An agreement on the construction of new plants in the Rostov region

Memorandum on cooperation in the project to create the production of irrigation equipment Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev and CEO of Valmont Global Irrigation Aaron Schapper signed on January 18 in Germany at the International exhibition "Green Week".

This will be the first investment company in Russia and the first of its production enterprise in the territory of the Russian Federation. Investment in the first phase of construction is $ 12 million Estimated start time of the first production Valmont in the Rostov region — 2014. The project will be implemented in the October industrial park. This

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Photo report of the match, Rostov — SKA — 2-0 (war banner-2)

November 6, 18:00, Rostov-on-Don, the stadium "Olympus-2", the final match of the 2008 season in the 1st league. "Rostov" has provided an outlet to the Premier League, and SKA kept in this division. The match in the first round between these two teams saw the banners of this war, which, according to the "Football-SFD", won by the fans of the SKA. Now, fans of "Rostov" took a convincing revenge. However, some of the posters looked offensively and ambiguous with respect to the army team. On the other hand, in the first round of the army were also posters for fans

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Fans of Rostov: football players went on strike

According to the fan site "Rostov" football team on Thursday in protest against the non-fulfillment of their obligations, and the club four months salary delays refused to go to the gym.

We remind that the club had to start preparing for the fight of the 24th round of the Premier League with "Ruby".

In 2012, the Rostov put into operation 650 km of transmission lines and 36 MVA transformer capacity

In the past year in the responsibility of the Rostov branch of "IDGC of the South", built and put into operation more than 650 km of power transmission lines of 0.4-110 kV and 36 MVA transformer capacity.

The volume of investment in the power grid complex of the Rostov region amounted to over 2.7 billion. Of capital investments 2,350,000,000 rubles, including the grid connection 177 million rubles., Introduced fixed assets amounting to 2.05 billion rubles. In 2012, built socially important object — 35 kV substation "Dugino-1." Construction of the substation is necessary to supply water

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In Rostov, opened a new building arts college

Rostov College of Arts, founded in 1900 — one of the oldest secondary vocational schools in the south of Russia. College produces training in several fields Instrumental Performance, Vocal Art, solo and choral folk singing, choral conducting, Musical variety art, music theory, art of ballet.

On the basis of experimental institutions operate a children’s music school, school of aesthetic education for children from 4 to 7 years and teaching practice, refresher courses and retraining of teachers of municipal children‘s art schools. In 2007, construction began on the second building college on that for five years from the regional budget

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Protasov: Rostov crushed, pressed and nedodavil

Head coach of "Rostov" Oleg Protasov commented on his team’s defeat by a score of 0-1 at home against 22-round championship of Russia. "Pressed, crushed and nedodavili. Missed the goal with a standard position. A bit of luck is not enough, somewhere skill is not enough. Each round, we hear that some team can not score — it happens. No team has allowed us to approach as many penalty and others to create chances as possible, "Siberia" — said Protasov on the TV channel "NTV-Plus."

The students’ leader is not upset

[Img =] The leader of the first division of Russian football "growth" lost clinging desperately to the salvific 15th "Sportakademkluba." Rostov missed a chance for two rounds before the finish line to become the winners of the championship, if the "Kuban" is not lost in Saransk Ulyanovsk "Volga". "Sportakademklub" well, you do your home game at the stadium "New Khimki", left the relegation zone, ahead of "Metallurg-Kuzbass". And victory in Khabarovsk November 3 on "SKA-Energia" guarantees Constantine Sarsaniya team in the division and in the coming season. [Cut] In the last two rounds of the championship of Russia in

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The championship will complete the basic structure

[Img =] coach "Rostov" Oleg Dolmatov after the defeat of the "Sportakademluba" in an interview with "Gazety.Ru" did not talk about the next season in the Premier League because his contract ends this year. Who played in the match goalkeeper Rostovites Maxim Levitsky, rarely speaking in the championship, lamented the loss of the game rhythm. [Cut] Stadium "New Khimki" is located near the main avenue that connects the Old and New Khimki, but we must try to see him. It is most likely not in the arena distance from the city line, and that the review of it is

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New glass factory opened in Rostov region

December 20 launched a unique work of a glass factory in Krasnosulinskaya district of Rostov region.

In Europe, the Guardian industries represented by 10 plants for the production of flat glass and coated glass. Two of these, the most modern — Russian projects: OOO «Guardian Steklo Ryazan» and OOO «Guardian Steklo Rostov».

The new company "Guardian Glass Rostov" — The world’s largest plant for the production of flat glass of Guardian industries. Every day he will produce 900 tons of production. The company was built in just one and a half years, the project invested 220 million dollars.


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17.09.10 TIMOTHY KALACHEV: STILL benefited Dean Zaplahova "Soviet Sport" by Don

It was during the first round match against "Alania" Timofey Kalachev got a terrible injury — a fracture of the ankle. Then it seemed that the season is over for Belarusians. But in the last round, he returned to the field, and brought his team to victory. After yesterday’s workout goals against the author of "Anji" answered our questions under incessant fun by passing trainers and partners.

"VICTORY" Rostov "gave SIL"

— The consequences of injury, do not bother?

— No. I had a

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