Growth made sure of victory

Take Khagba Sugakov ball and brought a beautiful victory, "Rostov" junior teams in the match.

Start of the match was clearly not the masters of the field. Rostov lost almost every single combat, and could not manage to catch the ball. By the middle of the half wards Tumasyan able to move the game from his goal, and further to seize the initiative.

Home defeat put masterpiece Khagba goal. Midfielder received the ball in midfield, took a few steps and a powerful blow laid the ball into the top corner from the gate Shogenova.

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Photo report of the match, Saturn — Rostov

On Saturday, August 14, in the 17th round of the Russian Championship Football Ramenskii "Saturn" was defeated at home by FC "Rostov" 0:2. We offer you a special reportage photographer "" Alexander Safonov.

FC "Saturn" — FC "Rostov" (45 photos). To view the most spectacular images from the match you can, visit the blog of sports photography —

Chavdar YANKOV In the Rostov

13.08.10 Chavdar YANKOV In the "Rostov" Press office of FC "Rostov"

FC "Rostov" dostigdogovorennosti with Donetsk "Metallurg" the transition to the club at the Don pravaharendy Bulgarian midfielder Chavdar Yankov.

Yankov professional career began in the 17 years at the club "Slavia" (Sofia). At 21, moved to the German "Hannover", in sostavekotorogo spent 66 matches and scored 6 goals in the Bundesliga. In 2009, he spent polgodav lease in the "Duisburg" — 12 matches, 1 goal. In January 2010 godapereshel in Donetsk "Metallurg", for which the 18 games played.

In otborochnyhmatchah World Cup midfielder spent

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ALEXANDER Gatskana: This is my first double in the championship of RUSSIA!

Alexander Oxman, football Courier joins the ranks of the "yellow-blue" in the summer dozayavochnuyu campaign Moldovan midfielder quickly gained a place in the starting lineup. And now on the home straight league race is for "Rostov" a very important figure in the center of the field. And, as it turned out, he can not only fight for the ball well and give accurate transfer partners, but also the excellent succeeds at the end of attacks. The score his goals for the club Don Gatskan opened in Irkutsk, where wards Oleg Dolmatova have left no chance to "Star" — 5:1. But

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NO INTRIGUES growth compensate Effectiveness

Tournament intrigue in this match was not well, absolutely nothing. One team has already solved the problem in the season and advanced to the Premier League, the other poor guy definitely knows what next year will hold in the second division. So the fight is more suited status of the friendly sparring. That’s just "Rostov", to his credit, treated essentially a meaningless game for him with all the responsibility. At the post-match press conference Oleg Dolmatov said: "On the set I told the players that need to play at full strength, no matter what. First of all — for the

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Branch AEM technology has shipped a fourth accumulator tank ECCS for the Rostov nuclear power plant

November 2, 2012 a branch of JSC "AEM-technology" in Volgodonsk shipped the fourth accumulator tank of the emergency core cooling system (ECCS), according to an official letter of "Nuclear and Power Engineering" State Corporation "Rosatom".

This shipment was one of the final stages of work on the integration of structure-borne equipment for the Rostov nuclear power plant.

This equipment is part of the basic equipment of the reactor island station. As part of the approved program of integration specialists production of heat exchange of the body and storage equipment on the product, a complex repair work, which resulted in

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Head coach of FC "Rostov" Oleg Protasov recognizes performance of the club in the first round of the Russian Championship success, but believes that only in the context of financial stability, "Rostov" in a position to fight for the top places. After half of the championship FC "Rostov" scored 22 points in 15 games and is ranked 5th in the standings. 7 wins — the same as for all of last season (30 games), played with powerful Moscow clubs — CSKA, "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". Positive changes in the statements "Rostov" with the arrival at the club in December 2009,

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Favorites PROVINCE

After the first round of the European Cup for a couple of places located clubs that were not expected.

The group is headed by leaders of persecution "Rostov" and Nalchik "Spartacus" in the number of these same leaders and includes: a team of Yuri Krasnozhan "hook" for CSKA with "Ruby", breaking away from í on six points.

Nevertheless, with the Rostov nalchan still do not believe: Many agree that the stalled until the fall of Moscow grants southerners displace — unless Nalchik will be able to catch on in the top six, a well-deserved respect to the set of

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The victory was dearly

07.08.10 victory was WAY TsENOYPress office of FC "Rostov"

Immediately after the match, "Rostov" — "Terek" Arthur Valikaev Rostovites midfielder underwent a medical examination, the results of which, alas, proved disappointing. Fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone — such diagnosis was made after studying the X-ray. "Honestly, I do not remember which of the situations got this injury. After one of the tackles I felt a great pain in the ankle and asked for a change … It’s a shame, because the season is now in effect for me has just begun. I want to say a big thank you

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Circassian: Rostov worthy fifth place in the standings

Captain "Rostov" Alexander Circassian summed up the match of the 15th round of the championship of Russia against "Locomotive", won with a score of 1-0.

"All I want to congratulate with the last day of the railway. However, we are spoiled holiday, breaking series without a victory over the "locomotive". Especially nice to do it on the road.

The most difficult moment of the match? Last minute, when we started just to keep score. But it was obvious that the "locomotive" very tired, especially when we started to keep the ball.

Our team is worthy fifth place. We lost points

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