Land Rover Defender

Mileage 96,013. The Priors don’t do packing light, as a fully loaded Land Rover proves

You should see the equipment list. It’s about three sides of A4, per child. Double it and you get to the amount of kit needed by two nippers, accompanied by two nags, to camp in a field for a week.

Carrying it all — enormous tent, brace of wheelbarrows, that sort of thing — is precisely the kind of job for which we bought a Land Rover Defender in the first place, and why we had the roof rack fitted. And the inconvenient truth is?

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Land Rover is the ultimate country-living car. How many design icons do you know of that will take you to your country retreat, even across a flooded wintery landscape, and let you wash the mud out with a hose? The Defender, besides being the ultimate big boy’s Meccano set, able to adapt to your needs by bolting bits on, lives with classless urban sophistication just as well as it does covered in the dust of the Kalahari.

Need to move that kontreiwinkel chest of drawers? Check. Will all five kids and the dogs fit? Sure, no problem.

The story of

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Death Row Pardon

When Dean, Jack and Joe Burton spotted an advert for a Land Rover in the classified section of MMI he hoped that the vehicle was what it purported to be, and at the same time hoped no one else had spotted the significance of that particular Land Rover. The advert, which first appeared in the April 2006 issue of MMI read: “1966, Ex-Australian Cut-Wing Series 2A Land Rover, diesel, O/D, FWH, twin fuel tanks, workshop body, ideal camper or to restore as was.”

What Dean had taken special note of were the words ‘Australian Cut-Wing Series 2A’ and ‘Workshop Body’,

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Curiosity: one year on

In August 2012, the most ambitious robotic vehicle ever devised landed on Mars on a mission to probe the Red Planet for signs of past and present habitability. Twelve months on we speak to the team’s deputy project scientist about Curiosity’s accomplishments so far, and what it’ll be doing in the next year

Written by Jonathan O’Callaghan

On 6 August 2012 the world watched in awe as a rover the size of a car descended to the surface of Mars under a rocket-powered contraption and touched down. Almost a decade in the making, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), better known

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CHETRA is a new modification of the rover CHETRA TM 140

A comprehensive dealer CHETRA company "Uraltehtrans" introduced a new modification of the rover CHETRA TM 140, designed for the conduct of exploration activities.

On request the dealer to transport the machine was installed CHETRA versatile rig company "Atlas Copco". The technical documentation installation work on the new module was carried out by specialists of JSC "Kurgan", which produces CHETRA TM 140.

The car with the drilling rig has already started working in one of the largest coal producers in Russia — JSC "Vorkutaugol." Next year the company plans to order another rover CHETRA with the same rig. Feature

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Mars rover Curiosity sent into hibernation for the passage of a solar flare


Experts NASA Mars rover Curiosity was transferred into sleep mode to save a unique research laboratory on board the consequences of powerful storms on the sun. "We have to proceed with caution," — said Wednesday the project manager Richard Cook (Richard Cook) of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

According to the space agency of the United States, on Tuesday at the Sun occurred powerful flash, accompanied by coronal mass ejection. This red-hot plasma, which is a stream of protons, electrons and heavy elements, rushed toward Mars at a speed of 3.2

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There was a sea of


"Kyuriositi" was the most important result of his mission.

"Kyuriositi" on Mars NASA / JPL-Caltech

A team of scientists and engineers, managers' Kyuriositi ", told a news conference in Washington that ancient Mars was suitable for life. In fact, it means that the rover down on the surface of the Red Planet in August last year, has already fulfilled its mission.

Immediately should stipulate that "Kyuriositi" is not going to stop there. In April, he goes into a forced "vacation" caused by the fact that Mars will be obscured by the sun and the

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2022: On Mars forever


In January 2016 the Earth will come off the spacecraft with the details of the first on board the Mars base. And in 2022 aboard the same ship set foot first immigrants, ready to leave their home planet forever.

Hitherto little-known company from the Netherlands Mars One calls on citizens to vote for the conquest of Mars. If successful Dutch entrepreneurs promise in 2016 to lay the first stone of the future colony on Mars, and in 2023 to settle in her first emigrants.

It is a question of emigration, for the return

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The secret of terrain

In the suburbs began test-drives of the Russian rover created for heavy conditions of the Far North. It is equipped with tubeless tires, developed using the technology Tyrex and adapted to the peculiarities of the territories. The peculiarity of these tires that ensure rover absolute permeability, is to create their very low ground pressure. This is achieved due to the low hardness and high elasticity of the rubber sheath, and by an internal ultra-low tire pressure. In other words, the tires do not deform the ground, and to adapt to the terrain that the rover can feel confident both

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Matrona will be everywhere

It’s hard to believe that supervnedorozhnik terrain can be assembled from parts of three decommissioned vehicles GAZ-66, made in the 70s of the last century. But for the masters of the Krasnoyarsk Directorate rescue and recovery vehicles (DAVS) nothing is impossible.

Experience the amazing car Correspondents’ Krasnoyarsk railwayman "invited the head of DAVS Vyacheslav Seregin. Readers will recall the previous invention, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, who already serve the good of the railway — motoparaplan for the evacuation of people and goods from the place of the incident, as well as snowmobile author’s design, which will help the work

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