For metal with love …

But … but do not touch! It’s safe.

Keeping the spirit of freedom of the early 90s, combining hard work and talent, Bioinjector for many years, remains elusive top, where uncompromising technical and uncompromising humanitarian demonstrate the splendor of Russian culture.

(Director — I.N.Safronov, design engineer by training, was involved in the development of space projects, "blizzard" and "energy"), which produces now safes, fixtures and architectural details of strategic raw materials. And these are very beautiful objects resemble their ancestors: a little bit — the weight of a smooth, yet

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Helicopters of Russia signed on LAAD-2011 series of important agreements

The company "Helicopters of Russia" at the international exhibition of aircraft and defense systems "LAAD-2011" in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday signed a number of important service agreements and the promotion of Russian helicopters in Brazil. According to ITAR-TASS head of the delegation of the Russian Mikhail Dubrovin, "this year will be supplied to Brazil two machines Mi-171A1."

In addition, under contract with the Brazilian commercial helicopter operator "Gelipark taxi aereo" in 2011 in Brazil will be delivered Ka-32A11VS that will be used for the carriage of cargo on external sling. According to the signed agreements

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Save great legacy

The Russian company to the recording format "Super Audio"

Super Audio CD (abbreviated SACD) — write-once optical audio disc format that allows you to store audio data at a much higher quality than conventional CD

Options SACD deliberately inflated by many times than you can play today’s equipment. This is done to ensure that in the future our descendants can fully appreciate today’s "Chaliapin and Richter"

Recording SACD-ROM may contain from 1 to 6 audio channels. When using only one SACD-band sound duration exceeding 2 hours

Record on SACD occurred when sampling

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Soon Shrovetide

In 2009, the beloved people of Carnival is celebrated from February 23 to March 1. This is one of the oldest holidays, granted to us by ancestors-Rusichi, and the only pagan holiday, officially recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church. Where did the tradition of burning effigy at Shrovetide? What does the pancake pancake? Why for centuries it was carnival is celebrated as widely riotous, fun? It is worth recalling that, prior XVI year in Russia began in March, ie carnival has long been a meeting of the new year! Slavs believed that if the "do not entertain in grand carnival

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International Forum ExpoElectronica — the main event of the Russian electronics industry

April 19 at the Crocus Expo in Moscow, opened the International Forum "ExpoElectronica" — the main event of the Russian electronics industry.

The forum this year, more than 1,000 leading brands represented companies from 18 countries.

Exhibitors Press

In addition, the exhibition presents the national stands of leading countries in the electronics industry, such as Germany, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as the collective exhibit of the Department of Radio Electronic Industry Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation — "Russian electronic systems" and the joint stand of Russian producers organized under the

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Aerobatic team of the Air Forces of Russia, Russian Knights Today marks 20 years

Aerobatic team of the Air Forces of Russia, "Russian Knights" now 20 years old. The uniqueness of the group is that it is the only aerobatic team in the world, performing group aerobatics airplanes class "heavy fighter", and that the fighters are serial samples. The Group is a permanent participant of all Russian and many foreign air.

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Conservative modernization in the Belgorod

Article sociologist of Agricultural Alexander Nikulin devoted to analysis of the case is quite peculiar socio-economic policy — the experience of the Belgorod region. According to the author, he shows how conservatism can be combined and modernization, modern economies and the active role of the state.

In modern Russia is extremely a lot of talk about upgrading. It is discussed, and the right and left, and among liberals and among the Communists. Back in Russia is much talk about conservatism, one speak of him with anxiety and fear, understanding as conservatism is traditional for the Russian phenomenon as the rise

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India disappointed in the after-sales service of Russian equipment

India disappointed in the after-sales service of military equipment manufactured in Russia. As reported by Aviation Week, Air India has recently announced a number of international tenders for the supply of spare parts for various aircraft and helicopters produced in Russia, because they could not agree on maintenance with the main supplier — "Rosoboronexport".

Currently, in India there are 25 tenders for the supply of various components, including transformers for the MiG-29, as well as the main landing gear for the Su-30MKI. In addition, the Indian Air Force are searching for in the international market of spare parts for

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Ground forces will move to the city on a MLRS Tornado-G


Russian ground forces in 2011 will buy a number of new multiple launch rocket systems "Tornado-G". On this, as reported by "Interfax", said a representative of the press service of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Ground Forces Sergey Vlasov. According to him, the new system will replace the already outdated MLRS "Grad".

On the new MRL little is known. Presumably, the "Tornado-G" is bikalibernoy system capable of firing 122-bit and 300-millimeter bullets. Presumably, the installation will be based on the MAZ-543M. Vlasov said "Tornado-G" is "much more efficient than their predecessors, by increasing the

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The unique multi-year study of Russian geneticists

Genetic studies of people in this country have begun long ago. During the persecution of genetics they moved into the shadows, but then resumed with renewed vigor: studied peoples of the Caucasus and the Pamirs, Central Asia, and especially the small peoples of Siberia. But here’s the Russian unlucky, because more people were not considered such an interesting subject. However, scattered populations of Russian studies were conducted at all times.

In 2000, our team (Medical Genetic Research Center) gathered into a common database all the accumulated information, and since 2001 we are holding their own

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