Iskander placed near Kaliningrad in time

The task of placing in the Kaliningrad region of tactical missile "Iskander" will be completed on time, said Friday the Force Commander Aerospace Defence Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko.


"The weapon itself (a complex" Iskander ") is unique and is able to solve problems, not only in the suppression of the possibility to deploy missile defense, but also a number of other problems," — Ostapenko said, commenting on the statement by the President of the Russian Federation on the possibility of the deployment of "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius

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Demographic catastrophe in Russia invented by American journalists («The Kremlin Stooge», Canada)

When I was a kid, not a day passed without someone called me a "brake", usually another child. The slightest mistake was enough to nickname "brake" entrenched behind you for a day or two, then it is difficult to grow, it is difficult now. But the term "brake" was then common, but now its use is almost a taboo subject and strongly discouraged (although the terms "retarded conservative"And"debilo-liberal"Is often used in the tail and mane as political arguments on the American music sites, apparently, in order to convey the degree of stupidity attributed to those who profess a different ideology).

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The new engine plant JAMZ-530 ready to go

November 24 at the enterprise, erected in Zavolzhsky area of Yaroslavl, attended the first face of the city and the region, as well as the leaders of the Group "GAS".

Construction of the new plant began in December 2007. Total investment in the project amounts to 10 million rubles, almost 6 of them — it’s a 10-year loan.

Installation and construction work has been completed, there is a test equipment and electronics. The new plant "Avtodizelya" for the production of a unique product innovation — the engine 530th series ready. Today, a new production of the

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WTO and Customs Union

Last weekend, Dmitry Medvedev, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexander Lukashenko signed documents on the establishment of the Eurasian Union. Another step in the integration and creation of the united country.

And all this is happening against the background of designated on December 15 Russia joining the World Trade Organization.

As well linked to each other, these "two different integration"?

And in any way.


Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus established a Customs Union and the Eurasian Union. The meaning of such organizations — the creation of zones in which participants are given preference for the development of

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Russian ships approached the coast of Syria.

Russian warships have entered Syrian territorial waters, according to the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" referring to yesterday’s statement by the Syrian news agency. According to the agency, so Russia makes it clear to the West that Moscow would not allow a foreign invasion of the country. Confirmation of this information from the Russian side has not yet been reported. However, this information has also confirmed the Lebanese newspaper "Al-Bina" citing anonymous sources in diplomatic circles. Earlier, Russia has repeatedly advocated in support of Syria. At a meeting of the UN Security Council, Russia‘s representative in conjunction with the Chinese vetoed a

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The success of Russian scientists in the fight against HIV


Head of the Laboratory of Immunochemistry Institute of Virology RAMS Ivanovsky Edward Karamov spoke about the work of Russian scientists in the study of HIV / AIDS at the conference of the Russian-American scientific forum.

In recent years, the territory of Russia has sharply increased the number of people living with HIV / AIDS. If before 1995 the entire country was not more than 1000 cases of HIV infection, but now according to official data, there are more than 600,000 people infected, but experts estimate their number as high as 1.5 million. "In recent years we

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What are trying to hide behind damnation you know who to fight Emelianenko or return Emperor

Today is a day of top news does not go away, "sensation" of "damnation" You know who the tournament M-1 Global in the Olympic. I specifically picked quotes "damnation", so the whistle and roar from the crowd is, in fact, the only ways of expressing their emotions sound at sporting events — his hands were not popping. This is not some party congress! Passions in the arena, on the football field, hockey rink is always evaluated only by these parameters: a whistle and roar. You certainly pay attention that when there is a Russian translation of matches teams from abroad,

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Invisible Russia’s infrastructure boom

Despite the crisis in Europe, Russia’s booming infrastructure upgrade is underway as part of the modernization of the dilapidated roads, railways, bridges and ports.


The Russian government spends 60-65 billion dollars on large projects, but they are hard to see when you come into the country. If you drive in China, the government expenditure are visible at once, and almost every regional capital svezhevystroennymi full of skyscrapers and shopping malls. In Russia, the regional centers such as gray and low and only slightly colored in bright billboards. This is because the Russian money did not go

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How do agents of influence

1. Regular Guy A couple of years ago at a professional oil forum I met a middle-aged guy from Houston. He was no expert on the level of student troechnika, but very actively participated in the discussion of various issues. From talking on the forum revealed that he married an American, has no permanent job, temporary jobs interrupted. Turning the pages of the forum, I found an interesting detail. Just discussed on the forum 260 different topics, but of these, 142 subjects were initiated thereby guy. At first I thought it was a senior administration official forum, charged with its

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In Russia sales are growing LCV. Especially VW


Sales of light commercial vehicles in Russia in October totaled 16,086 units — an increase of 15% over the same month last year. Such a calculation results in an analytical agency "AUTOSTAT". More than half of this number were car GAZ — 8597 cars (+11.3%). Second place is a result of the 2524 UAZ vehicles (-1.4%), the third — Fiat cars with the indicator in 1046 (-4.3%). Fifth place went to Peugeot, sold 918 cars (+19.2%). And in fourth place was the concern Volkswagen, whose sales climbed by 39.2% to 938 cars. I must say that global sales

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