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Estonia urges Russia to remain civilized

Meanwhile Moscow activists of the youth movement "Nashi" tried to disrupt a press conference in Russia Estonian Ambassador Marina Kaljurand. As before in the siege of the Estonian embassy remains in Moscow — his pro-government representatives picket Russian youth organizations protesting against the transfer of the center of Tallinn monument Russian soldier-liberator. Recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet said that Estonia, and together with her and the rest of the European Alliance came under attack carried out by Russia. According to the minister, question specifically about the attack, because committed hacker attacks on government websites in Estonia, the

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How to live in an apartment, car fumes poisoned? ..

Statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability moratorium on Russia’s role in the agreement on ordinary weapons in Europe caused a great resonance in the world. Previously, many Russian politicians have spoken out against the deployment of U.S. anti-missile radar in the Czech Republic and Poland. Is not this the beginning of the modern arms race? — Worry many of our listeners in his letters to freedom.Edward Zenovich from Lida wrote his letter specifically inspired by the protests of Russian politicians. A listener writes:"I wish to share my ideas on this subject with your radio, because other media not padelissya.

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Poland expressed solidarity with Estonia

According to the Office of the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, in a telephone conversation with President Toomas Hendrik Ilves said he supported the Estonian authorities regarding the events surrounding the monument to Russian soldiers Tallinn.In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, the Polish parliament deputies believe that this case Estonia should intercede for the European Union.Kalish: "The Case of Estonia — this case the entire EU, and the EU must show solidarity with Estonia, "- says one of the favorites of the Union of the Democratic Left Ryszard Kalisz.But the liberal worldview deputy mufti Adam Sheynfelda platform.Sheynfeld: "Any

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Russian people are not typical bastards before bourgeois culture (1947)

Hi! Our another meeting in newspaper stores April 30. Ah well looked today in the press in different years past.On this week 1927 "Belarusian Krynica" behind the initials VD prints poem "Forest":"The most powerful forest primordial guard covered treasures of antiquity, thou little heart rumors say more like distant lights.You’re Nieman inseparable friendship, was an eyewitness of those glorious centuries, when "Abduction" topat sonorous Prime wary of strangers.Sacred fire in honor of Perun burns like the heat of human eyes, not movkli lira echoing strings, not tsihnuv clang of iron blades …Everything went stone wall and recover already carpet grass.

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Nazarbayev is not going to go around the RF

President Vladimir Putin flew to Kazakhstan immediately after the parade in the day of victory. The program trip extraordinary Russian favorite, now he held talks with President Nazarbayev, now they fly together in Turkmenistan, to the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. May 12, Putin will return to Kazakhstan and a day or two will be the guest of President Nazarbayev.All experts agree that the purpose of such a long tour Russian president — to prevent the construction of gas and oil pipelines bypassing Russia.After the crisis in the relations of Russia with Belarus and Ukraine, accompanied by disconnecting the supply of oil

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According to Lukashenko, nuclear weapons in Belarus will not

Now Lukashenko held a sixth press conference for Russian journalists media. Press conference ended the regular tour of Belarus 84 correspondents from 44 regions of Russia.Summing up their own conversation with Russian journalists, Lukashenko said that he sought to bring them to "make more sense than information." On This time, Indeed, out of his mouth sounded reasoning than statements and criticism. Lukashenko tried his best to get around sharp corners in the relations of Belarus with Russia and the West. One of the first was a question of recognition of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Moscow

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Coup in Ukraine and confrontation with the West should be the impetus for cleaning power in Russia

Municipal revolution in Ukraine, the United States … perfect Accelerated formation of the «Ukrainian Reich» Bow neo-Nazis and criminal oligarchs … popular unrest in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk … Reunion Crimea with Russia … Rhetoric in the spirit of cool war with the West … The unexpected decision of Washington to strengthen its military presence in Europe and build the capacity of tactical nuclear weapons … All it says one thing — we are again on the verge of a major war. «Ukrainian Revolution» became a kind of last straw that fill up the cup of. The West has

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Bid farewell to Boris Yeltsin came to thousands of people

Many leaders of foreign countries and other foreign guests the highest attended the funeral Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the Savior. This temple was destroyed during the reign of Joseph Stalin, and on-site buildings in Russian times was pool. Specifically Boris Yeltsin in 1991 ordered to return the temple.Thousands of people came to say goodbye to the coffin Yeltsin yesterday and today. Many of them had read about our correspondent awards Yeltsin in the fight against the communist system.Lady: "I, for example, I remember in 1991. He gave us the feeling that you are — people. It the

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Lukashenko after Georgia became more usmotritelnym

Maybe if, in Belarus there will be new Russian bases and troops? Opposition politician Statkevich, that while serving in the army engaged neuvvyazkami defense, states that such a perspective influenced nedavneshnie actions in Georgia. According to Nikolai Statkevich, placing the country Belarus Russian missile "Iskander" in no way for the case to reach lyakatara conflict, which will be located in the Czech Republic. Meanwhile this object — is important because it is able to control all Russian launches of missiles in the European territory of Russia. That’s what Statkevich think about other steps in response to the expansion of NATO,

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Russian loan — in exchange for shares of Beltransgaz

Based on the market price of the enterprise, will be pledged to the 30% of "Beltransgaz". So makarom Our homeland finds method to accelerate the creation of a joint venture of "Gazprom" with "Beltransgaz", which will allow Russian monopoly to gain control of the gas pipelines in Belarus adnachvae edition.On Friday, the press service of "Gazprom" agenda circulated a day or more than one meeting of the Board of Directors on April 25, monopoly, which is planned to see the question "On Participation in" Beltransgaz ". The decision to develop a joint venture on the basis of "Beltransgaz" stipulating the

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