June 21. Sel went to the railroad in Sochi. As "Rosbalt" the press service of EMERCOM Russia's Krasnodar region, traffic delayed.

Landslide occurred near the station Mamayka Central District of Sochi. Mud weight flooded tracks.

Are held in place in the aftermath of the disaster.

Recall that in early May landslide occurred in the railway "Tuapse — Sochi."

Sel (in hydrology from "Sailov" — "gryazekamenny flow") — a stream with a concentration of stones and rock fragments, caused, as a rule, torrential rainfall. Key measures against mudflows — consolidate and promote the development of soil and vegetation on

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Sestroretsk wake a series of explosions


PETERSBURG, March 24. Residents Sestroretsk day off a series of explosions woke from which shakes zemlya.Kak reported "Rosbalt" witnesses, about a dozen bombings in 0900 at this moment they are continuing.

No warning of St Petersburg has been reported.

"Explosions not only heard, but also oschushayutsya — the houses are shaking the walls, ceilings, etc.," — said St. Petersburg.

Recall that a similar situation was observed in October last year. Then, in different parts of the city — both in the center and on the outskirts, but mainly in the northern parts of the city were echoes of explosions

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In north-west China zemletyasenie magnitude 5.2


BEIJING, June 26. In northwest China earthquake with magnitude 5.2. As noted by the radio "Freedom", the victims or destruction of information yet. According to some reports, tremors were registered in the same region of Tibet, where more than a year ago, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 killed 2 thousand 700 people.

Recall, June 20, in the district of Tenchun Baoshan Yunnan earthquake magnitude 5.2, which resulted in damage to varying degrees 9741 house, including 94 houses collapsed. As a result, injured six people. As reported by "Rosbalt", in the earthquake-affected areas delivered 405 tents and 400 blankets provided

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In the north of St. Petersburg heard strange explosions


PETERSBURG, January 31. Residents of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg this morning, feel the vibration and hear the distant sounds, like explosions.

As "Rosbalt" witnesses, clapping and vibration started around 11:00 and continue to this day.

Recall that in late September last year, residents of St. Petersburg began to complain of strange explosions that could be heard throughout the city. Neither the police nor the MOE did not know. In the department confirmed "Rosbalt" which calls on the unknown noise comes a lot, but even the security forces did not have any information.

September 30 was reported by

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