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Justification former judge Yarashevich entered into force

Reason for the prosecution prosecutor Sergei Yarashevich served his record in the book of comments and suggestions Rahachou court in April 2006. Yaroshevich wrote: "As fate I was accused in court Rogachev district. During the court proceedings, and there were eight, I made sure that judges and Solomeychuka Rubisav — this judge in 1937, for which objectivity, competence and fairness of an empty phrase. These judges make inquisition on principle — was a man, and the article there. " Svetlogorskij tribunal which was assigned criminal case against Yarashevich, found him guilty of insulting Rogachevskaya arbitrators. But on the basis of

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Russian journalists again write about the measured Belarus

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We probably will not win drunkenness. Or it may not need?

Your reaction to Lukashenka’s statements. Discussion on the looseExamination of Liberty:Or gave a press conference Alexander Lukashenko base read that official Minsk filed a choice between the West and Russia? Did the Belarusian government did not immediately infuriate Moscow and not disappoint Brussels and Washington?According to Lukashenko, nuclear weapons in Belarus will not

During a press conference for Russian journalists Lukashenko tried to circumvent the rough edges in relations of Belarus with Russia and the West.S.Bogdankevich: "Why not ask why Belarus lowest wages?" 

Past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdanovich believes that Russian journalists at a

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War and Peace D. McCain

Republican Senator John McCain on Thursday published in Russian Internet publication «» Putin’s response to an appeal to the South American nation in the newspaper New York Times. Senator believes that the U.S. has the right to change the assist mode, which controls the Russian bad now. «I’m pro-Russian, pro-Russian more than the regime that bad driving you today.» «When I criticize your government, I’m not doing this because I am opposed to Russia. I do it because you deserve a government that would believe in you, respect you and it would be accountable to you. I hope to see

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Belarusian sugar again went to Russia

According to the director of the Belarusian sweet Dmitry Kirillov, for days sugar from Belarus is already freely through Russian customs posts, bypassing the temporary storage."Belgospischeprom" drawn up a schedule in which all four sweet plant in Belarus will be able to This year put on the Russian market for 45 thousand tons of sugar each.Under the agreement reached on March 23 this year, Belarusian sugar exports to Russia 2007 will not exceed 180 thousand tons, 2008 — 100 thousand tons. With all this sugar exports equal Shreds distributed over the months. Supply of sugar allowed four companies "Belgospischeprom" concern.

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Moscow named Yulia Tymoshenko article antirossiyskim manifesto

Tymoshenko calls on Russia to restrainArticle favorite Ukrainian opposition is subtitled "Sources of Russian behavior." It is a conscious paraphrase a famous article by George Cannon "Sources of Russian Conduct", located in the same journal in 1947. Specifically, one 60-year-old publication has become the ideological foundation of the American policy of containment, held before the collapse of the communist system. Now Tymoshenko urges restrain Russia.She writes that in the early 90-ies of the West focused on the support of Russian reforms, but it can not change the eternal efforts to counter Russian expansionism — said Tymoshenko. According to her, Our

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Russian authorities copies Belarusian experience

Managing "Human Rights Alliance" Lyudmila Hraznova many contacts with the Russian democrats. She was glad that the opposition from Russia went outside.According to Ms. Hraznova style "conversation" with the authorities with their opponents that control of, that Belarus is similar:"History repeats itself. What didaxis and made in Belarus, at the moment we litsezreem and Russia. This indicates that the Russian authorities are not very comfortable feels himself, she fears and tries to intimidate the public, opposition, that by force opponents to drive underground to isolate them.First, that in all of this is in sight — the same strategy as in

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Massacre in Moscow — an attempt to suppress the power in the horror for yourself

Similarities and inadequate municipal violence hazard. In Moscow OMON pulled with all of, to resist, as it turned out, a relatively small and, despite the revolutionary rhetoric favorites, peaceful demonstration on Pushkinskaya Square — not reddish Kremlin far.Already a fierce crackdown a few weeks back the opposition rally in Nizhny Novgorod showed that Russian leaders are disciples of their own party Belarusian colleagues, and are increasingly operate on the principle hero Saltykov-Shchedrin: "Drag and do not let go."For what, precisely — why? Why on background sky-high popularity ratings behave as if on the verge of revolution?

"Support the majority is

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Department of Defense announces the capture of the Ukrainian fleet in Crimea (updated)

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, March 22 captured submarine «Zaporozhye» corvette «Vinnitsa», strengthened the blockade ship «Slavutich» and Novofedorovka airbase and military unit in Belbek were taken by storm. Sturm military unit in Belbek Russian Federation troops attacked Ukrainian military unit in Belbek. About it in their own Facebook said the head of the media center of the Crimean Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev. «17.00 (18.00 Minsk time. — Comm. TUT.BY). Sturm Belbek. During the assault on the area of ​​the military representatives broke self Crimea. Gateway to part breached using APCs, «- says Seleznev.

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In Shklou stopped Butter Factory

Clear, but that in the end of October to four companies Mogilev Rosselhoznadzor forbade the importation of products of the countryside Russian Federation. Rosselkhoznadzor has claims to the control system of food production in these factories. Among them — and Shklovsky butter factory.On days of Ministers of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and Belarus have agreed to postpone the entry into force of Rosselkhoznadzor solutions. Meanwhile, the management of the economy of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, warehouses Oil and Cheese factories have accumulated a lot of finished products. Bureaucrats blame the global monetary crisis. About position Rosselkhoznadzor not remember.

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