While the Royal

Australian Air

Force may have only had five squadrons equipped with Beaufighters in the Pacific Theatre, they punched well above their weight. Crews had three years of intensive low-level operations over land and sea, hitting the enemy hard; but often at the cost of men and aircraft lost. Combat in the Pacific was a war of grinding attrition.

The two most active RAAF Beaufighter units were 30 and 31 Squadrons, both of which were war-raised. No.30 was formed at Richmond, New South Wales, on March 9, 1942 and five months later 31 was created at Wagga Wagga, NSW.

No.30 remained

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The Royal Command VC

When an attack on a German-held hill in Italy ran into trouble seventy years ago this month, Company Sergeant Major Peter “Misty” Wright lost his temper and altered the course of the entire battle. Steve Snelling chronicles the remarkable story of the Coldstream Guards hero who became a Victoria Cross recipient by Royal command.

Beneath a sweltering September sun, the thin line of troops straggled down the steep slopes to be swallowed by the thick scrub carpeting the small valley north of Salerno.

Two companies, roughly 200 men, sweated as they stumbled through the tangle of bushes and trees which

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The Royal Air Force – 1993

A review of the RAF in its 75th anniversary year, by Paul Jackson.

OVERSHADOWED by the RAF’s 75th anniversary celebrations on April 1, is the 25th birthday of Strike Command on April 30 and the 50th anniversary of the Ruhr dams raid on May 16-17. For the RAF, it seems that great events proceed in 25-year cycles — and that is most certainly true today, as the service comes to grips with a further series of structural changes. Sadly for the aviation enthusiast, these are associated with cuts in the strength of the RAF on par with the years following

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The Royal Artillerys Forgotten 25

Mention the number 25 to any British ex-gunner and the almost automatic response will be ’25-pounder. That venerable gun-howitzer made such an impression on the WWII years (and for decades after) that it is still foremost in the thoughts of many who served the guns. Yet there was another 25 in the Royal Artillery’s WW2 inventory although, in contrast to the 25-pounder, it did not stay very long and neither did it make a very good impression. It was a 25mm anti-tank gun and it was not a British product but French. It was le canon antichar de 25mm modele

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Royal Princess

Princess Cruises’ new Royal Arrival

These were the words spoken at Southampton on 15 November 1984 by the late Princess Diana in her first speech without the Prince of Wales at her side. Almost 30 years later another future Queen, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, uttered the same words at a spectacular naming ceremony in Southampton on 13 June 2013 of another of Princess Cruises’ flagships, Royal Princess.

At 141,000gt, Royal Princess is just over 20 per cent bigger than the previous largest

Princess ships, the 115,875gt, Japanese-built Diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess. Constructed by Fincantieri at its Monfalcone shipyard,

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Royal Malaysian Police Air Unit

The air unit of the Royal Malaysian Police is tasked with the battle to combat smuggling and piracy as well as illegal immigration and fishing – all in addition to law enforcement. A report by Suresh Abraham.

THE AIR UNIT of the Royal Malaysian Police (Unit Udara Polis — UUP) was created in 1978 to combat smuggling, illegal immigration, piracy, and illegal fishing which includes the practice of ‘fish bombing’.

Initially, it was mainly concerned with patrolling the 12nm (22km) stretch of Malaysian Territorial Waters. It has since expanded its activities and its primary mission now takes in aerial patrol

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Orbat № 2:

Royal New Zealand Air Force

ALTHOUGH THE New Zealand Army acquired its first aircraft, a Bleriot, in 1913, the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) was not established until 1934. Sixty years on, the RNZAF has been subjected to various cutbacks, particularly since the end of the Cold War, but at last it is seeing its front line aircraft involved in a number of upgrade programmes.

These include Project Kestrel — phase one of the P-3K Orion upgrade which is nearing completion by the prime contractor Lockheed. This upgrade includes fabrication of replacement wings and other components, plus project documentation.

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Patrick Allen reports on the first ex-RAF Hawks operating from Yeovilton.

BY APRIL 1, 1995, the lost seven Hunters operated by the Royal Navy Fleet Requirements and Aircraft Direction Unit (FRADU) will have been replaced by the Hawk. The first of 16 Hawks expected to join the fleet are currently in service at RNAS Yeovilton, operating alongside the Hunters prior to their retirement.

The FRADU Hunters and Hawks, which are maintained under contract by Flight Refuelling Services Ltd, recently renamed Cobham pic, are flown by both Royal Navy and civilian pilots and used by the Navy’s Fighter Control School, also

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If bureaucrats are smart, why the economy is in decline?

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun. We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom." Look forward to the book Library of Liberty with signatures creators. Phone Freedom in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 8-029-391-22-24.Official Minsk recalled its own ambassador in Washington in connection with the diplomatic conflict between Belarus and the United States. Disputes related to the new sanctions imposed by the United States against "Belneftekhim"

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UK MoD sold the aircraft carrier Ark Royal for scrap

The flagship of the Royal Navy — aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" (HMS Ark Royal)

A decommissioned aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" sold for scrap Turkish company for 2.9 million pounds in order to replenish the defense budget, reported the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom.

The aircraft carrier "Ark Royal" was removed from service in 2011 as part of the reform program British Army — five years ahead of schedule, resulting in savings of up to 105 million pounds. Since the withdrawal from service, he was at the naval base of "Portsmouth".

Head carrier Series R05 «Invisibl" was

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