Variable Speed Multi-Output Running Mode LED Display

The circuit is a transistor transistor-logic (TTL) compatible running light display with a maximum of 15 outputs and is capable of driving up to 751 LEDs for display. The circuitry employs TTL devices and ICs. Power dissipation of the logic circuit is in milliwatts.

The circuit is based on digital logic having 4 inputs (hexadecimal) and 15 outputs which drive the output transistors. This logic circuit consists of six ICs — three quad 2-input OR gates and three quad 2-input AND. gates.

If A, B, C and D arc the inputs to this logic circuit and Y1, Y2, Y3 Y15

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About Sable restrooms and dining

Hunters and naturalists have long noticed that sable often leaves droppings on an elevated, hard, smooth and clean places — trails, ski, stumps, fallen trees, rocks and so on. D. Zoologist Vladimir Rajewski once on the two-kilometer stretch of forest trails of excrement found 28 Sable. PP Tarasov believed sable deliberately leaves droppings in such places that they are Notice marks indicative of the occupied territories, and serve as a cautionary signal «trespassers, beware»). PP Tarasov wrote: «These signs have sables are mainly droppings that sable constantly leaves any noticeable places. Just like dogs and wolves make their «signatures»

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Krosotki heels, to start!

Already in the 17 hours in the park were about 2-thousand city dwellers. And in particular, there was a lot of young women in shoes and sandals high heels.Only began to register. Enjoying the run on a 60-meter distance at high heels gathered 10s.

"Tatiana. Captivating such action for beautiful women a day of beauty. Are not we great? "Near the young woman got on the race serial number 1:"I — Inna Konovalov, schoolgirl. Now — a day of beauty, and I wanted to look at what I can do. For me, my best friend is ill. And I think

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Until February 23 in Minsk appeared brand new guardhouse

Minsk garrison guardhouse with the postwar era was placed in the building of an old monastery outside Cyril and Methodius. For 50 years thousands of soldiers and officers experienced cold cells Minsk "sponge" and endless marching to its small area. Rumors about this institution walked unkind, says Alexander Gurinovitch who served in the midst of the 70s and almost got here for soldiers tapered pants. Gurinovitch "saw that I had sewn pants, and they say we’ll have to go for hazing form in the brig. I begged to not planted. Then took my military ID and ordered half an hour

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The new missile system «Frontier» will be on alert by the end of the year

Our homeland before the end of the year put on combat duty new strategic missile mission, the deployment of the first regiment will begin in 2014, said the head of operational management of the Head of the General Staff Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky. On Friday, June 7, 2013, was V.Zarudnitsky meeting between President Vladimir Putin and officers on the occasion of their destiny to higher positions and assigning them a higher military ranks. «Under the approved construction plan your Russian armed forces yesterday evening made a promising test launch rocket system» Ultimate » with intercontinental ballistic missile over-shooting accuracy, «- said

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New multipurpose nuclear submarine Ambush («Ambush») Navy England ready to leave the shipyard in Barrow (Cumbria) of BAE Systems, so start running tests, reports ASDNews September 14. 7400 tons displacement boat should arrive at Naval Base Clyde in Scotland.   Royal Navy plans to take in the combat strength of the seven-class submarine Astute («Insightful»). These submarines are the most massive and advanced attack submarines ever built in England. Boats own new nuclear technology, nuclear power plant does not ask recharge submarine able to go around the world are not surfacing.   «This is my first visit to one

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Women's sandals from running Vivibarefoot

Women's sandals from running Vivibarefoot guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 5 '  

This variant shoe combines features of beach slippers and running shoes. It is noteworthy that for their production uses only recycled and safe materials, selected from local sources of raw materials. All technology meet environmental standards, so they could not be better suited for girls who respect both healthy and "green" way of life, as well as minimalist, because the producers follow the conviction that in the shoes of this kind should be a maximum of freedom for the feet, which is

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Vikramaditya successfully completed the running production tests and has a top speed of 32 knots!

Indian newspaper "The Hindu" in the article Vinay Kumar "INS Vikramaditya sea trials successful" in its issue of July 29, 2013 reports that the passing of the White Sea retesting rebuilt aircraft carrier for India Vikramaditya (the former Soviet heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov ") has successfully completed the factory running tests, developing with a maximum speed of 32 knots. Now the ship will proceed to step test aircraft system in the Barents Sea.

Vikramaditya re-entered the factory testing of Severodvinsk on July 3. Flight tests with aircraft carrier-based aircraft are scheduled to be launched on the

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Leaving behind Kazakhstan ( USA)

Our homeland has given an indication Space Agency's own re-accelerate the transition from the era of Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The new plan is to reduce the number of Russian launches from Baikonur from 75 percent to 10 percent by the end of the decade. Our homeland believes that it is very risky to trust Kazakhstan. At the current time our homeland Kazakhstan is paying $ 115 million in year for the introduction of Baikonur (maintenance of which is worth 50 million dollars in year). Many Kazakhs are considering Baikonur as automatic teller machine and at any time

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Cannon century. The best rocket

Rating magazine "The popular mechanics"

Most mobile rocket launcher: ICBM "Topol-M" silo-based and mobile

Country: Our homelandFirst start: 1994START code: RS-12MNumber of stages: 3Length (MS): 22.5 mStarting weight: 46.5 tThrow-weight: 1.2 tRange: 11,000 kmType of MS: close coupled, nuclearFuel: hard

As the oxidant is usually the heptyl nitrogen tetroxide. Heptyl rocket had been deprived of a huge amount of oxygen defects missiles, and so far the bulk of nuclear arsenal of the Russian Federation are ICBM rocket engines for high-boiling components. 1st South American ICBM ("Atlas" and "Titan") is also exploited the liquid fuel, but still in the 1960s, the

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