Rostov said Akimov and Hong

FC "Rostov" said Dmitry Akimov, who crossed from Siberia, under number 98 and Hong-Yong Cho, Bezanilla of Belgrade, under 21

Rostov — Ural

[Img =] confidently beat his pursuer, "Rostov" more left all its competitors in the struggle for access to the Premier League. And, judging by the results of the game and, Rostov seek early return to the elite. [Cut] Yesterday Rostov fans are divided: some went to the Cup match between SKA and polurezervnym composition "Khimki", and others attended the meeting of leaders of the first division. Interest in the report match fueled newcomers "Rostov" — the best scorer of the first division last season Akimov, who joined a week ago from the "Siberia" and the captain of North Korea's

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UFO has pursued and trains?




"Evening Rostov" has repeatedly reported that citizens in recent years have increasingly noticed the paranormal. For example, flying orange circular object appeared almost every night on one of the buildings on the Big Garden. "Glowing orange" always show up after midnight. He did not hang on the

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Russia in the first person. Energetics

In the early 90's the development of the energy sector in Russia has stopped. Ceased exploration expeditions, exploration discovered fields has been postponed indefinitely. Mothballed construction of the Rostov nuclear power plant. Workers in the oil and gas industry went into the trade.Sakhalin region has been one of the most depressed areas of the country. Today, it takes the 5th place on the index of socio-economic status, the third for the development of the real sector of the economy and the 6th on investment attractiveness. About 60 percent of the budget — is revenue from offshore projects,

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In the Rostov region began drought


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21.07.11.V northeastern Rostov region began in earnest soil drought, the press service of the Department of Emergency Rostov region with reference to the center of Rostov on Hydrometeorology. Within 30 days of moisture content in soil in the north-eastern areas was very low. This does not affect the yield of grain, but a major impact on the crop row crops — corn, sunflower, sugar beet, potatoes, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, beet, carrot.

In fact, every day heat greatly reduces the chances of crop cultivated crops in the north-eastern regions. And in the western part of the

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The ecological status of the river Don


Doctor of Biological Sciences Valery Privalenko Photo: Olga Gopal

11.07.11Po request of the correspondent "KP" Sc.D. Valery Privalenko speculate on the ecological status of the river Don — Don and we are all very bad — just stunned me, Doctor of Biological Sciences Valery Privalenko many years studying the environmental problems of the Don region.

— Quiet Flows the Don himself — a river length of more than a thousand miles starts in Moscow and Rostov to our Tsimlyansk flowing in from the reservoir. For us, he — my father, that is more than a river. Performs several

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RECORD under threat. But there were.

"Rostov" away from defeat in the final seconds of the game with the "Values", giving the course of the entire match, and set a new Russian record in the first division by number unbeaten. Spring game with "Values" turned out for the "Rostov" perhaps the most difficult in the first round. Sergiu Podpalov demonstrated that leadership ambitions Rostovites afraid they are not going. Drew 1-1, earned the "yellow-blue" after the penalty spot then those same ambitions and put into question. Later, however, was a series of victories that rehabilitated the "Rostov" in front of their fans, but the fight with

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Realized and promising investment projects in the Rostov region


Rostov Region has commissioned in the 1st half of 2011, three large complexes in agriculture, the total amount of investments — 5.8 billion rubles. This was the Deputy Governor, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Vladimir Cherkezov reported on August 4 meeting of the Board of Investment under the governor of the area.

Among these objects — pig farm capacity of 106 thousand heads per year / investor — OOO "Russian pork, Millerovo 'investment in the project — 2.6 billion rubles / The 2nd phase of the complex on broiler / OOO "Poultry Zadonskaya", is a

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On Lake Nero began fish kills


17.02.12.Eto message, I think, so far can be considered as new. On Lake Nero, after heavy frosts of February — fish kills.

All the fish in the river now risen Sarah. Yesterday and today, February 17, 2012 Sarah, within the village. Porec-Fish goes fishing. More than a hundred cars are located on the river and the coastal streets.

From the Big Bridge down to Sarah — about 500 fishermen from Porec, Rostov, Rostov, Sts areas, Yaroslavl and Pereslavl, Moscow, Ivanovo region, there is even the representatives of St. Petersburg. How to catch? On winter fishing rod solid scaffold on

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16.05.12.Massovaya fish kill in Rostov


06.06.12. May 16 from the banks of the river Temernik flowing in the city of Rostov-on-Don, began to come disturbing news: the locals were amazed terrible picture of mass death of fish.

Vladimir Brynko, youth director of the protection and use of wildlife and aquatic resources of the Rostov region, arrived at the scene, assessed the extent of the tragedy. It was decided to apply to the Committee on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of the Rostov region. Scientists have examined both sides of the river at the site of Temernik Orbital street to street invigorate, to conduct

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