Lukashenko: manual rotation will last

"Before us are tough puzzles. Authorities did not be once and forever frozen "- said Lukashenko.By him, purpose of the new business manager of the President — "a natural process, and it does not need to make an emergency action." "No personnel is not scattered, I myself will not allow", — he said. Lukashenko said Prof. properties former business manager of President Alexander Kulichkova be needed. Tags: Lukashenko, Domashkevich, rotation

Climate change could accelerate the rotation of the Earth

Climate change could accelerate the rotation of the Earth Weather and Climate

The basic premise of climate change is known to all mankind. It is released during human activity carbon dioxide and methane, which accumulate in the atmosphere and keeping you warm. Industry and other human activities disturb the natural gas balance of the air, resulting in several decades on the agenda of environmentalists is the question of global warming and irreversible climate change.

Scientists have figured out what signs have global warming: the weather is getting warmer, glaciers are melting, the sea level rises, modified plants and animals, new

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Riddle: The world is getting faster


22.12.03, the


If you feel that increases the speed of your life, you know — you are far from the truth. The last few years the world has really accelerated. Time keepers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA) noted that they do not add one more second (called a leap year) for five consecutive years. Why? Because the Earth's rotation speed increases from 1999. S1972, the world moved to the modern atomic system

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Arhiv.Chetyre years ago Earth Stood Still


Earth's axis is "stopped" in 2005, found out Russian astronomers.

01.09.09.Rossiyskie astronomers discovered a new cycle of oscillation axis of rotation of the earth — they found that the amplitude of the so-called oscillation Chandler about once every 75 years falls almost to zero, and then they rise again, but in a new phase. The last time it happened in 2005, write Zinovy Malkin and Natalia Miller of the Pulkovo Observatory in the article published in the online library at Cornell University.

Fluctuations in Chandler, named for their discoverer in 1891, American astronomer Seth Chandler (Seth Chandler),

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U.S. researchers suggest that the Earth will stop in a few years

According to a study by American scientists, our planet will cease to rotate on its axis in a few years (note the original title of the article …migrate in next year…). Lead researcher Joseph Jankowski said that subsequently slowing the Earth's rotation days and nights will be longer, leading to floods, a huge earthquake and massive starvation. To date, this question is the most relevant, and most of the scientists trying to solve this particular puzzle.

Long ago, scientists assumed that the Earth's rotation rate decreased. According to information received another 3 billion years ago, the duration of the

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Astronomers have discovered a slow rotation of Venus

VIRTIS Venus sees in the infrared, as it envelops the cloud layer. It shows the difference in the position of the surface of individual objects (illustrations NASA / JPL / Magellan / P. Ford / ESA / Venus Express / P. Drossart / G. Piccioni)

In the 90's of last century, the spacecraft Magellan helped establish that the rotation period of Venus is 243.0185 Earth days. However, according to new measurements obtained from the European satellite Venus Express, the rotation period of the Morning Star is 243.023 Earth days, that as much as 6.5 minutes longer than

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Apocalypse. Approximate picture of the upcoming events on the Earth

So, from 2003 Planet X in our solar system, which is also scheduled podverzhaetsya NASA.

According to this chart clearly shows a direct impact on this planet Earth, when Planet X is built on the same line with the Sun and the Earth. The impact of Planet X and its magnetic field of the planet depends on its distance from the Earth in alignment of 3 planets in one line (Sun-Earth-Planet X).

Disasters will follow because of the effects of the magnetic field the giant comet, which is actually a planet of your solar system.

This planet exceeds the

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Apocalypse for good

Scientists believe that the disaster will change humanity for the better

— Japan is still shaking. I can not imagine how people tolerate it? For many, the end of the world has come … This cry from the heart of a young girl from a social network Oli certainly reflects our common pain and the full realization of hopelessness before catastrophe of the century. A Did any of you see the tragedy of another, rise above the fear of death and understand its highest point? — All this is terrible, — said my companion from the Center instrumental environmental

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Jumpers between galaxies

A mysterious painting and appears in the photo above (to W 405). There are two dwarf elliptical galaxies are connected with the larger bridges. Curvature jumpers astrophysics attempted to explain the rotation of the central galaxy.

But if the lower bridge is curved smooth arc, which may well be attributed to the rotation, the upper curve has the form of a broken knee-stacked segments. The reason for this is not clear deformation of the web (in the "natural" hypotheses), not to mention the reason for the appearance of these jumpers

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United States: a tactile affect vision




When one eye can not tell you what's going to come to the aid can touch. A new study by Vanderbilt University showed how this mechanism works supplements. Randolph Blake, Kenichi Sobel and Thomas James created a visually ambiguous situation by asking subjects to describe the rotation

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