The Russian Front Awards of 1941-45

Now we come to Finland, which is a unique country for a number of reasons.

As is common knowledge, the USSR demanded to exchange territory and rent a naval base from Finland in 1939. These talks broke down when Finland flatly refused, resulting in Russia invading Finland on 30 November 1939 to take what it wanted by force. This period of time in Finland was called the Winter War of 1939-40. Europe was still in the ‘phoney war’ period. Both France and England wanted to send aid to Finland and a few independent volunteers did serve in Finnish uniform during

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Russians Big Boys Toys

The Russian Federation has a great many military vehicle and equipment museums, more than most people resident in the country can easily visit on the , occasional weekend off, never mind tourists on a restricted timetable. One of the “must sees” in Russia for the military vehicle enthusiast is however the Artillery, Engineer and Communications Forces Museum in St. Petersburg, which rather handily is located in perhaps the most tourist-friendly city in the Russian Federation, with its canals, palaces, museums and art galleries; and small and relatively economical tourist hotels.

Better still, the city is small enough that one can

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Russian AF Prepares for First Su-34s

BEFORE THE end of this year, the Russian Air Force’s 4th Combat and Conversion Training Centre (CCTC) in Lipetsk will receive its first two Sukhoi Su-34 multi-role tactical bombers. Addressing 59 OSCE observers in Lipetsk on September 5, the Russian Air Force Commander-in-Chief, General Vladimir Mikhaylov, said: «One of the aircraft is due at the Lipetsk-based Centre very shortly, and the other in November.» They will be used to convert Russian AF flight and ground crews onto the type and to devise operational combat techniques. Official trials of the Su-34 are in the final stages, and early production aircraft are

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Multi-purpose in Singapore anchor handlers

A significant delivery for the Cheoy Lee shipyard in Hong Kong was the completion of Teras Ariel, the first of a series of five 50m anchor-handling tugs for Teras Offshore in Singapore. Designed by Wartsila Ship Design Singapore, the vessels are intended for towing barges and rigs, ship handling, anchor handling, transportation, fire-fighting, maintenance and pollution control duties in Batam, Indonesia.

All five vessels will be powered by twin Yanmar 6EY26W diesels, each developing 2,610bhp at 750rpm. Power is transmitted to a pair of Berg 2,650mm diameter controllable pitch propellers via Twin-Disc gearboxes. A free running speed of 13.5 knots

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Mixed messages Russian navy

The Baltic shipyard launched the stern section of Vladivostok, the irst Russian Mistral class helicopter carrier, at St Petersburg on 26 June. The hull section was subsequently towed to Saint Nazaire in France for integration with the near complete bow and island sections. Final completion of the hull is scheduled for mid-October, after which it will be towed back to Russia for itting out.

The timely launch contradicted public remarks made by a senior defence oficial that the shipyard would be unable to meet its contract obligations. Negativity has been evident since the deal to purchase foreign warships was irst

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Y. Radin, vice president of NP «Russian lift association,» a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» Quality Director of JSC «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»

Speech at the XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers

All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» was established on 18 September 2002 and today comprises 80 businessmen of Russian regions. Education SUPPORTS RUSSIAN as a nationwide organization was a logical continuation of the efforts of sectoral business associations and unions — the founders of non-profit partnership «Association of Entrepreneurial Organizations of Russia (OPORA)» on cooperation and dialogue with the government at all levels.

The main purpose of the activity — to promote the consolidation of entrepreneurs to participate in the formation of favorable political,

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Baker’s dozen

In the TV series adaptation of the structure on a literal level, and at the stage of an idea or concept of the phenomenon is not surprising. Even if a big Hollywood movie has never been shy of borrowing, then why not do it on small screens? Especially if the rights of creators are protected, and to adapt the working team of serious writers. Thus, in recent years, the American channels «moved» respected by critics and loved by audiences «Murder», «At Home Among Strangers,» and many others. And what we have? After the breakthrough of television «Iron Curtain» on national

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SCIENCE leaves

This year the Russian team, «Formula 1» MARUSSIA Fl TEAM THE FIRST RUSSIAN SPONSOR: its official partner became the largest BOOKMAKER COMPANY «LEAGUE BET». What made «LEAGUE BET» to invest in this prestigious, but technically complex and non-traditional RUSSIA SPORT.

His first car I bought in 14 years — stunned almost unreal fact of life in the Soviet schoolboy honorary president of the «League Betting» Oleg Zhuravsky. — It was a «Zhiguli», «three rubles,» VAZ 2103 «.

Money for the purchase he collected himself, but still had to ask for help from the parents. So motorsports — a long-standing

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Beauty of the Earth — the beauty of heaven.

From century to century Russian same — or very similar — built homes, manufactured tools and household utensils, trying whenever possible to decorate any household item. At the same things that belonged to people of different social classes, different income, they differed only in material (wood, metal, precious metal), and more or less high cost of finishing (to have a bucket, covered with enamel, could afford only very rich people). But the shape of the object, the very principle of the organization of living, home of the space, the interior of the house had no class differences: the artistic

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Hello! My name is Paul and I’m an indie developer.

I used to read all sorts of analytics, there is a lot of graphs about how much is now activated Android devices as iOS, as the rising markets and falling share. Unfortunately, interest and abstract figures are rarely allowed to accurately grasp what is really going on inside.

Most of all, I’m not one encounter such a problem, so I decided to share a «live» the statistics of one of my games, has become quite popular on iOS and Android. Immediately say, that we are about the game entirely in Russian, respectively, play it only Russian-speaking users. For those

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